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Kinky Game Would You Rather – Results

Welcome to a special Kinky Would You Rather, hump day edition of my blog. Last week we had a lot of fun with a Kinky Would You Rather game. I had lots of smiles, laughs and a few grimaces with the results! Some of you naughty pets, didn’t play along properly! You are supposed . . . → Read More: Kinky Game Would You Rather – Results

Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

Happy Moan-day! Speaking of moaning, lots of anal play lately! Tee hee! Hence the anal play blog. There are things we need to talk about when it comes to playing at the back door.  Some of these things are for fun, and others for hygiene. If you’ve been curious but hesitant, this blog is . . . → Read More: Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

Kinky Game of Would You Rather

Hi there, playmates! Up for a Kinky Game of would you rather? Great! Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows I love a good time. A good time means good friends, lots of laughs and sometimes , yep: Hot Kinky Sex!



Since I’ve done a lot of the . . . → Read More: Kinky Game of Would You Rather

Ruined Orgasm – Why Mistress, WHY?

Why do I dole out ruined orgasms like mints after dinner? Because, my pets, they are  sweet and refreshing! Why that look? They are!  I can assure you , as we go you will be so thankful, so appreciative of having the opportunity to empty those heavy balls, it will be like a cool . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm – Why Mistress, WHY?

My Erotic Submissive Valentine Winner

What a fun post today! My erotic submissive valentine event was so much fun! I enjoyed the entries for the writing portion. I had three of you vying for most minutes and two for most calls! As fate would have it, when I tallied the call results the winner of that category happened to be . . . → Read More: My Erotic Submissive Valentine Winner

Worship My Pussy

Along with other forms of body worship, today we will Worship My Pussy. Any questions, class? I’m sure you don’t mind do you? No pet, you don’t.  Worshiping my pussy  is an honor only given to a very few. It can take many forms and be for many reasons. Let’s take a look at . . . → Read More: Worship My Pussy

Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Hello, readers.  Today let’s look at Cocksuckers and Sissy Cocksuckers.  Some fun differences and ways to have fun with each. I know someone will eventually ask me , here or in person “Erika which do you prefer to play with.” I laugh with the democracy of any Great Leader: You are all my precious . . . → Read More: Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

It struck me just now, I’ve never done a blog on my blog! So today we  are going to explore Intelligent Phone Fantasy, what I do, my objectives and ideas for this fantastic medium I’ve been afforded. Yes, perhaps a bit more of the woman behind the scenes, as well. So buckle up, butter . . . → Read More: Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Sissy Shopping Experience

Hi, erotic story lovers! It’s first Saturday, where I share some of my erotic writing, as well as yours.* I think I skipped last month. Too much going on!  I’m back and I want to know what you think! So click-ity click  your words down below, or email me! I’d love to hear from . . . → Read More: Sissy Shopping Experience

Cum Slut Chronicles: Season of Humiliation

Welcome back, friends. There’s a particular cum slut that I’ve been bouncing back and  forth between Ms. Cassandra and I. She has been having so much fun with this particular cum slutsky, she’s written a few blogs about his cum antics. Advanced cum eater  is one, then the other day, when cum slut tom had us . . . → Read More: Cum Slut Chronicles: Season of Humiliation