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Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

Happy Moan-day! Speaking of moaning, lots of anal play lately! Tee hee! Hence the anal play blog. There are things we need to talk about when it comes to playing at the back door.  Some of these things are for fun, and others for hygiene. If you’ve been curious but hesitant, this blog is . . . → Read More: Anal Play Let’s Be Frank

Anal Training For Sissies

Sissy Anal Training

You know who you are. You’ve admitted your sissy cock sucking ways. Pink panties of various styles are now part of your wardrobe and always required for session! Before we go any further in your training, sissy. Before painting your face, or fitting you with any more sexy lacy and . . . → Read More: Anal Training For Sissies

St.Patrick’s Day Irish Sex and Irish way

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m feeling a bit silly so I thought it would be fun to take a look at  Irish Sex and the Irish Way. Irish Sex you might suggest is when one or more Irish folks do the horizontal mambo? Why yes, yes that is considered Irish Sex. Searching . . . → Read More: St.Patrick’s Day Irish Sex and Irish way

Much Ado About Anal Sex

For the die-hard anal fan the title of my blog, Much Ado About Anal Sex, probably sends them into outer space! They can’t understand why the average Joe, or Jane doesn’t fall hand over cock at the mention of playing with that hot button! Yet others cringe at the thought! I often hear both extremes when . . . → Read More: Much Ado About Anal Sex