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Your Cuckold Fantasy

Cuckold fantasy is probably more common than you might imagine.   The impetus behind cuckold fantasies are as varied as the people who fantasize about them. Many assume a husband fantasies about his wife being pleased by another man because he has a tiny dicklette. You might be surprised how many have average or above average penis size.  Here are three common themes about cuckolding that I have been getting a lot of calls about.

Humiliation Factor

You cannot deny, regardless of how your scene plays out, there is always an element of humiliation. Another man shtuping your woman is not supposed to bring emotions of joy and peace. Traditionally a cuckold situation is shameful.  But aside from that aspect, how humiliating an experience for the cuckie is really up to the couple.  Your woman laughing at your uncomfortable erection as you sit quietly and witness her being taken, then perhaps  humiliation is a big factor for you. It is a humiliation step up, and may indicate exploring more humiliation is in order. Panties next, perhaps some cuckold cream pie eating before you discuss more humiliating things you can explore.


cuckold fantasy


There are some cucks who are voyeurs and having a cuck scene is the ultimate! There is safety to experience their brad of kink without breaking any law. More to the point is they are not including any unsuspecting innocents which I frown upon.  They are not in it for the humiliation per se, and often have an open mind when it comes to sex and are generally not the jealous type. So turned on when watching their wife with a lover unfold before their eyes.  Regardless though, because this scenario is fraught with high emotions it isn’t uncommon, at first, for the husband to begin watching from a nearby room or closet.

Selflessness with A Cuckold Fantasy

An often-overlooked aspect of the cuckold fantasy is the husband who feels he can’t satisfy his wife. Well, satisfy her in a sexual way.  Perhaps he has a tiny dick, suffers from ED or PE. This husband is willing to sacrifice some of his self-respect in order to allow his wife the sex life she deserves. He is  reasonable and rational offering to put his feelings aside for his wife. Many see his offer as admirable.  This kind of fantasy focuses on the benevolent nature of the act. He often acts as the instigator, coaxing and reassuring his wife that all is Ok, he is just fine. The sexual charge largely comes from his selflessness. The cuckold cannot please his wife, but he is more than willing to make sure she’s pleased.

The dynamics of the cuckold relationship is complicated. Cuckold fantasies are filled with tension, and are emotionally charged.  That’s why the “end result” can be so explosive. Let’s explore your cuckold fantasy.

19 comments to Your Cuckold Fantasy

  • michael

    I have not admitted my fantasy to my girlfriend. I cannot bring myself to do it though I want to. I am in the “dicklette” category at 4 inches – I know she has had bigger, probably a lot bigger. I get a lot of “it’s okay” and “it’s perfect for me” and, even “I love your little tiger” (I don’t think girls even realize when they inject the word “little” sometimes. She probably does not even realize this but she has mentioned more than once her love of well endowed guys. Part of it makes me anxious but another part (very persistent part) really wants her to have a big one. I think secretly she does too. It is like I don’t want her to have it but I do. You feel torn but the thought is exciting.

    • Erika


      I have to say: fascinating scenario. I mean, I know what your GF is saying and she’s saying it loud and clear. But then again, I speak girl. Right? That’s OK, you can’t help it. No harm , No Foul 😉 This is where your friendly neighborhood phone sex consultant comes in handy! We can RP the scenario where you admit your fantasy to your GF. Try out different approaches and see which one is a great fit for you! I can also give you my 2cents, from a GF perspective. You decide where to take it from there.
      Thanks for the great comment!

  • Mistress Erika,

    You are so right. The desire to be a cuckhold for me started when I was honest with myself. My 5 inches is not worthy of pleasing a woman so I should take the role of a cuckhold. It is humiliating but let’s be honest I don’t deserve to be an apha male.

  • Blondi

    I started watching cuckold porn and it was a big turn on. I told Erika about my turn on and she has done role plays that have satisfied and pushed limits on my fantasy. She is amazing and so difficult to stay away from. Love the sessions with Erika.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m starting to think I’m my masseuses cockold cream puff as she’s married and has man in her life as she ordered women’s tops/dress she wants me to wear/I’ve even bought my dresses that I tried on for her 3 weeks ago. She said I looked so cute and adorable along with having perfect build for dresses/women’s clothes. I was told she’s going to watch my spending as in 2nd week of May or June we are going dress shopping with makeover mr me included. She’s taking lead of our relationship and I told her I’m glad. With this happening I’m into deep in her rabbit hole. She wrapped me around her fingers/firmly dugher nails into me with no intention of letting me and made me her cockold cream puff sissy.

  • Petey cream puff

    Her & I both know that I’m her creamy creamy puff sissy. She told me she wants me to wear dress when we go shopping in May/June.😳😧. I was told not to worry/be nervous as I’m with her. With makeover I’m afraid she will she my hard on and that I’ll cream my panties. Ms Olivia said I’ll need to tuck. I’m just scared what she will think when see notices my bulge in my panties. 😢😳😧😞

    • Erika

      Well, if you are at all lucky she will respond in much the same way Ms. Oliva and I did 😉

      Or, you’re screwed……. *shrug* you’d know best, right? Think she’ll find it delightful or no?

      • Petey cream puff

        I hope she finds it delightful. I want her to make me her cream puff girl and if she wasn’t into this she wouldn’t have thought about me wearing dress. So yes I think she will enjoy dressing and having makeover done to me.

  • Petey cream puff

    I would hope she would respond the way you & Ms Olivia did. I’m not sure. She did say with dress she ordered for me that I’d look cute and adorable in and was thinking about me when she had party as her friends showed her the dress. She said that she’s looking forward to doing this so? I hope she will find it delightful. I won’t be able to do anything if I’m in chair with smock over me getting makeup put on me. It’s what I always wanted to happen and it’s going to. Only negitive is she’s married but she has man in her life and I’m not a man by having her do this to me. I’m her cockold cream puff girl.

  • I’ve shared part of my Cuckolding fantasy with my wife. Well just the part of her sleeping with another man not the whole me being a sissy Cuckold. She’s rejected the idea of shared with her saying she has no interest in sleeping with other men and that she just wants amazing sex with me. She also thought it was because I’m not attracted to her and don’t find her sexy anymore which is not the case. I’m not going to push her into it but will bring it up when she asks about my fantasies.

    • Erika

      Stephanie, being in a monogamous relationship is deeply ingrained into our culture. It is a tough nut to crack.
      Encourage her to share HER fantasies, perhaps with a “movie star” to get her mind “going there”. Regardless of how she responsd: “I’d like to get it on w/ George Clooney” to describing what they might do in the sack, respond with support and enthusiasm. Not over the top “what are you crazy” kind of response. But reward her, in a way she feels rewarded. Telling her how beautiful and sexy she is and how hot her fantasy is, is a START. 😉 Good luck

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Erika,

    There is a cuckold fantasy, which I have. It does NOT involve a mistress with another man. It involves a mistress with another woman. I derive great satisfaction from watching 2 women play and satisfy each other. I can watch the action and stroke my cock. In the end, they get to have intense orgasms, and I am denied any orgasms!

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