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Humiliation Cum Slut Fun With Mistress Piper

First thing this morning I had a super kinky call! It was a two Mistress call, with a humiliation cum slut, and just can’t get out of

Humiliation with Mistress Piper and Erika

my mind. Mistress Piper was brilliant and so sexy!  I had such fun working along side of her, and working . . . → Read More: Humiliation Cum Slut Fun With Mistress Piper

Eating Your Own Cum – Two Reasons

Let’s get right to  eating your own cum, shall we? It’s a common enough topic, well if  you’re me. Or maybe one of the other Mistresses.  How about you? Do ya think about it? Do ya hope I don’t think about it?  ha!  I’ve already explained why there’s no good reason not to eat . . . → Read More: Eating Your Own Cum – Two Reasons

Cum Eating Lessons

Today’s blog is a follow up from last week when I talked about Coached Cum Eating.  Join me as we take a closer look at the winning vote for cum eating lessons. I put up a poll to see which method you want used to help a virgin cum eater  swallow that . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Lessons

Coached Cum Eating

Eating your own cum, or someone else’s is a very common theme. Some people love cum eating and take to it naturally,(looking up, giving you a smile) and some want it  but can’t achieve it on their own.  If you are the latter, take heart: for every cum eater out there know . . . → Read More: Coached Cum Eating