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Fun With Men Looking More Feminine

Men looking more feminine with Feminization Mistress Erika (800) 601-6975Are you a natural born male who wants to let his inner female out? I love having fun with men looking more feminine!  When you call and tell me about your desires to dress, a grin spreads across my face and all I hear in my head is: Girls just wanna have fu-un!

Men Looking More Feminine Sissy or Feminization Style

There is so much variation and spin each individual puts on their fetish or kink! Exploring you and your desires is exciting to me! To the unfamiliar a man dressing as a girl is a man dressing as a girl. They are gay, or at least bi. Blah blah blah. Sure some may be, some may not want to be involved with a man. They enjoy relations with women, decked out as a woman.

Each man who wants to look or be more feminine develops their own style.  Some just want to wear panties. Some sissy’s enjoy a bit of humiliation with their pink panties! Others, have extravagant slutty attire, and are wild, wild, wild! Lots of fun to be had, doing naughty things to naughty bits! Multiple appendages flying hither and yon, spunk filling holes and all that jazz! WOO-HOO!

However, some want to feel and become more feminine  inside and out. Experiencing life (or as much as they can of it) as a woman.  They want more of a feminization experience. Including a kinky friend just adds to fun with men looking more feminine!

How can a Mistress not have fun with all of these (and more!) variations?

Curious or Expert

If you are curious, but haven’t really indulged in your fantasy, we can explore together! Discovering your inner girl, I promise I will be gentle. We can play in my closet and try on different outfits and find one you feel the most ‘you’ in. Will it be that white corset with white thigh highs? Oh, no. I know the one. The pink one, right? How about some red lips and eyelashes that go on for days?

Or have you played enough and know exactly what you want? Your outfit is subtly sexy, classy and sophisticated. With the perfect makeup and hair. We can go out strutting our stuff, attracting attention wherever we go! Even if it’s our own little secret.

Advice From The Inside

My new good friend Sissy B (I promised to keep her identity to myself) has some advice for the man thinking about looking more feminine. She said “let that sissy out!” Dress as frilly as possible. Sissy B has so much fun with all the mistresses here at LDW and confirms “they are all delightful and friendly”

Looking to have fun being more feminine? Let your inner female out! Let’s play in my closet

Mistress Erika
Intelligent Phone Fantasy

18 comments to Fun With Men Looking More Feminine

  • CockSuckingCrossDresingSissyFaggot

    Mistress Erika I’ve let the Sissy Gurl in Me out!I Love to be dressed in my Pink Baby Doll Nightie,Pink Thigh High Nylons,Pink Garter Belt (baby doll & garter belt have black trim) and wearing one of my 17 different pairs of panties along with full face make-up to make me look like the pretty Little Sissy Gurl that I am deep inside all topped off with my long Brown Hair Wig!~Sissy Smiles~ 🙂

  • William

    It may sound “simple” but one of the most powerful and deep things I have ever felt was a female friend telling me (sort of coercing but in a forceful sort of way) to put on a half slip “for her”. She was a friend not exactly a girlfriend though she was sexy and sort of dominant in general at least with me. I paused and balked a little as no female had ever exactly told me or asked me something like that but she pushed it. Something snapped in me and it felt like I “had to”. It was one of the things that taught me that I was submissive – that powerful feeling.

  • william

    Yes. It is a feeling that the girl is stronger than you or in charge of you and that she is supposed to be
    and that you need her to be. You feel sort of passive and weak. It is hard to explain it how real it is. I remember thinking and knowing she is going to laugh and me and humiliate me. I knew it. Yet I still had to do as she told me.

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Hi Mistress Erika- remember during our call last week I suggested you might Google my name to discover my adventures with the women of LDW.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve started wearing women’s clothes out in public. Last week I finally came out of closet with my massuse/mistress. She asked me questions if I was gay/into guys and I said no. She then asked if I like makeup/sleep in lingerie and I said yes. I then told her with my accident at 2 years old I never went in dates as I was having operations for 15 years and missed out. I told her girl on bus would sit next to guys put makeup/lipstick/perfume on them and one day I wasn’t she did this to. It was hot as I didn’t want to show her it she knew. Also my step mom would give me lipstick kisses after school sitting on my lap. I would sneak into her room try in her lipsticks/perfumes/bras. She knew as well but didn’t say anything keeping it to ourselves. 1998 was where I got hooked and never looked back as roommates girlfriend bra was in laundry basket and I tried it on on bathroom and there was lipstick which I applied to my lip and went in my bed room to get off. I wore winens pants/ankle boots/bra/panty to massage last week and she noticed bra that I had and said she had black bra asi had maroon. She measeured me then told me to put it in to see how I look. It was hot wearing bra/panty while she fitted and adjusted it on me. She said to keep it on all weekend which I did. I went to dinner/groceries wearingitvand it was thrill! I didn’t care if anyone noticed. I’m going to weareggjngs/knee high boots with bra/panty/women’s turtleneck sweater today and bring lipsticks to try for her. She said she won’t put it on me and said I need to do this and she will approve shades in yes or nay. She has some for me to wear and I’m going to do that and ask her if she can spray perfume she uses and buy it. I’m so glad I came out to her about this and she is do supportine of this. I told her I’m not gay/into guys but to do this to relax/blow off steam and escape reality.

