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Eating Cum is Common Here

As I sit on my lanai out by my pool, I reflect back on my previous posts about eating cum. Naughty thoughts of my connections with you, I’m delighted by how many different kinks and fetishes involve eating cum! Of course, anytime we talk about sharing fluids, I always insist on vetting and being safe. Having taken care of that, let’s talk about cum baby, let’s talk about you and me, and all the fun ways we can eat. Let’s talk about cum.

Cum Eating Heterosexual

Bah! This is a no brainier, right? Being a sensual person I cannot imagine a more sensual, sexual and erotic way to explore your partner! Giving and receiving oral sex is by far one of my favorite activities to do with a lover. If it ain’t good for your face to be down there, that tells me a lot of what I need to know about you being a compatible partner! So once we are confident of moving into that realm, I’ll slurp up some  male juice like I’ve spent the last week roaming the desert. So naturally I have to ask, if I will eat  your cum why won’t you?

Cum Eating Submissive

As a submissive, eating your own cum may be a part of your journey with your Mistress. Cum curious, or exploring how the training and subsequent consumption of said cum interplay’s with your submissive nature. You won’t be the first guy to go from ew to yum, no shame pet. No shame. For when you do things in the name of your Mistress. To please  her, to obey her there is no shame, is there? No, pet. No. For you to feel shame over your actions would transfer shame to Mistress. You cannot have that, no we simply cannot.

Humiliation Cum Eating

Another common cum eating scene is humiliation cum eating.  Cock sucking and servicing an alpha male cock naturally will lead to cum eating. Cuckolding can and often does include cum eating. Humiliating for a straight man, or shall I say previously straight? Ha! I love, and delight in your woody breaking bricks from me handing you your manhood on a plate! Suck it fag, oh yea. You’re going to tell me you’ve never done such things? Bah ha ha! Liar, look at you, a pro! Don’t tell me you don’ t like it. My eyes are not lying to me. Now, be a good gay suck toy and beg for his cream.

Cum Eating Addiction

Eating cum

Yummy Cummie

Then there are those, so turned on, so over the top gaga for creamy stuff! They are more interested in the load than they are the man. They may suck dick but to them “the dick”  well, that’s just a tool to get the goo! They’ve gone from being totally hetero, and perhaps , cum curious to into a full blown  cum fetish , their insatiable thirst just grows. Their feeling of sexual satisfaction, must include cum!

I fear for this addict the most. Remember what I said before about safety? I call you an addict for a reason. You’ll do pretty dumb things, to get your white sauce! Reign yourself in , get involved with a Mistress to guide and control your slutty cum guzzling addition.

Mistress Erika

18 comments to Eating Cum is Common Here

  • For sure Mistress EriKa,you said it perfectly,the submissive must please and obey.That is an honor, especially to submit and obey your commands and wishes,a Mistress of exquisite beauty,intellect,fun, social interaction and exspansive understanding many facets of human nature.

  • Vibrant,sexy,smart, honest,enthusiastic, energetic, extremely hard working,fun, social,sincere,amenable, relationship builder, flexible,kind,fluid,etc.You are yourself.You are a dream-where bonding and friendship can reach a level of richness , contentment,and intimacy.

    • Erika

      Oh , hell!

      You almost made me cum in my panties, Gigi!
      Woo, oh more baby MORE……. stroke me with your words , tickle me with your verse….. oh yea, that’s how I like it. Fill me with your interactions! mmmmmmm ohhhhhh yea….longer, deeper.

      *running over wrapping my arms around you, giving you a big hug*

      XOXO LOL

      you’re a doll! Love playing with you!! 😘

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, I am a cross between a Cum eating submissive and humiliation cum eating.As i need to obey. My place is at the bottom servicing alpha males cocks. I would beg for his cream. I can only imagine how many loads and how big alpha males can leave for me to eat.

  • Tom

    Mistress Erika, It seems I have been or are all four….yum, yum, yum, yum! Your turned up tongue is too much to look at! I miss you. Tom

  • For me Mistress Erika it has always been about the totality of the person.I love your social interaction on the enchantrix empire.Of course,you and the other mistresses provide sexual pleasure.Make no mistake you are not objects.You are full fledged human beings and should be treated as such.This is why I consider this site the finest phone sex in the world.Relationships are established.And it is healthy sexual and human interaction.Of course Mistress Erika your social skills are impeccable.You are sincere and real like most of the other mistresses at this site.Life is about healthy relationships.I applaud this site for the totality of providing an all-around experience.Thankyou so much.

  • Erika

    Gigi, so nice for you to stop by! I love what I do and I guess it shows! I do love exploring and getting to know everyone at Enchantrix Empire. It is such an open and accepting atmosphere and I’m so glad I joined!


  • Yes,so are we!!!You are so real,so human,so much fun.Glad you found a job that you love.The cool wind blows,the sun shines,the coffee is delicious,the simple joys of life.You are so much apart of the simple joys of life.Of course,you are a a reflection of human interaction that one adds to their well being by being connected to you.Life is about positive relationships .Pat yourself on the back.You add so much to one’s life and the human experience.I do admire your work ethic.It is adding to your existence.Thankyou Erika.

  • I’m definitely not a cum eating heterosexual lol. I’m probably a combination of the last three. I always eat my own load to feed my craving though I prefer a real man’s load. The humiliation and submissiveness of it is a major turn on for me even after I go off.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    If i was in a 3 way as the cuck and could have the Mistress un flavored juices first then why not if he has a really nice cock and Mistress is there helping out what the hey my tiny clitty isn’t getting any saying no to all men.But i wouldn’t go with unsafe and unknoen men on outside!

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