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Feminization Lesson FM Choices

Hey, girls and guys who want to be girls ,or  guys who want be with girls, regardless of your predilections, today’s feminization lesson is about the FM phenomenon. Inspired by a recent call from a sissy asking to be feminized, to teach her the ways of “girls” and how to attract boys. Her first lesson was regarding FM “things.” I put “things” into quotes for a good reason. FM things are varied. They can be clothes, shoes, perfume, a look and more that a sexually hungry cock tease uses to scream FUCK ME, and send clear signals to garner the attention of males. Let’s take a look.

Fuck Me Clothes

I think we all can agree, and understand when I say a female has to have her Fuck Me wardrobe. You know the skirts, a bit shorter, blouse a bit revealing. Whether they be form fitting or flirty, Fuck Me clothes helps a girl feel her power,  feel confident, wild and ready to have fun. Shoes, FM shoes, everyone can relate. I’m loving the classic nude stiletto for a multitude of outfits, strappy heels with an ankle strap is also a favorite. Those delicate straps surrounding my ankle, draws the eye to where you’ll be placing kisses before too long, humm? When a girl brings out these big guns, her FM shoes, there’s no mistaken what is on her mind.

Fuck Me

Fuck Me Look

Fuck Me Look

Perfecting your perfect “on the prowl” feminization make-up is well worth the time and effort to do so! Every girl has an everyday look and then with a few strokes of a brush, darker shade of lipstick and another application of mascara. Your eyes pop with a hot and sultry smokey look. Long lashes finish your work of art. A few spritzes of your favorite perfume mixing with the musk of your arousal creates a scent uniquely you. A scent that guides, and binds. Drawing you ever closer.

Fuck Me Voice

Mmm, how about that change in her voice that signals you to be aware, or is that beware.  Purring her words they drip from her lips.  Causing you to concentrate, pay closer attention. She speaks in tone that causes time to stand still. You’re focusing in on the soft erotic words. She’s painting a picture, and it’s oh to easy for you to get lost, get lost in her words.  Your mind is lost and floats on their lilt,  filling your ears with suggestions and words sliding deeply into the recesses of your mind. Becoming part of you, who you are, what you want, what you are. You feel yourself falling, falling into her sound.

Come on girls, get your FM on……..

Mistress Erika

31 comments to Feminization Lesson FM Choices

  • princess

    As a cuckold i appreciate a Mistress putting on Fm outfits for Real Men…..As sissy i long to wear those outfits myself and tease men too! Great post!

  • Bob K

    Good afternoon mistress. Can’t tell you how much I️ love your fuck me look. It all starts with those unbelievable eyes you have. I️ find it hard (no pun intended) to stop looking into them. But I️ managed then I️ worked my way to you lips. At that point I️ was all done. Don’t really need to see anymore, you’ve got me!!!!! Just ask I’d do just about anything you ask.

    • Erika

      Mmm Bob K, what lovely words you’ve sent my way.💋
      I love how you hedge, “just about anything”. Let’s test that some day, bad boy.
      Mmmm, Hungry? 😉

      • Bob K

        Good morning mistress. Am I️ hungry why yes yes I️ am. I’m curious as to what you’d have me eat. I️ know exactly what it is i’d Eat for you, and i’d Eat all of it in any fashion you’d like!!!! So please tell me how’d You would like it done. I’m awaiting your desire please advise.

        • Erika

          Mmmmmmmm,you’re naughty. I like it.
          Mmmmm,a short stint in chastity, three days longer than you’ve gone before. then after long glorious edging session, and being perfectly well hydrated. It will make for the best treat!

          • Good morning mistress. I’m naughty but your much more. Chasity interesting I’ve never been put in chasity I’m interested. I’d gladly eat the treat you have for me, but only if you watch me get your treat ready and produced. L really can’t wait too take it all for you as well as have you watch. Thank you for giving me something to fantasize about.

          • Erika

            You are right, and I mean a short duration chastity. just enough to build up some yummy stuff LOL 🙂
            Watching is fantastic, no hiding! Woot! Panties wet just thinking about it!

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Erika, How about if I wear a black dress with black stillettos. Would that qualify?

