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JOI with Orgasm Control and Edging

Hi there, stroke pet! I know some of you first called me wanting JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) or guided masturbation sessions. Just something hot with a hot Woman. You don’t consider that too kinky or Femdomish, I get that. I hear some of you saying “jerking-off, Erika, that’s not so kinky!” If you think . . . → Read More: JOI with Orgasm Control and Edging

Coached Cum Eating and Orgasm Control

Coached cum eating help can come in various forms. It really just depends on you. Some will submit and comply with a stern voice and orders. Then there are those who love to discuss the finer details , or  love the push and pull of negotiations and bargaining. Others love the feeling of their . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating and Orgasm Control

Why Orgasm Control Mistress

I was recently asked: Why orgasm control Mistress? It is true, orgasm control is only one of the topics of conversation on any given day. There are calls where I create a fantasy for someone to enjoy as they wish.  Many task and goal orientated callers love getting instructions and comments on . . . → Read More: Why Orgasm Control Mistress

Teaching Him About Orgasm Control

We were talking at my kitchen island, where we stopped and chatted after he arrived. A few pleasantries were passed when the subject of a coworker and her rumored relationship having a Dom/sub dynamic. Ok, I admit. I brought it up, he didn’t.  We continued talking about Dom/sub dynamics and how it . . . → Read More: Teaching Him About Orgasm Control

Cock Control Denied Orgasm

What a delicious subject, denied orgasm.  When we chat you express how you are devoted to serving me in anyway, and yearn to fulfill any kink, whim or fantasy I might imagine. You tell me denial is on the table, and the smile won’t leave my lips.

Denied Orgasm

Now, . . . → Read More: Cock Control Denied Orgasm

Orgasm Marathon Want To Play?

Interesting subject came up recently. Orgasm Marathon.  Have you heard of it? How about coerced orgasms? Let’s look at them both today. I talk a lot about various cock control techniques, like orgasm edging and orgasm denial to help train your brain and body just the way I like it. Today we look at another . . . → Read More: Orgasm Marathon Want To Play?

Edging Self Control – Why You Need Mistress Erika

Edging self control may seem like a simple concept, you get to that edge, and just stop, or employ various techniques to stave off orgasm.  But, we both know when a male is highly aroused your body and mind have one goal: To orgasm! But you’ve heard of, I know of , a way . . . → Read More: Edging Self Control – Why You Need Mistress Erika

Orgasm Edging Summer School

Hi there, fans!  I have a  kinky way to spend some of  your summer! Orgasm Edging! I’m going to have summer school and help you learn or improve your orgasm edging skills!  Naughty cocks NEED apply! *laughs*

This summer you can practice and master the art of orgasm edging,  and I’m going to make it . . . → Read More: Orgasm Edging Summer School

Power of Ruined Orgasms

For some men the title of this blog is seemingly inconsistent, particularly if they haven’t experienced a ruined orgasms. Ejaculate that may have had some momentum, now just weakly leaks like a sad faucet left on drip. Certainly any “power” or powerful  ecstasy during a ruined orgasm is nothing to get all excited about . . . → Read More: Power of Ruined Orgasms

Cock Control and the Reasons Men Want It

I know if you are a regular to my blog you probably have heard of, or are interested in, cock control at some level. If you’ve never heard of cock control yet through some freak searching engine “accident” you find yourself here, then you were probably using some very naughty words in that search . . . → Read More: Cock Control and the Reasons Men Want It