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Cum Eating Kink or Fetish

I was mulling over some recent cum eating calls.  Having some fun thoughts about you, cum dumpster and at one point  mulling over some thoughts about cum eating. Mainly, at one point is the cum eating kink, a kink, and at what point does it become a fetish? Does it always evolve to a fetish? I’d love to hear from you. Just comment below or email me. You know how, or know how to figure it out. You’re clever, right?! 💋

Cum Eating Kink Beginnings

The road to cum eating is often fraught with misgivings. I know I know, surprise! 😜 The journey and exploration of your submissive nature will eventually land you on this subject. Many of you who eat your own cum now , did so at the behest of your Mistress.  Mistress knows best and knows having a male who is otherwise heterosexual contemplate  the , oh-so-thin grey line between  sexual orientations. Wrestle with the mind fuck of it, and what it might mean for him.  What else did she have in store? Would he, could he say no, then? Should he now?

Her guidance is compelling and you  negotiate the scene or scenes to achieve her desires of you swallowing loads of   your own creamy cum.  The high you get from submitting, pleasing is beyond your dreams.

Perhaps for you, it remains a kink. Something that enhances your feelings of submission and conne

Cum Eating Kink

You want, you need help

ction with  your Mistress.

Cum Eating Kink Explosion

Regardless of how you manage to swallow that first load. Once you did , it was a metanoia , a  transformative eve

nt! Regardless of age, your life just wasn’t the same. Have you hit submission nirvana? Is this your thing, the thrill the excitement the, where the fuck has this been all my life and similar thoughts exploding and racing through your mind.

One load led to a thousand and now you find yourself sucking cock , having gay sex because (quite frankly) you can’t make enough jizz to satisfy your daily cravings! Once your addiction to creamy cum took over your submissive mind you cannot get enough.

I spoke with one in similar circumstance recently. Cum slut Michael.

Oh, Michael’s been around the hood for quite some time. He’s a submissive and a cum junkie who was helped by the sexy Mistress Amber to eat his own cum! As  he told me, it just boiled down to his desire to please her. He came to her with the kinky desire. She stoked and conditioned him to eat that first load.  Now after plenty of cum eating games , and although he’s dancing around a half a century mark he’s only found his love of cum in the past few years. This slut is what I would think of as a cum eating fetisher. Gay sex, hell yes as long as there was cum. The taste is craved like a delectable treat. One, two then more cocks to keep his cum eating desires at bay.

Talk About Cum Eating Today

Talk with your Mistress, sharing those intimate thoughts with each other.  How it might be done. What it means to her, what your fears are. Then experiencing the connection, letting go and, eating your load. Feeling so out of control, but so controlled and it makes you oh, so  compliant.  Joyously so. Mmmm. Lets.

Mistress Erika

16 comments to Cum Eating Kink or Fetish

  • Mistress Amber

    It’s so kinky when our callers share their deepest and most secretive things with us. Mistresses can often give a gentle nudge in the direction that the caller has been wanting to go even when they have been too hesitant to explore it on their own. And sometimes, eating one’s own cum can break the ice to even more that can be explored! Great blog, Miss Erika!

  • Erika

    Mistress Amber, thanks for stopping by. Cum Slut M is amazed at his transformation at Your/Our hands over the years. Looking forward to a happy and kinky 2018 with you and all the submissives!

    • Tom

      Mistress Erika is amazing. Her stunning beauty, her incredible voice and her all knowing sexuality will take you places you never knew you could. Your only regret will be that you had not found this wonderful Dom/Sub relationship sooner. Submit to her NOW, don’t wait.

      Mistress Erika’s willing and obedient submissive cum slut Tom.

  • I absolutely love this blog post – I was just coaching a new caller to eat his own cum today and I think he came even harder when I told him that this was only the beginning. That’s how I always feel about it. I feel like there’s this kindof ‘kinky interest’ in tasting cum, eating cum, etc. but at some point (with my direction and encouragement of course); it does become a need and that is when it becomes a fetish. If you NEED it. If you can’t cum as good without it; then it’s a fetish. So, cum eating – kink AND fetish!

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, There is nothing wrong with eating cum.It is a fun Fetish. if i am locked in chastity the cum would have to come from other men.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSS …. isn’t that the perfect thing to do with a mindfuck or coerced submission …. when the words, “eat your own cum now” slip out of your mouth and he gasps just a little (or a lot) and then does it … well, THAT m’dear is the sheer deliciousness of Power Exchange!

  • A cum eater determined to please his Mistress is very exciting, don’t you think? To do something a little humiliating and against his nature just because it’s what you want is a the hallmark of a devoted pet and submissive!

  • Wes

    Gosh the feelings this blog makes me want to share… The resistance, the seed that is sewn, and the seduction. When my Mistress said casually I would do this for her, I knew no matter how long I resisted she would win.. She wanted it and I finally surrendered.. And today I crave what disgust me. So much so, I never cum alone now because it would be uneventful without hearing her say “eat your cum for me”… Where does it lead?

    • Erika

      Hi Wes, thanks for stopping by. Loved your comment, mmmmmmm delicious power exchange.

      Where does it lead? I imagine wherever you Mistress say’s 😉

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