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Cross Dressing Feminization Training

Cross Dressing Feminization Training is today’s topic. Last time we talked about sissy bimbo slut training.   Someone interested in cross dressing, isn’t necessarily interested in the bimbo, or slut aspect for their feminization transformation. Dressing like,  relating to and emulating “non-bimbo” females is the primary focus. What could you expect from training?

Cross . . . → Read More: Cross Dressing Feminization Training

Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

Good Tuesday Sissy! What kind of sissy are  you? What’s your sissy style? Today we visit our virtual school and turning you into the best Sissy Bimbo Slut you can be. I have so much fun revisiting my femininity with my feminization fans, but today we are going to explode that fem journey and . . . → Read More: Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

Cock Sucking Cum Eating Slut

You know you are a cock sucking cum eating slut! The problem is, you’ve backed yourself into a life that isn’t conducive for such activities. Not to mention as soon as you put the word slut in anything, people lose their minds. I don’t know why, because when I call you a cock sucking . . . → Read More: Cock Sucking Cum Eating Slut

10 Ways To Avoid Funky Spunk Syndrome

Hello class! Today’s lesson is how to avoid having funky spunk! I was talking with a friend last week, who knows what I do. She said “I just don’t get the cum eating, I mean I’ve tasted it. It’s not that good” She went on to say that she’s dumped guys after that first . . . → Read More: 10 Ways To Avoid Funky Spunk Syndrome

Help For Those Addicted To Panties

You know you are, addicted to panties. First thoughts in the morning, last thoughts at night. You don’t know what to do with your obsession. You just know you need to feed it. Feed it to the point of interfering with your responsibilities. Your personal goals. Let’s take a look at men addicted to . . . → Read More: Help For Those Addicted To Panties

Ways To Have Phone Sex

Ways to have phone sex and when phone sex isn’t, phone, sex, on today’s  post.

When talking about ways to have fun with you, our options are growing! Of course there’s always the traditional: You pick up the phone , call dispatch and they put you through.  Sure that’s one way. A great way, . . . → Read More: Ways To Have Phone Sex

MILF Mistress Made Me a Naughty Cum Eater

Welcome to first Saturday where I feature some erotic writing. Mostly my own , sometimes others, who call me have some of their writing featured here.  Today’s post is about a  naughty cum eating boy.  He just needed some help, fulfilling is naughty fantasies. You know: Femdom help.

Partly fantasy , partly real let’s . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Made Me a Naughty Cum Eater