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I Want You To Consider Cuckolding

Consider Cuckolding


Will, was looking at his hands which were folded in his lap. He said, hesitantly, I want you to consider cuckolding to help our… situation. The words hung in the air, seemingly forever. I quickly reviewed what I knew. Our relationship was at a turning point.  Our  love life was the pits, I knew it. He knew it. He had been distant lately. I was considering my options.

He Confesses His  Cuckold Fantasies

I know, I haven’t been very interested/interesting when it comes to the bedroom, lately, he stammered. It’s not you, well it is… but.. What I mean. He continues to struggle to explain. I’ve been having these fantasies, and well, they seem to have taken over,  I hardly think of anything else.  There’s no easy way to say this, but ….  I keep thinking of you with other men. Maybe, both of us being involved with another man.

I..I’m not sure exactly what I might be into regarding such a relationship. It does excite me to think about it. Do I want to just hear about it from you? Maybe I can be there, to watch you two make love? Could it be  one day want to fluff and prepare your bull for you? I don’t know, and that is scary. But it excites me too. Will you? Will you explore with me?

My head spinning, what was  he saying? Me,with another, man? His permission? Involved, what did THAT mean? I have to admit it was a very hot fantasy for me. But fantasy is always better than reality as they say. Because, reality tends to get in the way, when it comes to living your fantasy, and can be emotionally charged scenarios.


How Do We Combine This, With That

Days turned into weeks as we considered cuckolding for our relationship. Discussing this point or that, over and over. How it would affect our relationship, where this third person would fit (or not) into other parts of our lives? We thought we discussed it all. We agreed to open and honest communication. At any point either of us could call it all off and we would reevaluate our feelings, goals and go from there.

One step at a time, first,  finding me a dates.  He encourages me to find just the right one.  Always, after my date I would come home and tell him all about it. Not totally sure this is really where I wanted to go, I went on dates more or less as an interview of what might come down the road. I will  admit it was exciting, going on dates again, sizing them up , seeing of they would be a “good fit” for the position, you might say!


Consider Cuckolding : The Bull

Will was very  interested in the process, excited to discuss every detail of my dates. Where did we go? What did I think? Did he touch me?  How he held a door, or did he touch my waist?. What was said. What did I think about him?

It didn’t take too long when one very interesting and exciting new candidate came along.  After a few informative dates, I asked him if he’d come back with me, and meet Will.  My date had experience with the cuckold scene, thought I was sexy and wanted to move forward.  Things are looking up for finding a  cuckold Bull.


6 comments to I Want You To Consider Cuckolding

  • princess

    I’ve long believed that inadequate males should be cuckolded….and that they should do so willingly! As a submissive i believe it is a woman’s right to have cocks that satisfy her! Wonderful post! As it should be Ms E!

  • Erika

    Thank you princess. Certainly there are those who need to offer alternative sources for their ladies, because of their less than ample appendages.

    There too are the ones, who find it, to be a turn on. Or a way to introduce their own bisexuality into their hetro relationship. Just like everything else, people make it “their own” and add their little spin to a common thread. 🙂

    Wishing you a very satisfying day!

  • It can be a shock when a cuckold first begins to explore the wonderful world of allowing a real man to do the job he’s not so great at. What tends to happen, however, is that the cuckold quickly gets caught up in the excitement of it all and is happy he discovered this new path.

  • bfla

    Ahh the dangerous slope of cuckolding. Few kinks are more exciting in theory than cuckolding, but the reality can be much trickier…I love the talk and the fantasy and have had some amazing sexual experiences at home and here talking about it. But I know enough for me to stop with talk. I love the way you wrote about the emotions of the beginning stages and looking forward to going deeper with you, so to speak…

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