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Anal Training For Sissies

Anal Training

Sissy Anal Training

You know who you are. You’ve admitted your sissy cock sucking ways. Pink panties of various styles are now part of your wardrobe and always required for session! Before we go any further in your training, sissy. Before painting your face, or fitting you with any more sexy lacy and satin girl things or wetting your lips to make the soft and supple for a cock. It’s time to explore anal training!

Anal Training for Sissies

Isn’t for all sissies, mind you. Some do have limits and offer their full wet lips to any cock. What about you? I can tell you we can make it fun, naughty and promise it will feel better than you ever expected. Particularly if you really get a rise out of humiliation, what’s more humiliating than screwing your boi pus, because I said so!

Anal Toys

It is important to consider your options when it comes to anal toys. A Mistress might request a certain toy depending on what your ultimate goals are. For longer term chastity sissy pets, a prostate massagers help with draining all that pent up juice! But for certain starting with something thinner in the beginning of your training is the only way to start! Who knows you might even find yourself, backing up and begging me for strap on training. The sky is the limit when you can trust and explore!

Customized Anal Training

Contact me today about your customized training program. With each of your anal training sessions, you’ll receive one follow up email and weekly lesson plan. With your first call we’ll discuss where you are in your journey towards anal ecstasy.

14 comments to Anal Training For Sissies

  • Alex

    What you said is true. Getting screwed in the boi pussy is humiliating. I was in a situation where I was getting screwed that way by another man. It does have a rather emasculating effect on a guy.

  • Erika

    OH Alex! You’ll have to tell me all about it sometime! (no don’t post it here!) LOL Sounds hot!


    ERIKA im ready for any training you deem necessary. You have been keeping me horny and wanting to do things to please you. You make sure I know my place is being your cucky. I must obey please and entertain you. I knew this day would come. You need to show your dominance and I must please you.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    True without a Mistress i had to learn. the hard way LOLno pun intended first time even fingers hurt then i couldn’t take a slender cutie sissy boi on the beach it hurt so i just blew him and took his jizz in my mouth only jizz i ever had except my own . Then i discovered beads and suction cup dildoes and lube oh wow better and safer than men now im ready for Mistress Peggy

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Love your outfit i would wear that

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Awesome could you tell me your sizes? Macy’s has a sale maybe i. Could get my size if i can’t fit in yours

    • Erika

      OMG you are so OCDing on my blog today! Ga! I cannot keep up!

      Don’t get me wrong I adore your 75,000 comments!
      LOL Give me a few weeks to catch up will you.

      Re: My size check out my wish list (Points up to the right) those are my sizes xoxox

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Ok sorry i had time off and my femmi sided exploded now it is back to work worked 10 hrs last night. And 9 or 10 rest of week not off till sunday. No rush on answering whenever darling i have lots and lots of patients

    • Erika

      LOL O sissy you are something, of course no rush! I knew your fem side was exploding I mentioned it! 🙂 it’s all good, I get it. Girls gotta have fun and you are limited when that fun is. Vs. Moi , I get to have girl fun everyday!!

      You have lots of patients? What field of medicine do you practice? 💋😉

      • Sissy April Nicole

        I so wish i was a girl some times but i have seen quite a few TS post ops that have done later in life and honestly i don’t want to look like a grandmother.Yes i am exploding inside the girl is craving to get out.I don’t wish to use prescription hormones or get operation so shrinking is the alternative i wore panty hose to bed last night because my penis was to long after working like a man It was 3 inches after a night in hose it is down to 2 this morning i feel its is smaller now hearing from you and beeing envious of your photo. OMG i have to find time to go clothes shopping i need a red skirt like yours i have a brown one i think . I don’t think i purged it. I know the change back to girl is cuming as i am becoming a ditzy bimbo phone popped up patients when i started writing so ditzy bimbo went with it 💘 April sissy Nicole

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