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How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

So many ways to have fun when a hot wife cuckolds her husband!  Since I’ve been  having some really hot cuckolding calls lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the scene. Let me share some thoughts, I’d love to hear yours!

A Hot Wife Cuckolds Husband

Humiliating for most men to admit when their . . . → Read More: How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

A Merry Cuckold Slut

Hi there, dear readers! What a delightful sentiment, don’t you think. Having a Merry Cuckold Slut? Why, we can decorate a sissy cuckold slut with a little red cap! Oh, and a red corset, panties and candy cane stockings! That would be a lovely gift for me! How else can our cuckold slut help . . . → Read More: A Merry Cuckold Slut

Sissy Cuckold Exposed

Had so much fun talking about sissies in my past few blogs. Today we are continuing talking about a particular sissy cuckold. Please know, anytime I use someones name, or “expose” them on a blog, I have full consent. Discretion is as important to me as it is to you, so only kinky exposure . . . → Read More: Sissy Cuckold Exposed

Humiliated Cuckold You’re Just A Toy

What a fantastic weekend! I had a very stimulating conversation, it was with a  humiliated cuckold. I also hung out for over seven hours of the Cock Radio Marathon, celebrating ten years of Cock Radio! Then on Sunday  kayaking ! Guess which one I’d like to talk about today? Oh you are brilliant, that’s . . . → Read More: Humiliated Cuckold You’re Just A Toy

Cuckold Humiliation Elements

Humiliation is relative, isn’t it? While the idea cuckold humiliation turns one humiliation addict on, for others it does nothing for them. But oh, for those who do get a charge out of it: Cuckolding is replete humiliation opportunities! Do you fantasize about cuckolding? Been in a cuckolding relationship? I’d like to hear from . . . → Read More: Cuckold Humiliation Elements

Cuckold Lifestyle Exploration

The last we left Will he introduced the idea of exploring a cuckold lifestyle, and perusing a cuckold relationship in I want you to consider cuckolding . Never having experienced a cuckold lifestyle, they discussed what it might mean to their relationship. After a lot of thoughtful examination and taking steps to find . . . → Read More: Cuckold Lifestyle Exploration

Your Cuckold Fantasy

A Cuckold fantasy is probably more common than you might imagine.   The impetus behind cuckold fantasies are as varied as the people who fantasize about them. Many assume a husband fantasies about his wife being pleased by another man because he has a tiny dicklette. You might be surprised how many have average or . . . → Read More: Your Cuckold Fantasy

I Want You To Consider Cuckolding


Will, was looking at his hands which were folded in his lap. He said, hesitantly, I want you to consider cuckolding to help our… situation. The words hung in the air, seemingly forever. I quickly reviewed what I knew. Our relationship was at a turning point.  Our  love life was . . . → Read More: I Want You To Consider Cuckolding

Intelligent Phone Fantasy

It struck me just now, I’ve never done a blog on my blog! So today we  are going to explore Intelligent Phone Fantasy, what I do, my objectives and ideas for this fantastic medium I’ve been afforded. Yes, perhaps a bit more of the woman behind the scenes, as well. So buckle up, butter . . . → Read More: Intelligent Phone Fantasy

Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

Hello, my sexy perverted friends! (listen to the audio re: using the term perverted)  Are you ready for a sexy New Year with yours truly? I’m ready for an action packed year filled with orgasms (or not! LOL ), moans and lots and lots of begging! I’m really not into New Year resolutions, I . . . → Read More: Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika