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Cock Sucker Humiliation or is It

Today we are talking about cock sucker humiliation. Hi, cocksucker! Oh what? you are not a cock sucker? Just a regular at my blog and tuned in for a taste of Moi? Fan-fukin-tastic! Pull up a seat, oh you are already sitting down? he he.  Continuing on our humiliation exploration today we are looking at the cocksucker and what about it is humiliating.

cockscucker humiliation

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Cock Sucker Humiliation in Today’s World

True, being gay is less of a stigma than in decades back. There are still small pockets of troglodytes here and there that still condemn  and ostracize those who have such proclivities. Some families where it is frowned upon, and fear of rejection for being who you are, are still real issues.  But we are not talking about YOU being GAY now are we? Nope, we are talking about you being curious about and loving the cock.  Bit different, don’t you think? I do.

Cock Sucker Humiliation Fantasy Play

A cock sucker starts out with the thoughts, then fantasies. Your curiosity about cock , most likely started a long time ago. But because your winky gets a stiffy over girls as well, it was easy to distract yourself. But those thoughts, and that porn when you look at it  begins to center more and more around how a cock might feel, taste, and yes even smell.  One day your self love session ended and, as you were cleaning up your spunky mess, you realize the thought and images were all about the cock and little else. You blushed even though you were by yourself. What kind of man are you, to have those thoughts? You barely went back to watching that kind of porn, for weeks in fear of what it meant.  If you like to suck cock are you gay? If you like cock are you bisexual? People see you as a hetro, male in charge, what would they think if they KNEW? There in lies your humiliation. Humm?

Cock Sucker Humiliation – More than Fantasy

You are ready for the next step? You’ve come accustomed to your minds naughty thoughts abut cock. Now you are upping your game. Exploring those cock curious desires.  You need help to explore and see if this is really what you want. Dildo’s , talks lots of mind blowing O’s thinking practicing, and learning with Mistress.  Certainly now that you have opened your Pandora’s box, you’ve talked with me ,your first step on the humiliation journey. Exposing those cock sucking desires to another human. Heard your OWN VOICE utter those words aloud.

Once you submit to me, there’s no telling where we can go. One lovely way to give yourself an “out” is to engage in erotic play with Mistress and you can “dot it for her”. Then soon, your cocksucking for Mistress makes a turn, an evolution and you accept your bi-sexual humiliation  your need to be a cock sucker for Mistress. Now you are both satisfied! 🙂

Where ever you are on your journey,and whatever your desires. Becoming the biggest cock sucking sissy, or finding that one cock to service as life permits, time to enlist a sound mind to guide your cock sucking journey.

Cock Sucker Trainer, Erika

29 comments to Cock Sucker Humiliation or is It

  • Petey cream puff

    For this I’d link to have you dress me up as your cream puff girl and use dildo on me inserting girl juices along with ducking your dildo with my d s l’s as you applied lipstick to my lips. Now that you’ve dressed/turned me into your cream puff girl. Thinking this is next on feminization training

    • Erika

      petey you are so right. Often one gets into “feminization” not realizing once you unleash the fem, other “fem” Ideas , needs and desires may arise! WOOOP!

      • Petey cream puff

        I realize that I’ll never be the strong dominant guy as you and the other mistresses won’t let me ever go back but I’m ok with that. Same with my masseuse/girl I’ve known for 5 years. They known who I really am. Especially the girl I’ve known. She’s taking control of me as friendship is turning into controlling relationship with her taking lead. I don’t dare talk back or say no to her. We are both same age/she has no kids and I’ve confesssd to her I like perfumes/alkng with wearing women’s leggings/lotions as well her telling me about finger nail polish. I really am her cream puff girl as my masseuse told me I need to tell her about my wearing of women’s clothes/bras. She thinks she already suspects this. I need to
        put my big girl panties on and tell her this.

        As far as post I’m not into guys but you doing this to me by bending me over dressed up inserting girl juices into me along with you applying lipstick to suck your dildo. This is who I am and become and have accepted that you along the other mistresses made me your cream puff girl forever. It’s to difficult to go back to my old ways as being yours/ldws cream puff girl is way better then being the guy I once was.

  • princess

    I would say it’s ‘delicious humiliation”!

