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JOI with Orgasm Control and Edging

Hi there, stroke pet! I know some of you first called me wanting JOI (Jerk Off Instructions) or guided masturbation sessions. Just something hot with a hot Woman. You don’t consider that too kinky or Femdomish, I get that. I hear some of you saying “jerking-off, Erika, that’s not so kinky!” If you think JOI  isn’t kinky, you don’t know me very well. Not only is it kinky, it’s so beneficial to YOU as a MAN wanting to please their partner! Let me explain.

JOI (Jerk Off Instructions)

Jerk off instructions are not necessarily instructions on “jerking”. As all you penis people (and others!) know, when you stimulate yourself you are not always “jerking” right? Sometimes you are rubbing, pushing and putting that naughty dick in all kinds of places.  Same with some fun time with me. But this time, you don’t know what I’ll instruct you to do. You don’t know the cadence, or when I’ll tell you to stop, change up the grip, ruin an orgasm, or a have a full orgasm! Oh, don’t get all freaky on me. We’ll negotiate that as well. That cum. Who gets to say where and when. 💋 But fair warning, once the negotiations end and the play begins, there’s no turning back. Just a friendly reminder for you: “fun to be denied but totally bummed, when it happens”  guy! 😂🙃

JOI with Edging

JOI  with a partner makes your masturbation so much hotter and kinkier. When you masturbate alone you set the pace, and decide when you are going to orgasm. You can certainly control when  you orgasm during a typical “JOI” session. Or you can employ the Femdom option ,spicing things up,   I’ll challenge you to push your limits. Guided masturbation adding Dominance in session means you will give up control up to me.  I’ll instruct you on some controls to ensure there won’t be any UO, unauthorized orgasms and you follow my instructions. Simple, right? 🤭🤭😏

JOI with Orgasm Control and Edging


Jerk Off Instructions (JOI) while you wait.

Humping, rubbing stroking with an assortment of fabrics and toys, oh, the delicious ways we can play.  You, doing all assorted naughty things to that meat-stick. Edging, cooling down. Over and over, until you are lost from all thought but focused on each stroke, each breath.  You’re loving the feelings of being hitched on a cycle of emotions. Waves  which make your desperate body cry for  orgasm, and yet a part never wants this current ecstasy to end, rolling in that space where only you and my voice exists. Surrender control of your orgasms to me. You act and react instinctively  to my commands. Finally,you breathlessly whisper a final request: Mistress May I cum?

Pleasing Your Partner

When we play this way, increasing your control over your own orgasm. Play with edging, your stamina  improves.  You know we want  you to last as long as we need you to. You want to provide that hard lasting rod of steel for that special person. Don’t ya? Sure ya do.

I could go on and on about playing with pricks and orgasm control. Certainly among my favorite subjects to get up close and personal on, for sure. But it seems as if my dinner has arrived, so I’ll bid you a fond farewell. Until we chat.


9 comments to JOI with Orgasm Control and Edging

  • Petey cream puff

    I need this training from you!!! With you having me dressed as your cream puff girl this is next step in my feminization. Now that I have my hipster and string bikini panties. They are sooo soft and silky against my soft waxed girlish skin. I have my pink sissy collar that I’ll show you with me in wig/lipstick/slip/bra/panties one you see this I am your cream puff girl who wants you to control my orgasms. I do belong to you and it’s best thing to happen to me.

    • Erika

      OH petey! My kinky mind just exploded with ideas! Email me, I’ll share the X rated version for our next call.Oh and it does include that pink collar and training that cock just the way we want!

  • Ms Erika, I agree…JOI, edging and orgasm denial is hot and kinky for me and the guys who dare to wade in those dangerous waters. Keep up the great work.

    • Erika

      Hi Ms Cindy,

      Thanks for stopping by. I love how your lovely and deviously delicious mind works! Oh those naughty boys putting us together to play with them. Perhaps petey up there wants to train with the two of us! We’ll have to take it easy on him, as you know once those panties go on and lipsticked kisses he can barely contain himself *winks* *kissy kiss* Petey! *laughs*

      See you around the Empire!

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, Great post. For me though in the end it is all about denial. So Your idea of JOI is not about jerking. ha LOL.

    • Erika

      tt, how sweet is the denial when I have that tiny pp of yours edged and denied over and over! I’ll tell you how sweet: Maple sugar is only 1/10th as sweet! *winks*

  • Mandy

    I like it. I will like it better when you take control. I am yours

  • Ms. Erika, you are a boon to women everywhere with your philosophy and “work” on edging and orgasm control – and I particularly love that you point out to our dear strokers that learning better control in session transfers to a happier partner in the boudoir. I know you are a wonderful, challenging, and very innovative teacher. Thank you on behalf of all women! 🙂

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