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Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

Good Tuesday Sissy! What kind of sissy are  you? What’s your sissy style? Today we visit our virtual school and turning you into the best Sissy Bimbo Slut you can be. I have so much fun revisiting my femininity with my feminization fans, but today we are going to explode that fem journey and . . . → Read More: Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

Pantie Boy , are you a Sissy?

Great question, don’t you think? If you are a pantie boy, are you a sissy? If you are a sissy, does that make you a pantie boy? With all of my recent sissy talk, I thought I’d discuss how pantie boys fit or don’t fit in the sissy equation. Just like any other kinky . . . → Read More: Pantie Boy , are you a Sissy?

Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

One of my fans suggested a post about sissy bras on a previous April sissy makeover post. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so here we are. Now if you are new to LDW/Enchantrix, let me point you into the direction of Sissy School. A place for all sissies to read learn and . . . → Read More: Your Sissy Bra Spring Makeover

Sissy Confessions with Mistress Erika

Sissy Confessions is high on the list of topics I discuss routinely. Particularly, someone new, there’s just so much to learn and find out! When do you remember having first girly thoughts? How far does your sissyness go? Do you live as a female? Play once in a while? Everyday, when you get home? . . . → Read More: Sissy Confessions with Mistress Erika

Slutty Sissy Makeover -Schedule Yours Today

April is slutty sissy season, gurls. I started this month with a sissy makeover post. Today we continue the theme with a kinkier makeover and that is for YOU! That’s right, just for you, slutty sissy!  Slutty sissy, you are a mess, your panties have lost their elasticity, and are ripped and ew….. stained!  . . . → Read More: Slutty Sissy Makeover -Schedule Yours Today

Sissy Makeover Springtime Edition

Welcome to spring, the season when a sissy makeover is in order! Along with spring cleaning your closed up home from long winter nights, let’s take a look at your sissy style and give it a lift! Don’t worry, all stages of sissy can participate. Even a wardrobe-less sissy can have some spring time . . . → Read More: Sissy Makeover Springtime Edition

Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Hello, readers.  Today let’s look at Cocksuckers and Sissy Cocksuckers.  Some fun differences and ways to have fun with each. I know someone will eventually ask me , here or in person “Erika which do you prefer to play with.” I laugh with the democracy of any Great Leader: You are all my precious . . . → Read More: Cocksucker or Sissy Cocksucker

Sissy Shopping Experience

Hi, erotic story lovers! It’s first Saturday, where I share some of my erotic writing, as well as yours.* I think I skipped last month. Too much going on!  I’m back and I want to know what you think! So click-ity click  your words down below, or email me! I’d love to hear from . . . → Read More: Sissy Shopping Experience

Sissy Humiliation Tasks

Starting off this week with sissy humiliation and humiliation tasks.   Having a lot of sessions about humiliation and today’s blog is following suit. The slow or sudden loss of your masculinity, helpless and powerless to resist my commands. Finding yourself looking, feeling and being feminine. Powerful.

Sissy Humiliation Tasks Fashion

Sissy, you need to . . . → Read More: Sissy Humiliation Tasks

Sissy Cuckold Exposed

Had so much fun talking about sissies in my past few blogs. Today we are continuing talking about a particular sissy cuckold. Please know, anytime I use someones name, or “expose” them on a blog, I have full consent. Discretion is as important to me as it is to you, so only kinky exposure . . . → Read More: Sissy Cuckold Exposed