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MILF Mistress Made Me a Naughty Cum Eater

Welcome to first Saturday where I feature some erotic writing. Mostly my own , sometimes others, who call me have some of their writing featured here.  Today’s post is about a  naughty cum eating boy.  He just needed some help, fulfilling is naughty fantasies. You know: Femdom help.

Partly fantasy , partly real let’s . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Made Me a Naughty Cum Eater

Sexy Kinky Winner

I have a few quick updates for you today. One, on my sexy kinky winner of my birthday celebration. I also have an update on our Christmas in August promo with the sexy Princess Andi.  But before I get to any of that, a heartfelt thank you all for your birthday gifts, wishes, meme’s, . . . → Read More: Sexy Kinky Winner

Jerry’s Horny Cock Part II

Happy Saturday to you! It’s first Saturday, where (when I can) feature some erotic writing. Today’s post is a continuation from Jerry’s Horny Cock Gets Him in All Kinds of Trouble.

My last post about good ‘ol Jerry, I showed you a bit of what happens, on calls. You present me with your fantasy, . . . → Read More: Jerry’s Horny Cock Part II

Jerry’s Horny Cock gets Him in all Kinds of Trouble

Hi there, erotic fans! Welcome to first Saturday, when I feature some of my, or others, erotic writing. I have permission from anyone featured here, and the names have been changed to protect the kinky. If you’d like to talk with me about your erotic writing, perhaps be a muse or even offer . . . → Read More: Jerry’s Horny Cock gets Him in all Kinds of Trouble

Three Mistress Feminization

Or also known as the greatest day in your life. Three Mistress Feminization session (say that ten times fast) was such a blast recently , I just have to share in this months *First Saturday blog.  It features two, that’s right TWO OTHER sexy Enchantrix Mistresses. In the session was the the effervescent Experienced Mistress Mistress . . . → Read More: Three Mistress Feminization

Submissive Submissions

Welcome , welcome to first Saturday. Today’s erotic story corner is about my submissive submissions to my Submissive Valentine’s Day contest.  As I mentioned, I enjoyed all of the submissions, and I just couldn’t decide between them! So, I had a random number generator pick! If you submitted a story, and want to see it . . . → Read More: Submissive Submissions

My Erotic Submissive Valentine Winner

What a fun post today! My erotic submissive valentine event was so much fun! I enjoyed the entries for the writing portion. I had three of you vying for most minutes and two for most calls! As fate would have it, when I tallied the call results the winner of that category happened to be . . . → Read More: My Erotic Submissive Valentine Winner

Sissy Shopping Experience

Hi, erotic story lovers! It’s first Saturday, where I share some of my erotic writing, as well as yours.* I think I skipped last month. Too much going on!  I’m back and I want to know what you think! So click-ity click  your words down below, or email me! I’d love to hear from . . . → Read More: Sissy Shopping Experience

The Long Ride

Hi  there, crew, welcome to first Saturday!  The first Saturday of the month I post a bit of erotica, just to have a little fun! Sometimes it’s something I’ve written. Other times what others write and offer to me as a gift. This story is inspired by one, but written by me.

The Long . . . → Read More: The Long Ride

Alpha Male, We’ll See About That

Welcome to First Saturday! Where I feature your or my erotic stories!

Sam was always confident with himself and girls were never an issue. It was always about the sex for him and as long as he got his rocks off the rest didn’t matter. His 8” cock was fun for a lot of . . . → Read More: Alpha Male, We’ll See About That