  • Petey cream puff

    Along with being in chastity would you be interested along with the other mistresses have me wear women’s clothes all the time? My clothes are to plain and boring. And I have more women’s clothes/dresses/bras/panties/slips/tops/blouses. Honestly seeing myself wear them it feels/fits better on me then my guy clothes and I really do have perfect build. If you can help me with diet so I can fit into them that would be so great along with makeup/lipstick/perfumes to keep my skin always soft/girlish smelling. Now that you have me on chastity program I want you & the mistresses to step up my feminization. I think 20 minutes calls would be good wouldn’t it? This way I can call on regular basis and budget my calls.

    Ps my masseuse cancelled my massage and said she owes me one. I’m going to ask her instead of keeping me massage if she wants to put blush/lipstick on me to see how I look along with wearing my bra/panty/women’s slacks/and either my silk blouse or women’s turtleneck sweater. I’m hoping she will agree to do this. 😞😧😳. I really want her to step up our relationship with her taking charge/control and make me her cream puff. Same with girl I’ve been seeing. As 2018 approaches I want both women to take control and be in female lead relationship being their cream puff girl.

    • Erika

      petey, that sounds like a fantastic plan.I love clever submissives!

      Re: masseuse,and GF go for it! you need that control, you need women in your life leading you petey. You know it, and Mistresses at Enchantrix know it!

  • Petey cream puff

    Just asked masseuse about trying on blushes/foundation/lipsticks on me and she said she would do this next month!!!

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Erika im so happy she said yes to this!! I do need the control and its going to happen. Its time to become hers/gfs cream puff. Im going to tell new gf about this also as its been eating away at me for last 2-3 years. My life wont be the same but im fine with that and don’t care as it will make me much more happier and not depressed by having both ladies take control.

  • sisecal

    As a sissy, I was never truly feminized. Mistress made it very clear that a sissy was someplace between a real man and a real woman. Yes, I was feminized periodically, but generally, Mistress kept me in panties and on weekends, I became sisecal, the sissy made. The humiliation of being in between real man and even a feminized man, motivated me. Eventually, my only sexual release was supervised masturbation and sucking cock to entertain Mistress.

    • Erika

      Hey, sisEcal thanks for stopping by. Yes, sissy’s are a creatures all their own. You are but a receptacle for our choices , isn’t that right? 😉

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Erika, i have never dressed but maybe I should. My favorite is the fuck me look. Maybe with hot pink lipstick and chloes perfume.

  • Bob K

    Morning mistress. After reading all the blog posts and your replies, I’m just wondering if panties are allowed? I happen to like to wear lady’s panties and have a nice collection of thongs. That said most all of your sissies tend to wear lots more than I have or have tried. I’ve also been told that I have a butt for modeling ladies panties. So I guess I’m looking for your input as well as your approval.

    • Erika

      Bob, a man in panties is my kryptonite!
      I love a man in panties!! I was on Ms Harper’s Whore school a few weeks back, and one of the questions was “what actor would you like to put in panties”
      My reply: Put them all in panties! Ms Harper and I agree, ladies panties for all!

      You also just hit upon my second area of weakness, mens asses. Particularly nicely formed ones! Fuck, Bob you are a teaaaaaaaaaaase!! LOL

  • Ms Erika, I just love your descriptions of various “Fuck Me” modalities. No doubt a real inspiration for our sissies and wanna-be sissies.

  • Bob K

    Good afternoon mistress. It’s nice to know that every once in a while someone can tease a Mistress. I thought that to be an impossible task. So my question is what are your favorite type of panties for you to see a male butt in? I only ask because I want to make sure I’m wearing what you like when we finally talk and I get to eat my treat from you, possibly eat my treat out of your favorite style?

  • tiny tim

    Good day Mistress Erika, I was thinking about the FM voice. I don’t think I could perfect that. I could try though.

  • Bob K

    Good morning mistress. Just an update for you. I’ve completed my mission finding what I think are the perfect pair of panties for our encounter. I kept your pictures in mind while I was shopping, and think they will complement what your have on in them. I’m hoping that they will be acceptable to you when we talk. Have a wonderful day.

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