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How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

So many ways to have fun when a hot wife cuckolds her husband!  Since I’ve been  having some really hot cuckolding calls lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the scene. Let me share some thoughts, I’d love to hear yours!

A Hot Wife Cuckolds Husband

Humiliating for most men to admit when their love making leaves something to be desired. Penis performance falling short, literally and figuratively perhaps.  Intimate talks are happening about her not being satisfied, what can be done? Their wives wanting something more. For some their wives spending more and more time away with the “girls”. They suspect, that suspicion leads to questions and then , perhaps a revelation.

There is someone else pleasuring your wife! She talks of the other man his sexual prowess. It is tearing you apart on one level, so why is your cock so hard ?

Hot Wife

Your Wife Being Pleasured By Another Man

Cuckolding Dramatic Discovery

Still others, it’s a bit more dramatic. Drunken partying, frat parties or coming home unexpectedly all are common ways men stumble upon their wives receiving pleasure by another man. The bull acting cocky and self assured makes your blood boil, yet the pulsing in your pants gives you cause for pause.  Heart pounding, breathing heavy and your cock growing in-spite of the shocking discovery

Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckolds bra and panties

Sissy humiliation, wear these honey!

However the scene comes about, humiliation is a friendly face here. Lack of empathy for your penis plight, watching your wife accept that bull’s cock seems more than you can bare, but then you hear her say “Wear these, hunny,” pointing to the bed. You’re sissy outfit is laid out for you. Pretty bra and panties! You groan with pleasure now, and she giggles as your denied cock starts streaming pre cum.  You hear the bulls laughter as the panties are pulled snugly around your ass and cock.

Cuckold Voyeurism

Watching hot sex, hearing hot sex, smelling and yes, perhaps at some point Tasting hot sex is hot. Just because it’s your lovely wife receiving the pleasure doesn’t change that.  You seem to focus , become entranced as you watch his large cock service your wife, stretching filling her cries and moans , nothing like you’ve heard with her before.

Advanced Cuckold

How far in your cuckolding journey will you go; fluffing, cream pie, or sissy cuckold maid? I want to discuss your cuckolding fantasies! Not a fantasy for you? Brilliant! Let’s chat!

21 comments to How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

  • princess

    I’m ready for advanced sissy cuckolding! Great post!

  • I’d go all out for my wife. Fluff her bulls, clean up duty and make sure the house is clean when he comes over. Whatever she wanted I am game for. The more humiliation the better. 😉

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Erika, Cuckolding is hot. Though I am so pathetic that i am not even good enough to be a cuckold. Eating creampie is awesome. All cuckolds should show respect towards the bull.

    • Erika

      *waves* Hi Tiny! It was great to hear from you last night! Did you enjoy the peek?

      I know tiny tim, re: how pathetic you are. Like I’ve said before, everyone has their place. You’ve found yours. At the foot of the bed, awaiting instructions as you patiently, reverently wait for your cue.

      Merry Merry to you! 💋

  • tiny tim

    Great to talk to you last night Mistress Erika. Yes i did but i promise i didn’t cum as I know I am not allowed that. That quote of yours is awesome and true that everyone has their place. I love my place. Merry Merry to you!

  • Petey cream puff

    This has happened to me hadn’t it Ms Erika? You’ve turned me into your cream puff girl and now added chastity on me. Along with telling all the hot mistresses they all know I’m not the strong guy I once was now that you have dressed/turned and made me your cream puff girl by giving me makeover/feminine arched eyebrows/long black shoulder wig flowing into my eyes/keeping my skin girlish soft/smooth smelling. No women will ever go out with me now as the only way I can be with hot women like you and the mistresses Is to be the weak/helpless/submissive/feminine cream puff girl you’ve turned me into keeping me like this all the time. I’ve accepted who I am and become and that’s yours/ldw and in real life my masseuses cream puff girl.

    • Erika

      That is exactly right Petey! Merry Christmas and I look forward to 2018 where you can continue to explore your fem, submissive side with such beautiful and dominate women!
      💋💋💋<--- lipsticked kisses on your cheeks

  • GirlieFF

    Being cuckolded for real was amazing. I never knew such pain could turn into such intense pleasure. I am so grateful my ex cheated with her bull cop. While I was at work, he was “Serving and sprite ting my wife!” And I had the privilege of washing her soaked panties. (After a taste of course!). Thank you again, Miss Erika.


    • Erika

      Girlie, girl! you are so much fun to play with! Teasing and taunting you over that cop cock! Fantastic energy , really. You really know how to slide ’em down “now” don’t you.

  • violet

    Wow, very hot post Ms Erika ,all this cuck talk has me in the mood for sure, im always thinking of serving a hot lady and big bull preferably black, but as long as he is nice n thick body as well as cock mmmm sounds yummy !!! shame i havnt found a hot lady to explore with yet .

  • violet

    MMMMMM ty Ms Erika I will certainly do that soon thanks for being there for us !!!

  • GirlieFF

    Miss Erika,
    I’m glad you like teasing me. I love it! That cops “gun” was over 10 inches! That’s teice as big as my little “fire hose.” And let’s just say he had more rounds of ammo than I had water in my tank. He he.


  • Erika

    Girlie, your bitty garden hose is no match for a real mans fire hose!But it is all as it should, now , eh? Now you get to play as your “true self” and not try to pretend to be something you are, clearly NOT! Must feel like a weight is off your shoulders!

  • GirlieFF

    Miss Erika,
    Spoken so well. Yes. My true self. My true gay self. Every day gets easier and easier. #gayisbeautiful.


  • GirlieFF

    Still get hard over the thought of the well hung cop pumping my ex!😜

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