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Enjoying Sexy Sissies

Saturday night I had great fun, as always, in chat at Community Kink during the extra-long Sissy Pageant show!Ms Constance  was our lovely Hostesses for the show. In chat were some very Sexy Sissies, some new and our regular assortment of funny, sexy chatters, some of which are very sassy sissies themselves, . . . → Read More: Enjoying Sexy Sissies

Sissy Cock Suckers Tasty Varieties

Sissy Cock Suckers

Hello Kink lovers. Today’s blog is about sissy cock suckers. There are may tasty varieties all with their own unique spin on being a sissy, their dress and manner. But one common theme is, that’s right, cock sucking.

If you are tuning in for another edition . . . → Read More: Sissy Cock Suckers Tasty Varieties

Sissy Coming Out

Hello Ms. Erika, my name is sissybritney, she began her first email to me. She continues telling me that her name is in honor to her idol Britney Spears, then adds, I want to confess to you, share my perverted secrets with you, I want you to humiliate me.  It seems sissybrit . . . → Read More: Sissy Coming Out

Sizzling Hot Sissy Slut

One of my first calls after joining LDW was from one unforgettable sissy slut! Someone, who was sizzling hot and ready to strut her stuff and show of her skills!  I think, she may be well known to many here. Of course I didn’t realize that at the time. That came later.

Sexy . . . → Read More: Sizzling Hot Sissy Slut