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CFNM Humiliation Tasks

Nakie nakie hands off snakie!! Let’s talk about what humiliation tasks you can do for me! You know you’d love to!  Let’s create a great  CFNM session where we all have fun!  That is why you are here, isn’t it? Sure it is. As a matter of fact , your thunder stick is tingling right now, isn’t it. Look at my picture , hell look at all the Mistresses of LDW’s pictures. You are so out of your league! Trembling for sure now, humm? But that makes it that much more FUN for us! Let’s see what other kind of fun we can have.

Humiliation Tasks Preparation

Before we session we have to talk about starting with a taste of public humiliation to get that blood flowing! You know ,tasks you

CFNM Humilation

Humiliation Tasks Please Me

can do beforehand!  Oh, I know. Go to the adult toy store, ask for help picking out a good “ribbon” for  your package.  Perhaps a satin G- string for your trembling member to twitch and leak all over. Although I think cocks look best under lace, satin is required for you leaking cocks! Just the smallest drop will show like a billboard.  Brilliant.

Slut collar, or other accessory. Perhaps if you are really nervous a see through apron will help you feel a bit more covered! *tee hee*  I’ve found many CFNM humiliation addicts are also into other naughty things. What about you? Let’s discuss and get that naughty shopping list made today!

CFNM Humiliation Tasks

You find yourself naked and exposed for your Mistress. Instead of just standing there, let’s have some fun. You pick!
Sissy– If you are a sissy, love CFNM and humiliation. Why I think it’s tea party time! Pick one two or more more Mistress! You can be a proper girl , with the girls! Oh Sissy maid? Better still!
Strip tease – I’ll put some music on. Come on baby shake that ass!
Twerk – Something I call out for you to do, as your strip tease gets to the naked naughty bits
Hump – Don’t forget the bed pillows, ride ’em cowboy!
Yoga– Fuk!! Naked yoga, need I say more? *looking around room for popcorn* Make my dreams come true!

I know we can think of other fun things we can do! Check out some of my other blogs on CFNM 

CNFM Mistress Erika

11 comments to CFNM Humiliation Tasks

  • Tom

    Mistress Erika, I need you. BADLY! Your C&N eater, licker, slurped and drinker. Tom

  • Petey cream puff

    This would be fun!!! Would you be interested in doing this with Ms Erin/Ms Liz? I’m already your creamy puff girl and thinking the 3 of you can have feminization way with me.

  • Mmmmmmm —- I especially love the humping and twerking instructions. ~laughs~ OMG I can still see visions of erotic humiliation lovers — the things they do on cam for a Mistress! Hell, you’re so sexy I’m not even into humiliation but I’d totally twerk for YOU! Mmmmmmmm, now there’s an idea!

    • Erika

      Hey Ms Olivia!
      Thanks for stopping by. What an idea you sparked! What slut-boi wants to twerk and hump on cam for the beautiful and sexy Ms Olivia and Erika?

      Okay guys make it your birthday present this year!
      Half hour with the both of us!
      Only question is, will you be the same on the other side of the session! LOL

      erm…….. no, you won’t!

  • GirlieFF

    Miss Erika,
    Reading this post, I realize my training is coming along. How do I know, you ask? My first reaction was to your comment about riding the pillow. My initial thought was, “why not a giant dildo?” And second, your suggestion to ask for assistance in buying potentially embarrassing toys made me think. The last several times I’ve bought said items (dildos, panties, bras, plugs), I haven’t been embarrassed at all. In fact, I asked for help, not to increase my excitement, but because I needed help and wanted to buy the best product. I’m getting there, Mistress. I thank you for that.

  • Erika

    You are embracing your gayness! Woot! So proud!

  • tiny tim

    Ha Ha Mistress Erika, I like the idea of me doing a strip tease. Now that would be humiliating. Especially with my lack of size. CFNM is such fum. Bed pillows is about all i can ever get. This post is funny.

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