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Loser Humiliation Lists

Let’s wrap up this month with loser humiliation lists.  Hi there, all. March has been largely filled with taking a look at erotic humiliation. Before I move on to other kinks, I think it’s only fitting to see if there’s a bigger loser out there than the one I’m rather keen on these days.  I . . . → Read More: Loser Humiliation Lists

Sexy News Around the Enchantrix Empire

Hey, there crowd! I have some fun ~n~ sexy news for ya! So grab a drink, your funny bone and let’s get to it. New fans might be scratching their head at the reference to the Enchantrix Empire. But the blog is brought to you by LDW/ yours truly, no? Yes! and Enchantrix . . . → Read More: Sexy News Around the Enchantrix Empire

Pleasing Mistress – A Submissive’s Tale

Pleasing Mistress is an extremely popular subject around these parts. I hear it everyday.  Your pleasure is My pleasure, isn’t that right pet? But what pleases Mistress? Everyone is different when it comes to the nuts and bolts. But there are common threads. Words like honor, respect , obey and submission, regardless of how . . . → Read More: Pleasing Mistress – A Submissive’s Tale

Cock Sucker Humiliation or is It

Today we are talking about cock sucker humiliation. Hi, cocksucker! Oh what? you are not a cock sucker? Just a regular at my blog and tuned in for a taste of Moi? Fan-fukin-tastic! Pull up a seat, oh you are already sitting down? he he.  Continuing on our humiliation exploration today we are looking . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Humiliation or is It

Cock Sucker Training – 50 Cocks a Day

Continuing on our humiliation journey, many males find cock sucker training to be emasculating and the ultimate humiliation. Never considered yourself gay, but down the rabbit hole you went. Once you agreed to be a cock sucker for her pleasure, the humiliation was so intense, you lost control. Now you love and hate that . . . → Read More: Cock Sucker Training – 50 Cocks a Day

Pathetic Loser and Other Humiliations

So you are a pathetic loser?   Maybe you are not a pathetic loser, but the title caught your eye and you said to yourself  “Self, who does this person think they are calling someone that!”  Then, you marched your cyber ass over here to give me a “what for”? Didn’t ya?  Or maybe you . . . → Read More: Pathetic Loser and Other Humiliations

Psychology of Your Submission

Welcome to your mind. The psychology of your submission may seem like a daunting subject compared to my typical posts. But, hang in there! It really isn’t. I’m not going to get too technical,  there are many experts in the head and body examining business who’ve written on the subject of submission, if you  . . . → Read More: Psychology of Your Submission

Double Trouble

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Lingerie for Sexy Play with Mistress Erika

Lingerie for sexy play is on the docket today!  Hello, my faithful pets and any new curious new cummers to my blog! Today’s post is very special.  I have  included a sexy little audio about the theme, as my Thank You , to YOU!

Well, more like thank you to all who liked my . . . → Read More: Lingerie for Sexy Play with Mistress Erika

Submissive Submissions

Welcome , welcome to first Saturday. Today’s erotic story corner is about my submissive submissions to my Submissive Valentine’s Day contest.  As I mentioned, I enjoyed all of the submissions, and I just couldn’t decide between them! So, I had a random number generator pick! If you submitted a story, and want to see it . . . → Read More: Submissive Submissions