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Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

LDW’s 15th Anniversary and My 1 Year

Can you believe it? December 20, 2016 I took my first call with LDW! I am having so much fun! The year flew by! I thought as part of a countdown we’d have a bit of fun.

Thursday December 14,2017 – December 20,2017 Every 15 minute . . . → Read More: Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

Hot Two Mistress Call with Mistress Olivia

One of the perks with “what I do” is that I get to meet and befriend some amazing women! All of the Enchantrix Mistresses are exceptional in their own way, and Mistress Olivia is no exception!   November 28th was Two Mistress Call Day, part of LDW’s celebrating 15 years of awesome phone sex!  When . . . → Read More: Hot Two Mistress Call with Mistress Olivia


My first Thanksgiving with LDW/Enchantrix and I’m having the time of my life. Truly. Flexible schedule to allow me holiday preparations, found myself with a few hours Thanksgiving morning, alone so I hopped on and took some really hot calls! So thank you to those special holiday pantie wetters!

Thank you to all of . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving

Sexy Mistresses Explosive Fun!

What do you get when you have some Sexy Mistresses, a wickedly smart and sexy Head Mistress Ally, a couple of dispatchers all under the same roof? What you have my friend, is a TNT ,explosive good time! Or also known as pussies at play! This past weekend was LDW / Echantrix’s trip. Along . . . → Read More: Sexy Mistresses Explosive Fun!

Sexy Update From Mistress Erika

Hi there, glad you stopped by have a seat and enjoy my sexy update! Today’s blog is going to be a mishmash items which includes some personal information, about yours truly that you may or may not have known! I also want to hear from you, so read through and connect with me, tell . . . → Read More: Sexy Update From Mistress Erika

My Birthday Gifts!

This was my first birthday here with LDW, and I had a blast.  Some of  you were a bit confused exactly WHEN my birthday was because I was chatting it up so much! LOL!  But it wasn’t really to garner presents (more on that later) it was to celebrate by GIVING presents! Read about . . . → Read More: My Birthday Gifts!

A Sexy Gift For You and Mistress Erika’s Birthday!

It’s that time of year again! That’s right. My Birthday! Sunday August 27!  To celebrate I like  reflecting on the year. Thinking about the year ahead, and what I might want, learn and explore in the coming months.   Making sure to thank those closest to you for being in your life, . . . → Read More: A Sexy Gift For You and Mistress Erika’s Birthday!

Masturbation At Work For Mistress

Let’s not split hairs. You’ve masturbated at work. Some of you don’t lie-I’ve been there! A smaller percentage of you have wanted to, but for lack of opportunity and privacy, haven’t. So naturally the conversation, comes around to me at times. It seems inquiring minds want to know.  Does Phone Femdom ever masturbate at . . . → Read More: Masturbation At Work For Mistress

Submissive Tasks

One fun thing I love doing is giving my submissive tasks. What submissive tasks are assigned, of course varies from person to person! I know I’m sounding like a broken record! ha ha! I feel it’s important to reiterate that, after all this might be the FIRST blog someone’s read of mine, . . . → Read More: Submissive Tasks

Erika’s Erotic Kinky, What’s UP!

Hello readers! Thank you for always tuning in. Taking a few moments today to share some erotic kinky goings on! Also, give you an  idea of what pleases me,a question which is asked often! Oh and I bring you an important PSA.

Erotic Blog

It makes me smile when a new caller tells me: . . . → Read More: Erika’s Erotic Kinky, What’s UP!