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Edging Self Control – Why You Need Mistress Erika

Edging self control may seem like a simple concept, you get to that edge, and just stop, or employ various techniques to stave off orgasm.  But, we both know when a male is highly aroused your body and mind have one goal: To orgasm! But you’ve heard of, I know of , a way . . . → Read More: Edging Self Control – Why You Need Mistress Erika

Orgasm Edging Summer School

Hi there, fans!  I have a  kinky way to spend some of  your summer! Orgasm Edging! I’m going to have summer school and help you learn or improve your orgasm edging skills!  Naughty cocks NEED apply! *laughs*

This summer you can practice and master the art of orgasm edging,  and I’m going to make it . . . → Read More: Orgasm Edging Summer School

Ruined Orgasm – Why Mistress, WHY?

Why do I dole out ruined orgasms like mints after dinner? Because, my pets, they are  sweet and refreshing! Why that look? They are!  I can assure you , as we go you will be so thankful, so appreciative of having the opportunity to empty those heavy balls, it will be like a cool . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm – Why Mistress, WHY?

Tease and Delay for Me

Tease and delay that orgasm for me, pet. You’ve come to me to explore. Explore we will. What turns you on? Well, if you are here, it’s probably the feeling of submission. It’s up to someone else, isn’t it? You get to serve in the best way you know how.

Tease and Delay Day . . . → Read More: Tease and Delay for Me

Orgasm Edging And Delay Is Perfect For You

I know you, Orgasm edging and delay wasn’t on the menu. When you and your best friend willy first got acquainted, it was rub and cum as many times ,as your alone time allowed! With the repeated bombardment of porn, vids, and erotic material it’s easy to watch stroke and orgasm. Sometimes a quickie . . . → Read More: Orgasm Edging And Delay Is Perfect For You

Why Orgasm Control Mistress

I was recently asked: Why orgasm control Mistress? It is true, orgasm control is only one of the topics of conversation on any given day. There are calls where I create a fantasy for someone to enjoy as they wish.  Many task and goal orientated callers love getting instructions and comments on . . . → Read More: Why Orgasm Control Mistress

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

So, last week I had a post about ruined orgasm. That post led to several interesting conversations on the topic. In particular, one conversation was very interesting! Someone who is currently experiencing a prolonged ruined orgasm regime.  Of course being me, I had to ask a thousand questions! I found out sissy . . . → Read More: Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

Advanced Cock Control

I have touched upon a few guiding themes when it comes to cock control, Vis-à-vis orgasm control. Today we are going to look at Advanced Cock Control. Or some call it Extreme Cock Control. I refer to it as F-U-N!  I have to warn you, what we are about to look at is not . . . → Read More: Advanced Cock Control

Teaching Him About Orgasm Control

We were talking at my kitchen island, where we stopped and chatted after he arrived. A few pleasantries were passed when the subject of a coworker and her rumored relationship having a Dom/sub dynamic. Ok, I admit. I brought it up, he didn’t.  We continued talking about Dom/sub dynamics and how it . . . → Read More: Teaching Him About Orgasm Control