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Hot Masturbation Habits

Hi there and welcome to my car on this blog train! Check out Ms. Rachels hot post on Masturbation Addicted Stroker, Let The Sap Rise!.  My car on this blog train is about hot masturbation habits! I guess you can say masturbation is my life. A bit of tongue in cheek but true nonetheless! So, let’s take a look at the thing we all do:  masturbation. Today’s blog on hot masturbation habits is my way of helping the art of self-love earn a place in the sunshine! No, don’t go wanking it in my park exclaiming “Mistress Erika told me to wank it in the SUNSHINE!” I mean figuratively “in the sunshine” so put it back in your pants, stroker! Ha ha ha!

Female Masturbation

Hot Masturbation Habits

Female Masturbation

According to an article I read recently on Statistic brain the majority of married women and all women admit to masturbating. The Majority of women masturbate at least once a week.  So what are all these ladies masturbation with, or to? You want to know.

Well toys are in the game. I read that over half of women admit to using vibrators or toys during their time of self-love. A majority of women experience multiple orgasms while masturbating and many watch porn.


Sexy Masturbation Fantasies

Canadian researchers published in 2014 in the journal of sexual medicine how common sexual fantasies were. 30-60 percent of women had fantasies revolving around submission. Most women like to feel romantic emotions during sexual relationship. Taking part in oral sex came next! All the way down on the bottom of the list of masturbation fantasies for women was wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, compared to ten percent of men having fantasies of donning pretty girly things.

Hot Sexy Masturbation Habits


Hot Masturbation Habits

One fun article discussed some of the more shocking ways women may masturbate. Some hot masturbation habits I read about included humping,  all kinds of  objects were  up for some pelvic thrusting action and high on the list. Wood sticks, electric tooth brushes are among some of the interesting items mentioned. One of my favorites is the story of he exercise spinning bike with a  wobbly seat! Imagine!

Aside from the traditional stroke technique for masturbation there has to be dozens and dozens  of anecdotal evidence of the wild and crazy ways men think of places to put their love stick.  Who are we kidding, you love to jerk that cock!

But by and far my favorite way men masturbate is in my ear. Ha ha ha! Yeah, no. I know you have a two inch but it’s not going IN my ear. I mean hearing you, your breath quickens as your become more and more aroused. Sometimes I tell you to move the speaker of your phone down by your stroking hand and it goes without question, pour on that lube!

I love to hear about your wild and crazy masturbation experiences. Email me at and in the subject line: Wanking it. Who knows I might make a compilation of the emails I receive. Don’t forget to check out the hot new game that you can win up to $100.00 in your spank bank at LDW! Check it out at Enchantrix Perks for all the hot details. Now Stroker…… on to the next hot car on this Masturbation Blog Train Ms. Harper in Stroker De Mayo!

11 comments to Hot Masturbation Habits

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  • Heh! Fun post, Miss Erika! I will admit to having tried sitting on top of the washing machine during spin cycle, as I heard that this can be an arousing experience, but I think washing machine technology has gotten so advanced that they’ve eliminated most of the “shimmy and shake”! lol So not all that fun.

    I’m not at all surprised at the number of women who admit to masturbating, but it shocks Me to think that so many *don’t*!

  • Erika

    Thanks Ms Rachel!

    I think like you do. With a sat of 80% (for example) of women who admit to masturbating my mind goes to “20% claim they don’t” 🙂

  • ALWAYS ERIKA (supreme devotee)

    Another HOT blog from Erika, thank you. I think my hottest masturbation story happened yesterday *wink*. Loved that a session and look forward to more. 😁

  • bfla

    Damn! I was halfway out the door to the park when you said hold up! And I kind of liked the idea of going in your ear. That would be one way of getting inside your kinky brain. Ha ha ha! I think what I have discovered here is there are as many ways to masturbate as the human brain can think up. So I guess there are no limits. For me, toys, household implements, and furniture are great alternatives to the traditional hand humping. 🙂

    • Erika

      Well didn’t you just drop a hot sexy bomb? “and furniture” …. I need to know more! 🙂
      There is nothing else I can say to this reply other than: LMSAO !!! 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    For me it’s lube/hitachi magic wand and the fleshjack. I wear my bra/d cup breast forms/slip/heels and call mistresses or listen the audios with all of you turning/dressing/kissing and keeping me as your cream puff girl.

  • Petey cream puff

    Also wear my lipstick/put lotion layering with perfume to set mood for hot masturbation. It’s only way I can get hard and off. Hope we can incorporate this in my feminization training with you & Ms Constance.

  • JohnnyB

    I usually clamp my titties, slip on my crotch less red panties..start a slide show on my wide screen terminal of your pics Mistress.. then I lash my ankles to the legs of the chair.. slide the lubed backdoor buddie into my man-cunt, and placing my back on the coffee table slowly stroke my 8 inch cock bending my neck forward looking down my dick-hole.. My first three ejections are ruined orgasms that just cause oozing of three drops of cum that I lick off my fingers… Then I beg you to let me cum… over and over.. I eventually climax violently spraying my belly with sperm!! I lick up every drop!! Oh, but my ass is going crazy.. It cums too!! I have this ticklish feeling in my throat that won’t go away! I surmise that I should be sucking cock for you in your service, right?

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