  • Wes

    Ms. Erika, thank you for writing on such an erotic subject.. I’ve already found myself reading it over and over…

  • Love sucking cock from both an erotic and humiliation standpoint. First I enjoy doing it bringing pleasure to another man. From a humiliation standpoint it’s submitting to a man admitting you’re inferior dropping to your knees and taking his Cock in your mouth being beneath him. Then to top it off swallowing his load is more acceptance of your submission to him. And to the tippy top is it being a gay act. No straight man sucks another guys Cock. After you do that you can no longer claim you’re straight. Sure you may not be gay you might be bi but you’ve gone down the black hole when it comes to being straight and there’s no way out. 😈

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, For me it is a combination of humiliation and inferiority. Society demands that you have people at the top and at the bottom between Females and males. When you are at the bottom like me you should have to suck cock. This really puts lowly beta males in their place big time because Alpha males really rub into your face big time and laugh at you.They also slap your face with their cocks.

  • GirlieFf

    Oh Mistress,

    You are so right on point! I was curious. Boy, was I curious. Then the self doubt crept in. I finally got the courage to do what I’d been craving. My only thought while I was sucking my first cock was, “why did I wait so fucking long!? This is pure heaven!” My next thought, “I can’t wait till he cums!” The rest is history. My situation is a little different, however. The more cocks I sucked, the less interested in women I became. It wasn’t long until my “little wanky” wasn’t budging at all for women. It budged plenty for hot men, though. Looks like I blew (pun intended) right past bisexual and right into blissful homosexuality! And it feels AMAZING!!!🌈🌈🌈. Thanks for all you do, Mistress!


    • Erika

      Hey there my cock loving boytoy! *winks*
      I’m smiling because I can hear you say “I blew right past……….AMAZING” ha ha ha! Brilliant! Now you know girls attraction to hot guys and their beautiful cocks!!

  • GirlieFF

    Yes, I do Miss Erika! Much respect to ALL the beautiful women out there. I share your passion and love for hot men with gorgeous cocks. For me, the bigger the better. I’m a total size queen. (That goes for the amount of cum, too💦💦💦😜). Just writing this is getting me all hot and bothered!

  • Erika

    I wonder what one certain person might say if they saw your size queen “collection”, I know that one bad boy made me grab my pussy! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW! #NeedNiceCock #PussyIsATemple #DontRavageMyPussyWIthYour16″!! #sizeIsGoodButDEARLORDMAN!

  • GirlieFF

    I hear you. Loud and clear. I’m not sure where it stems from but there’s a quest for more in me. That goes for everything. More weight to lift, more distance to run/swim/ride, more elevation to climb… why would this be any different? As long as I work up to it, a 16” cock pumping my ass sounds like absolute BLISS! #biggerisbetter, #pumpmygayass, #fillmyasswithcum! And who might you be referring to? My ex?😘😉😜

    PS: I feel another shopping trip coming on!!!

  • GirlieFF


    I’ll skip the underwear and look for tops and skirts tomorrow. It’s really fun! Shopping for women’s clothes is waaaaay more fun. The embarrassment factor is all but gone. #embracemyinnerwoman. #wishihadapussy.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am so mixed up on all of this .I WAS OUT AS A WOMAN & happy then some bad things happened and burried the girly side way back in closet.Trying to be a man but failing on all fronts.I don’t even like to leave the house ashamed of my tiny penis .I wear looser fitting jeans so fold of jeans makes my cock almostblike it is there i need a woman but cant have one

    • Erika

      April, I’m sorry to hear of your “bad things” DM Me in twitter. Tiny dicklette or no, there’s a place for you somewhere! We just have to find it.

  • Ms.Erika I simply Love Cock Sucker Humiliation! Even my name tells You that Yes I am a Cock Sucker! And I do Love to be Humiliated for it by You! We did have some wonderful, but short telephone calls together when I was at an Adult Book Store in the Movie Booths being the little sissy Faggot Cock Sucker that You know me to be! ~sissy curtsy~ 🙂

    • Erika

      Hey there CSCDSF! Yes, you are loud and proud to be slurping up those boy juices! You are always so much fun. Just wind you up and WATCH YOU GO! LOL

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Wow an Energerizer cock sucking bunny. Selling at adult toy stores now

  • Ms.Erika and just listen to me “Blow”, as I go from movie booth to movie booth in the adult book store slurping up (and down on) all those cocks! And Yes I do absolutely Love to guzzle down load after load of warm & creamy delicious cum! ~BIG sissy grinz!~ 🙂

  • Clarence

    Goddess can you put me on my knees and make me suck Master cock. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I dream about worshiping YOU and MASTER feet. Afterwards can blow him while I’m on my knees. Goddess can you please lead me I have been talking to EMPRESS CHRISTINE for years. I can’t reach her and I need my fix bad please help me

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