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Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

Happy Moan-day! Speaking of moaning, lots of anal play lately! Tee hee! Hence the anal play blog. There are things we need to talk about when it comes to playing at the back door.  Some of these things are for fun, and others for hygiene. If you’ve been curious but hesitant, this blog is for you! If you want to know how to have a more sensual experience using anal play, stay tuned for that as well.

Anal Play Preparation

Okay class, first things first. Anal play typically involves the rectum. Those last few inches before your anus. Stool isn’t stored in this part of the digestive track, so play in that area with fingers, or small toys, may only require regular bowel movements and a good scrub a dub-dub!  But for the novices who are nervous, or those who are into larger/ longer, more, erm, “industrial” toys , perhaps a “deeper” cleansing may be in order.  Using an OTC enema is typically sufficient for that fresh, carefree feeling of confidence going in. Literally. Careful on the intake, however, more fluid isn’t better and can often be worse than no cleansing at all!

Anal Play Toys

With a plethora of toys to please one of the naughtier erogenous zones  on our body, the anus and its good friend the rectum can

Anal Play

Let’s talk about ass, baby

join in on the orgasmic highway! Prostate massager, manual and vibe. Butt plugs, anal beads, dildo’s and more! Regardless of where you want to end up (hopping up and down on a 10″) where you start is extremely important!

Start off small, fingers or small vibe exploring the various sensations and pleasures stimulating the anus can bring. As your arousal increases, using lots of lube is paramount with anal play. Not only does it avoid nasty injury but helps make playing in that area oh so fantastic!  Training your ass with butt plugs? Again, start small and start short! Meaning playing with the smallest plug you can find, repeatedly (but not too much so!) Learning to feel, experience your submissiveness with this constant erotic encounter!

In conclusion , class, with a bit of preparation and mindfulness, anal play can be safe, fun and very erotic! There’s no reason to forgo exploration of one of your body’s pleasure zones- the ass. If you are interested,  curious about anal play, even an aficionado, I want to hear from you!


24 comments to Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

  • Bob K

    Good morning mistress. Love your BLOG. We’ve had one Skype interaction and have discussed you giving me an anal orgasm. I really can’t wait to get into exploring this end (pun intended) of my life with you. What would you recommend other than what you already have for me to get myself ready for you hopefully in the near future?

    • Erika

      Hi Bob K! Good to know you are keeping up with me! *winks* I always encourage your thoughts, on my blog. I’d love to talk with you about further recommendations. You have my email 💋

  • I love anal play and am always concerned with cleaning back there when playing. I have a bunch of Butt Plugs some of which I’ve grown out of. 😉

    Rather than an enema I douche to make it a more feminine experience that leaves me sweet smelling back there. I also use baby wipes afterwards and wait a bit to make sure I’m all settled back there before playing.

    • Erika


      *giggles* Butt plugs, “you’ve grown out of them”! Ohhhhhhhhh mah! *winks*
      What a great suggestion re: douche! Not only is it useful, but adds that extra “feminine” touch. Hum? 🙂

      But a word of caution for those who might be considering: The ingredients in an enema, and feminine douche are often different. If you are sensitive you may want to keep an eye on ingredients. Vinegar and water douches may not be recommended for the anus, and feminine douche has fragrance additives that may irritate the rectum.

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Erika, I guess it makes sense to start off small in anal play. I do have a small butt plug. The key is to eventually build yourself up to use bigger plugs.

  • Petey cream puff

    Ive never done this before as I’m afraid it would hurt to much😮😳😢😧. I do have dildo as I’ve heard I would get harder and shoot farther. I have feeling now that you dressed me as your cream puff girl this is next as I can try out my lipstick on my lips using dildo along with using it anal as this is only way I’ll have cock.

    • Erika


      Then investing in another toy is on the agenda! Of course a virgin sissy pussy isn’t right for practically any dildo I’ve been a proud owner of. Read that +7″. I suggest starting with a P-massage (vibe version) and / or butt plugs to start with. Often butt plugs come in a pack of graduating sizes. 😉

      • Petey cream puff

        With butt plug that will affect how I walk as it will give me girlish walk won’t it? I’ve noticed that wearing my women’s boots. I do have beginner dildo but yes to use it. I’ve been wanting to try this but chicken out. I have bigger dildo as well that I’ve used wearing my lipstick dressed up with wig and I can’t believe I have d s l’s😳😮😧😢. I’ve been told once I pop my cherry I’ll want to do this all the time.

  • princess

    Practice, Practice Practice! I do keep up with my anal play! It feels awesome and prepares me for the real thing one day!

  • O
    You had me laughing out loud with the: how to get the “fresh carefree feeling” hahahahahha
    Seriously, this is all GREAT advice. One of the things about physical pleasure is if anyone is “worried” or “nervous” about anything then it puts a damper on the sexy feelings. This obviously doesn’t include those are TURNED ON by worry, nervousness, humiliation and/or embarrassment. LOL And, y’all know who you are!

  • tifffy

    MsErika, the other day i was looking at a adult store’s online shopping and i was stunned to see that you can actually get a butt plug that ejaculates. I did not know that. But isn’t that douching not good for you, like the summer’s eve stuff and if it isn’t good for the front I’m guessing it isn’t good for the back. If it’s ok, i may have to test it out, lol. I stumbled across some porn videos the other day where it was dildo training, it was like 40 minutes long and I’m like oh, so my butt is gonna be sore and my arm is gonna be hurting from so many strokes with the dildo, lol.

    • Erika

      Hey tiffy, yes butt plugs and dildo’s that squirt! Aren’t they fantastic!?!?!

      Douching and enema’s are controversial. Just like anything in life there has to be balance. Don’t go cray cray with the ottombay! LOL

      Oh and tiffy, that’s why anal training should start off slow LOL and with a suction dildo, you don’t have to hold it 😉

      • tifffy

        I knew there were dildos that squirted but not plugs. I have tried one yet so I’ll take your word on them being fantastic 😀

        If i try these douches and i get sick and have to go to the hospital i hope that you’ll laugh as much as i do about it. Wouldn’t it be weird if somehow i tried the squirting dildo after douching then they inform me that I’m pregnant – that would be highly unlikely but interesting thought eh?

        I went to the gym for the first time in a really long time and guess what i did – legs. Their sore so i could add to work out with the suction cup and bounce up and down on it lol.

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