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Christmas Bondage: Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire

Hello, blog train riders. Hop aboard the Christmas bondage post, aka  “Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire.” Setting the scene, a delicious submissive, Chet, has found himself in a precarious position. His wrists tied behind his back, sitting up on his knees, facing the fireplace. My cock and balls tied, sweetly. Presenting his package to its most forward, for all to see and for the flames to lick, oh so close, as I position him so close to it. Laying back on a rug, enjoying how fantastic he looks in his submissiveness. Gazing at his fire warmed skin, that song comes to mind. I hope you enjoy this little fantasy of mine, a parody of chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

Read along, sing along song!


Chet’s-nuts roasting by an open fire
Jack-off stroking his bone
Stroker affirmations being sung by our subs
And Mistresses dressed up like Dominants

Everybody knows a strap on and some lube
Help to make the pegging right
Tiny dicks with their balls tied and glowing
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Bondage is on its way
I’m using lots of paddles and dildos on that asss
And every fifty spanks is going to show
To see if subbies really know how to cryyyyyyy

And so, I’m offering this simple phrase
To subs from 18-92

Although it’s been said many times, many ways
Merry Bondage to you


<—–The previous car on this train was Mistress Brighton’s cuckold challenge!!
The final car is —————>Ms. Jacquline cum eating post!

11 comments to Christmas Bondage: Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire

  • tiny tim

    Merry to you Mistress Erika, I love your version of chestnuts on an fire better than the original.

    • Erika

      LOL thank you tiny! I’m not a great singer ( I know, A FLAW! LOL) so I thought the chipmunk version was more palatable!

      • tiny tim

        Mistress Erika, I bet you are not a bad singer.The Chipmunk version was o.k. You have no flaws. A true Goddess like you has no flaws. A loser like me however has many FLAWS. LOL

        • Erika

          You are right tim, if I sing low, slow and with my husky femm voice I can carry off a line or two 🙂

          • Tom

            Mistress Erika, I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas. My Pre Holiday update: My MIL wanted to see me on Friday and Saturday to help with some projects. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I thought we were “over” and she had her new boy toy for several months. Well it turned out much different than I imagined. My SIL was away in California. We were alone and one thing led to another and well, we never left the bedroom. On Saturday I headed out to HD to get some stuff for the projects. When I returned about 90 minutes later there was an unfamiliar car in the driveway. Long story short I found my MIL and her boy toy having “fun”. Her first words, “ it is about time my Cuckold got home”. ANOTHER day in the bedroom! I Surprised both of them with some nectar fun. My MIL went wild! Ia have to say her V***** felt great. Talk to you soon. I am such a **** . Tom your 4Ever CS and NS.

  • Tom

    BTW…after that MY Chestnuts were ROASTED!

  • princess

    Awesomeness! Thanks Ms E!

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