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Submissive Valentine For Mistress

Who wants to be my submissive valentine? I have some very dedicated delightful submissive fans. Now is your chance to win a little “sumptin sumptin” from me. *wink* Not a client yet? That’s alright you have three weeks to run with the big dogs! How many times can you call? Want to go for . . . → Read More: Submissive Valentine For Mistress

Kinky Vacation Fantasies

Hi there , I was away last week having some very kinky vacation fantasies! Did you miss me last week? I know some of you did! Poor pets, I know how horrible it is to get used to seeing me around then with short notice I was off, unplugged and distressing. Oh my , I . . . → Read More: Kinky Vacation Fantasies

MILF Phone Sex

Last post I talked about officially joining the ranks of MILF Domme *smirk*.  This post we’ll explore a bit more about MILF phone sex. Not an accident, certainly. Since we are at Intelligent Phone Fantasy.

MILF Guided

There’s something sexy about a mature woman , a Dominate Mature Woman guiding your masturbation. So I . . . → Read More: MILF Phone Sex

MILF Mistress Erika

That’s right, Me, moi, I Erika, your MILF Mistress! It was brought to my attention that I was a MILF Mistress. *insert shocked look here* I was having a discussion recently, and they referred to me as a MILF Mistress.  It made me stop and think. M.I.L.F Muther I’d Like to Fuck?  I don’t . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Erika