    • Erika

      Oh, my! Thank you for sharing! You are a wonderful example of what I was saying. Not all men who like to feel sexy and sensual necessarily want a man in their bed.
      Some do, some don’t and all the FUN is finding out! 🙂

  • I am happy to see you like sissies so much, Ms Erika. I am sending out intentions that you and I get to have some two Mistress fun with a sissy and soon! Your knowledge of sissies is obvious. They are not cookie cutter. Each sissy does have their own nuances. No doubt you are helping some wonderful sissies reach their sissy goals already! So happy to have you here.

    • Erika

      Ms Violet,
      I adore two Mistress calls, particularly with Sissies! Thank you for the warm welcome.
      So, are their any Brave Sissy’s out there willing to have a two mistress call? Two sexy Mistresses
      taking you shopping for new outfits? What fun!

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve done calls with Ms Violet before as she was the one with Ms Olivia to turn/dress & keep me as a cream puff girl. Ms Cindy & Ms Mandy took me with them shopping thinking it was for them but it was for me. I didn’t want to go but Ms Mandy said it’s been such a long time that she’s seen me that she gave me lipstick kisses on both my cheeks and said it would be fun to spend time with them and to get out of house. I wanted to wipe off lipstick but both wouldn’t let me. They had me try on pink yoga pants with panty/bra. But before they did that Ms Cindy put on rose/burgundy lipstick on my lips and Ms Mandy sprayed me in perfume/put makeup and gave me feminine arched eyebrows. My lips were tingling along with my breasts as they grew to a d cup. They picked out bra for me to wear to fill out my breasts then took me to dressing room where Ms Mandy gavee 2 more lipstick kisses on both my cheeks. Then I was in middle of then here they had me get off for them. Both said by getting off I have to stay as their cream puff girl all the time as long as I get hard even if it’s the slightest trace.
    I’d love to have you & Ms Violet do this to me as she wants to take control of keeping me as her cream puff sissy girl.

    • Erika

      Oh my Petey Cream puff! What an offer. I doubt Ms. Violet or I could resist! 😉

      • Petey cream puff

        I know Ms Violet wants to do feminization calls with her and with both of you starting 2 mistress calls I’d love to do this. Also I did come of closet with my massuse about my crossdressing and she was supportive of this. She measured and fitted me for a bra and kept me in it all weekend. She had same bra but in black color. As she did this I was wearing nothing but panties/bra in front of her and what a thrill it was!! I even bought coach purse from her and she had me model it with my bra/panty on. She has lipsticks that she wants try on and keep. Also she said women like to do girlish things together and it would do me good to be part of that. She said being into women’s clothes is fine as it’s harmless and there are much worse things to get into. She said she will take me shopping for women’s slacks/tops/bra fitting/makeup/lipstick/perfumes out of town so no one will notice me.

        • Erika

          😉 Very Nice Petey, you are one lucky sissy to have found such a great friend!

          • Petey cream puff

            I am very lucky I found a women who’s supportive of this. She said she has lipsticks for me to try and keep this Friday and she will approve yea or nay. By coming out to her and being honest about my crossdressing she said she will keep it between the 2 of us. She said we need to go shopping and she’s planning on having buy women’s slacks/topspin girlish colors along with bra fittings/trying on makeup/dresses. She also wants me to invest in coffee shop with her and I’m going to do it. Doing this will make us business partners along with her being my massuse/therapist. This will be long lasting/lifelong relationship and yes by coming out to her she can expose and use this against me. I’m no doubt her cream puff sissy boy and I’m more then fine with that.

  • Ms. Erika, I can see you know exactly what to do with all those boi’s fawning over you! Dress them! I can imagine what lovelies your closet is filled with!What a treat for some lucky sissy, cross dresser or wanna be. Fun post! xxoo

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