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Mistress Erika’s Stroker Rewards


                                            Starting off 2018 with a fun way to win free minutes with me!


1-Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr
2-One weekend a month keep your eyes on the “Share to win” post that begins our game. (see below)
3- Share ALL of my posts that weekend, and automatically be entered into a drawing to win 10 free minutes with me, when you buy ten(ore more!)
4- Each Share = 1 Entry!  
Share 3 of my posts, have three entries.  Share 10 of my posts have 10 entries!
5- Monday I’ll go through all of my shares, assign a number to each one. Then I’ll ask one of he Mistresses of LDW to pick from that  number range.

I’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Tumblr!


Winner must be 18+ and must be age verified.
Winner must use prize within 30 days of winning.
Winner can use prize towards Sexy Texting, skype, Virtual World and dispatched calls.

Share to win post example:

Stroker Rewards

Mistress Erika

















Starting November 1, 2017 Anniversary Celebration


I am rolling out a new stroker rewards program! For the next two months your calls, regardless of length earn you points towards rewards!

  1. You must mention “Mistress I need my stroker rewards” on our first call.
  2. Points for calls are earned on paid calls. Free minutes do no accumulate on your points balance.
  3. Earn bonus points, by following me on social media and sharing my posts. 1 point for each share, follow me or following me? 20 points total!
  4. Points Accumulate November 1- December 31,2017.
  5. Reward points must be redeemed/used by Jan 31,2018.
  6. Free minutes earned and redeemed via Sexy Texting and Skype Voice Calls are added to your paid call.
    Stroker Rewards

    Your Strokes Count


October 14, 2017 and October 15, 2017 Only!

Free Sexy Texting – for my blog pets!

Make an appointment for a Sexy Texting Session (or voice over skype) and


Stroker Rewards With
Mistress Erika

receive 10 FREE minutes from me! So your 15 min sexy texting just jumped to 25! 30 Minutes is now 40, and on and on! Book an hour or more and receive 20 free minutes!

1- You must email me, or hit me up on Skype or Yahoo to schedule your appointment.

See my scheduling page for contact information


2- You must say “Mistress Erika, I need my stroker rewards” to indicate you want this exclusive   offer.

*** Subscribe today! New, Year End Anniversary Promo cumming November 1****




Hi there hot stroker pet!


Hot summer fun with free JOI!

I’m heating up this summer with a hot hot HOT deal for you! But don’t fret. My other promo’s haven’t gone away. If you see something below that interests you, email me!

For this summer, until my Birthday on August 27 you will receive free JOI! That’s right, place one 15 min call (or more) and you’ll walk away (or I can e-mail you) with JOI for the coming week!

Can’t call every week? That’s kewl! Then your instructions last until your next call!




Sexy Tag Team Training

Sexy Tag Team Training

Sexy Tag Team

Sexy Tag Team

Tag Team Training!

Ms. Constance and I are Teaming Up to give you an intense four week training program.
What would you like to work on? Do you need to last longer? Edge training will train you to hold that cum! Cum Eating, Cock Sucking, Feminization, sissy training? Whatever your kink of fetish need just email us with the subject line of “Tag Team Training” and tell us your training needs.

Each Week

Each week you will place one twenty-minute call to one Mistress, then the next week the other. So if you started your training on week 1 with Ms. Constance, you will call me the following week. With that one twenty-minute call you will receive:

Affirmation April

For the month of April :

Every Weekend: Each thirty minute call will receive a free written four line affirmation and instructions.

Every Weekend: Every sixty minute call will receive a free five line affirmation, instructions and a version recorded by me that you can listen to whenever.

Can’t call on the weekend? Let’s make an appointment today!

Make sure to mention “Sexy Affirmations” to register for your affirmation!

Before or After your call email me at with the subject line “Sexy Affirmations”
Read My blog on Sexy Affirmations.

Erotic Affirmations

Erotic Affirmations




Ending April 8, 2017. Puzzled Erika!

There are a lot of happy callers who have earned more than ONE exclusive picture of me.  It’s been a fun game and thank you to all of my horny strokers for playing!

For those still earning puzzle pieces, don’t despair you will continue to earn your points until you’ve completed thecurrent picture.
This means: Any of you who may have wanted to get in on this exclusive offer there is still time! Call me by April 8, 2017 to earn your first piece then continue to earn until your picture is complete.
Don’t forget YOU must email me with the subject line Puzzled Erika to subscribe to the game.

Beginning 02/18/2017 I bring you….
Puzzled Erika….

You get the chance to earn one of FIVE exclusive (naughty) Pictures of ME!

It’s easy! Just  email me ( )  with the subject line Puzzled Erika.
Don’t forget to tell me about  your naughty thoughts, for our call.

I think it’s super sexy and gets my devilish mind turning.

Or after your call email me with the same subject line(above), make sure to tell me who you are. Sometimes your email isn’t conclusive as to the name you used with me on the call.

Once you have emailed me I’ll track your points.
See the video for the points schedule.


Previous Promotions:

One Day Only!

Mistress Day!
LDW is giving away TWO free minute packages, equal to the call you place on Mistress day!  February 13,2017 make a paid completed a call up to 60 minutes, and be eligible to win the same minutes for free! Did you make two 15 minute calls? Then you have two entries, for two drawings or,  FOUR chances to win 15 free minutes.

I am, however, making this deal too sweet to resist! I am offering an additional incentive to call . When you call me on Mistress Day, not only will you earn a chance to win a free call among ALL the LDW callers that day, but when you call me you ALSO get a chance to win the same length of call from MY pool of callers! That’s right. From all the completed calls I received on Monday February 13th  will I randomly pick a caller to give the same free minutes with Me!

That’s right, two chances with the bosses to win free minutes with the Mistress of your choice,  and yet another chance with me to win free minutes!(up to 60 minutes)

Three (or more) Chances to Win free minutes of sexy talk with me! Save the date, make sure you call!

Fee Minutes

Mistress Day
Three Ways To Win