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Why Orgasm Control Mistress

I was recently asked: Why orgasm control Mistress? It is true, orgasm control is only one of the topics of conversation on any given day. There are calls where I create a fantasy for someone to enjoy as they wish.  Many task and goal orientated callers love getting instructions and comments on . . . → Read More: Why Orgasm Control Mistress

The Firm: Feminization Transformation

No one guessed the secret from the first part in this series: The firm Sexy Feminization. Here is another installment continuing our story and Sam experiences his Feminization Transformation. Still can’t figure it out? Enjoy! 😉

Early Feminine Changes

It has been a few weeks since Sam has temporarily moved . . . → Read More: The Firm: Feminization Transformation

Erika’s Erotic Kinky, What’s UP!

Hello readers! Thank you for always tuning in. Taking a few moments today to share some erotic kinky goings on! Also, give you an  idea of what pleases me,a question which is asked often! Oh and I bring you an important PSA.

Erotic Blog

It makes me smile when a new caller tells me: . . . → Read More: Erika’s Erotic Kinky, What’s UP!

Giantess Paradise

I have had a lot of Giantess fun recently!  Being challenged to create a story of a Giantess and her tinies. Five inch men, who volunteer one way or another and agree to be shrunk. I was given some guidelines, particular areas of interest to put it succinctly, but aside from that . . . → Read More: Giantess Paradise

The Firm Sexy Feminization

Hello dear readers! There is a bit of a secret behind this blog. Can you guess what it is? Post your comments below and we’ll see if any of you guessed correctly!  Enjoy part ONE of The Firm, Sexy Feminization

The Firm

Sam was looking for a change of pace . . . → Read More: The Firm Sexy Feminization

Erotic Masturbation Confessions

Hey there and thank you for riding the 17th car on our Masturbation May Blog Train: Erotic Masturbation Confessions! Yesterday, the 16th car on our train contained Masturbation Addiction Therapy by Ms Christine! Earlier in the month I had a fun post regarding masturbation habits. Hot Masturbation Habits I encouraged you to . . . → Read More: Erotic Masturbation Confessions

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

So, last week I had a post about ruined orgasm. That post led to several interesting conversations on the topic. In particular, one conversation was very interesting! Someone who is currently experiencing a prolonged ruined orgasm regime.  Of course being me, I had to ask a thousand questions! I found out sissy . . . → Read More: Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

Femdom Phone Sex


1-800-601-6975 Phone Sex

For those familiar with Enchantrix Empire and the Mistresses at LDW the title of the blog Femdom Phone sex may seem to be a bit redundant. Yeah, Erika duh, we all know what “goes on here”. Well I ask you, do you? Do you really know “what goes on . . . → Read More: Femdom Phone Sex

Ruined Orgasm

I’ve had some fun with ruined orgasms as of late. So naturally I’m compelled to write about them! For the unaware a ruined orgasm is one where the male is stimulated to orgasm, and at the point of no return, having all stimulation stop.

Why Ruined Orgasm Is for You

. . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm

Sexy Texting, Sexting!

Hello sexy! It’s a beautiful day here, I’m sitting out on my back lanai looking out at my pool, surfing the internet. Okay, looking at porn, and waiting for inspiration for a blog.  I look down and someone had sent me a message on Yahoo Messenger. Then it hit me: Sexy Texting . . . → Read More: Sexy Texting, Sexting!