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Accidental Chastity


First Saturday


Hi there sexy kinky people! Welcome to First Saturday Fantasy! I started this once a month blog,  for an opportunity to let our hair down and share some sexy stories! If you have something you want considered, let me know. You can call me and discuss your ideas! I promise to consider them, but no promises regarding posting or publishing them! Mistress rules! *hands on hips* No pouting either!

Today’s entry is from a fun feminization submissive that I’ve been “working with” since February! She’s a shy one, but has come a long way!  She is an example of what I see often. Coming to me with one set of desires, and ideas about submissiveness and “what we do here”. Yet, as we journey down the feminization road and somehow those goals and ideas and , yes even her ideas of submissiveness and what it means to her, how it plays out in her sexuality is changing, fluid. Open minded , Tatyana is about to explore areas unthinkable in January. Isn’t that right T? Ha ha! I have to warn you, I fibbed a bit. This isn’t really a sexy “story” as in “fictional”. This is a true peek at one feminization  submissive’s experience with me.  The names have been changed to protect the bimbo. Enjoy.


Tatyana, formerly known as Stan, has been in training for quite some time with Mistress Erika. Like any dom/sub relationship, limits were set and safe words were established. While undergoing her transformation into a slutty bimbo for Mistress Erika, Tatyana made it clear that she was not interested in chastity in any form especially wearing a chastity device.

Despite her reluctant attitude of being coerced into feminization, her desire to serve as submissive to a Mistress was far more superior and she would do anything to please Mistress Erika. She gave up the right to touch herself at her own will and released orgasm control to her Goddess overtime in this process.

Ms Erika took advantage of this and continued her transformation from makeup, to clothes, to attitude, and cleansing her mind of any thoughts outside of being a gurly gurl.  Tatyana fell victim to this insatiable trap and started feeling more and more feminine every day despite being trapped in boy clothes at work.

While at work, day in and day out, Ms Erika gave time to her new bimbo toy in trivial chats and email exchange. Unbeknownst to Erika, Tatyana was always turned on and her clitty was always wet…but little did Tatyana know that she accidentally put herself in the trap of staying aroused without touching while at the office.

Sure she kept her promise at home and Ms Erika believed her loyalty to serve, but what better way to know her slave was truthful then the reassurance that she was in complete lock down at work. Of course now that Ms Erika knows this, Tatyana has become a lamb in lions den and while in the constant state of arousal, she has been and is taken advantage of every single day while deepening the transition from male to forever bimbo.


Do you need some work on your “girl” call me. 1-800-601-6975
Mistress Erika

12 comments to Accidental Chastity

  • Petey cream puffl

    Chastity has been topic for long time wth mistresses doing this to me. Would you use this for training as I mentioned in last blog about me getting hard/off to soon in calls? As mentioned I usually get off 5 minutes into calls before fantasies reach climax or I don’t get off when I’m supposed to. I have feeling chastity along with my continued feminization is going to happen. Are you going to mention this to Ms Olivia/Ms Delia/Ms Violet/Ms Audrey/Ms Mandy/Ms Brighton/Ms Jenna/Ms Cindy & Ms Fiona about this? If so I’ll belong to all of you as your cream puff girl in female lead relationship forever.

  • Erika

    petey, yes chastity has its place in cock control.
    How about this hunty, Since I am so totally swamped, run over to the other Mistresses blogs and let them know yourself! you can even point them in the direction of this blog
    Be your petey cream puff adorable self, and get this done for Mistress.

    TY 🙂

  • Petey cream puffl

    I emailed all the mistresses mentioned above about locking me in chastity along with feminization. I think it’s time for this as I have been getting off to soon into calls. It’s amazing after one call with that you’ve taken control of me as your cream puff soon to be locked/dressed as ldws cream puff girl. I’m into deep in rabbit hole as there’s no getting out and I belong to ldw as the mistresses cream puff girl forever. This was meant to be and I’m to weak/submissive/feminine to whine/protest as all of you are to hot/sexy and powerful to say no to.

    • Erika

      Mmm petey, you’re right. The ladies of Enchantrix are all too hot , sexy and powerful! Now doesn’t it feel better to know your place? Sure it does

  • Ms Erika, what a wonderful story about the transformation from male to bimbo sissy. She is a true submissive as her cliffy remains wet but she has kept her word for her Mistress. No doubt there are many more like Tatyana who just need a good Mistress like you to help them find their true selves.

    • Erika

      Mistress Cindy!
      *waves* Hi Sexy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m sure any submissive would be lucky to call either of us their Mistress. Loved the two Mistress calls with you! You’re so sexy! 😉 Hope some lucky subbie puts us on another SOON! ((HUGS)))

  • Amazing work Mistress Erika. Tanya is so lucky to have connected with you. 😀

  • Empress Rayne

    It must be fun shaping your new bimbo, Ms Erika! Nothing like teaching a gurl the ways of the world. I wonder if that naughty subbie is sneaking sexy panties under those men’s clothes at work and getting that clitty all the more excited?

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