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Looking to know a bit more about me? Not sure where to start but let’s give it a go, shall we? Of course, in session, you have my undivided attention and can ask whatever you like! Fair warning:  I reserve the right not to answer! 👅

I live in paradise, the West Coast of Florida. I’m originally from the Philadelphia area so don’t get on my bad side or my “Philly girl” just might make an appearance. What’s that? Do you like that badass bitch that doesn’t take crap from a penis creature? Just say so! She’s always “right there” ready to fuck with and fuck you up!

But don’t worry pets, I’m a bit more mature and love my sexy sensual side just as much!  So unless inspired or I am begged for my Mean Mistress side, you’ll find me quite friendly and charming!

Where I live is rapidly growing (sob)! When I first moved here my neighbors were raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, and more! But now there are more humans, dotting my once quiet neighborhood!  As I mentioned I’m not a natural Floridian but a transplant. I visited Florida on vacations, and always dreamed of living in the sunshine state!  Through a series of events, I found my sweet ass with the option of moving here! Since I cannot function in the cold, I took the leap and moved here several years ago for peace and tranquility. I’m very much a nature gal, and find my center there. It’s with this inner peace that I can enjoy and explore “what I do”.

I love to go fishing with lures (you’ll have to bait my hook if we are using live bait! Ha ha!) Kayaking, hiking.  I love to ride horses, but haven’t in a long time.  I also enjoy reading, but alas, other than for “work” I haven’t had time to do much. But when I do it’s usually a really good mystery like Harlan Cobin, That guy has twists and turns not even I can expect! I also enjoy a good Biography, or historical Fiction/non-fiction. Now, Did I just throw you for a  loop with the historical fiction/nonfiction? LOL, I’m not sure what genre it is, actually. I enjoy books like Jean M Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series, Michael Gear, and Kathleen O’Neal Gear. They take facts or better said artifacts that they know of life “then” and create a non-fiction book based on those “facts”. I love being transported to another time, another place! hey, that’s just like our SESSIONS! 🥰 But enough about that, let’s get into the naughty! Woo hoo!

I’m an incorrigible cocktease! I’ve known for a long time what my curves do to men. I’ve always been open-minded about sex and sexuality. I’ve had relationships where I dominated my lovers in many ways, starting in my early 20s! Through my experiences I learned I loved being in charge, it feels right and natural to me both in and out of the bedroom. Learning about the human mind, and how I can manipulate your sexuality in the most delightful ways is my joy!

If you are here because you are considering a session with me, take a minute to read what others have to say about spending some time with me on my official  Mistress Reviews

Do you worry your desires are perverse, or wrong? Don’t be. I’m open-minded I find your kink, at the very least, fascinating! How it came to be, how it plays out in your sexual life, and most importantly how we can explore and journey together including it in our play!  At best, your kink is something that really turns me on either mentally and/or physically!

Professional Dominatrix isn’t something “I was” before joining LDW/Enchantrix. As I mentioned I learned a lot through my personal, relationships. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to translate what I do “In-person” to the “Phone” But guess what? I am able, and it’s FANTASTIC! I learned a lot from some of my Mistress friends as well. So as it turns out, I  was able to take my business acumen, and sexy mind and do well with “this phone thing”!  I think my enthusiasm and zeal for life and lust for what I do, shine through! I know many of you out there, wish they could have a “Woman like me” sleeping next to them, adventurous, fun, and kinky! Well, in all honesty, that won’t happen but we can have fun blurring those lines between fantasy and reality, can’t we? But what I do is so much more than just “PHONE SEX”

I love what I am doing, my connections, and living each day to its fullest being kinky, sassy, and fun. It’s been an amazing few years and I have all of my fans, Erika Addicts, and friends to thank!

I take great pride in providing a safe place for you to explore your kink. What are you into? Some of my specialties include

  • Long-distance/phone domination
  • Cock control training (orgasm tease and delay, edging, denial)
  • Extreme cock control (including chastity)
  • Feminization and sissyfication  training
  • Submissive play and training
  • Role-play
  • Cuckolding
  • CEI/Cum Eating
  • Viewing You On Cam
  • Cocksucking, bi-curious
  • Sexy Texting

I’m thrilled I have had such a positive impact on many of your lives. Pushing those boundaries, finding yourself on an erotic journey you never thought was possible. From coming out of the closet, introducing cuckolding into your relationship, eating that first load of cum. Experiencing what true submission is for the first time.  Having your first bi-sexual experience I’m honored to be a part of your journey.

When that cock is tingling and you’d like the company of an intelligent engaging woman who’s interested in You and Your sexuality, you’ll call 1-800-601-6975 and ask for Erika.

I would love it if you joined me on Socials! Check out Enchantrix.com , or follow me on your ALT account at Twitter/X! My username is @ErikaEnchantrix

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