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Loser Humiliation Lists

Let’s wrap up this month with loser humiliation lists.  Hi there, all. March has been largely filled with taking a look at erotic humiliation. Before I move on to other kinks, I think it’s only fitting to see if there’s a bigger loser out there than the one I’m rather keen on these days.  I think one of the biggest issues losers have is they just don’t realize they ARE a loser, and if they have an inclination loser may be their middle name, they certainly are not sure just how big of a loser they really are. You can have a lot more fun if you just admit and come to terms with what kind of loser you are.

Loser Humiliation I

Everyone is different, how they express their loser-dom. Some may feel they are loser-ish because their vehicle costs less than $50,000. Others, the threshold for being a loser is a bit more base; being a virgin in their thirty’s, eating frozen meals on weekends. For others, loser humiliation delves into  naughty humiliation assignments  to entertain Mistress. The important thing to remember is you are a loser. Period. Now on with a particularly delightful assignment.

Loser Humiliation II

Listing why you are a loser is a great way to put it out there, right in front of your eyes to see. Own it. Wear it. So, one of my loser pets did just that. Took the time and made a list of why he’s a loser. Reading them off one by one, I was kinda impressed at his level over loser-dom.  I’ll let him out himself in the comments, that’s how much of a tiny loser he is.  You crave it don’t you, pet?

Some of the items on his loser list were :

Loser Humiliation

Loser task: worship My Feet.

Diminutive man, not even 5’5″

Tiny penis to match
Premature ejaculation
No self confidence
Loser job

You might scratch your head and say PE and a virgin? Well, the fact you can’t last two minutes with your own hand kinda supposes you won’t last long with a real warm pussy!

So, what constitutes loser job you ask? Again, I’ll let him humble himself further and tell you below. This will count as your third loser task, as your list was number one, then getting those loser items at the store. Now it’s time to take your shopping items and put them to good use. I need a bit of entertainment, my loser pet. Let’s have some fun!

Does your wee willy rise when I laugh and tease you about being a loser. Or perhaps a stern Mistress, smirking her superior smile as she has you crawling around, licking feet, shoes or whatever pleases me to have you do. Think you are a bigger loser than my pet above? Let’s play and have some fun with it!

Mistress Erika

39 comments to Loser Humiliation Lists

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, i admit this loser is me tiny tim. i can never last two minutes in my hand. Two minutes would even be high for me. Which is why i don’t belong anywhere near a pussy. I don’t have the confidence to try anyway. i will reveal my job tomorrow to do my third loser task.

    glad that i am not afraid to admit i am a loser. There is a place and purpose for losers.

  • Erika

    MMmmm 🐱 … I ❤ You did this, and 👏 your steps to 👍 totalloser status 💋

    • tiny tim

      Mistress Erika, Here is what You have been waiting for. my third loser task. Here is what my loser job is. i work shining and cleaning workers shoes at an investment bank.i even clean the bottoms of their shoes. So a shoe shine boy working for minimum wage which is $8.25 an hour. So it is a loser job in two ways because it is a job that still makes you poor after deductions. Most of the workers call me shoe boy.

      • Erika

        Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Woop! Fantastic. I’ll just call you my foot boy, hum *winks*
        fourth loser task tonight! 🙂

        • tiny tim

          Goddess Erika, i am interested to see what other assignments You will give me. i enjoyed the first one in our call last night. Looking forward to this because i think You have a very wicked imagination.

          • Erika

            Oh tt, you are such a fun play toy! I had grand fun last night! Keep dreaming, tt and bring that BP next time 🙂

  • Sissy Jane

    Wow. Even I am not that big of a loser. Have lost my virginity. His worst quality is a loser job because that does mean he is poor. At least I have a good job.

  • Sissy Jane

    Thanks for brining me down a notch Ms. Erika as he did make me feel better about myself as I only have a few loser items. maybe I could use a taste.

  • This is brilliant — and you bring up such great points about erotic humiliation. When someone calls phone sex and say, humiliate me I can direct that person to your blog and point that — there is no one size fits all humiliation. I loved the example of the car versus frozen meals versus age of losing virginity. Yep — THIS is why you are so good at your wicked humiliation scenes — you ‘get it!”

  • Wes

    I’m afraid I can identify with this blog for I also love being humiliated for many reasons.. it seems the more I’m exposed to humiliating task and assignments the more I crave…

    • Erika

      wes! How did I miss this! Don’t be afraid! tee hee. I love your humiliation tasks on SM. What others have you done? You are right, Humiliation is addicting! *winks* well, when done right! HA!

  • Ty

    New to your Mistress Erika. Good post. I like how you got tiny tim to out himself on his own about his job. Just find it funny that he works for minimum wage. Great blog. Though I don’t consider myself a loser. It seems you are a great at humiliation.

    • Erika

      Hey there Ty, thanks for stopping by.

      I tend to be great at anything I put my mind to.

      Humiliation, cock control (both are umbrella terms for a plethora of delicious particulars. Feminization etc etc etc.

      you may not consider yourself a loser, re: this kind of humiliation. But what about other kinds of humiliation? Humm?

      I’d love to hear what you are “into”, email me!

  • Sissy Jane

    Ms. Erika, I got an idea that would help tiny tim out since he is a shoe shine boy. If there is a way that all the LDW Mistresses can send him their shoes to clean at 1 cent a shoe it would benefit everyone. LOL.

  • Petey cream puff

    Not sure I would fit in loser category or not? Having you take control of my cock placing in on chastity/lipstick kissing/dressing/turning and keeping me as your cream puff girl is hot!!! Not many guys would let a women do this to them but I did,😮😧😳😢. It’s only way I can be with hot sexy mistresses like you and the ldw hotties.

    Just seeing myself in mirror with bra/panties/makeup/lipstick/wig/slip/heels and dress I can’t believe how good I look as a girl. Now that my masseuse knows and has pictures of me on her phone she told me this is who I am and become which I agreed with her. She told me I have to tell her I like to wear women’s clothes as she suspects this as I told her I like the lotions/perfumes she wears along with her telling me she’s into fingernail polish from 8th grade through high school and myself wearing perfume/women’s lotion alkng with living block apart and same age. Also girl I’ve been friends with has taken control of my spending and said they will kick my butt if I over spend without telling them. Needless to say I’m in real female lead relationship with both and met my match with both of them.

    • Erika

      petey, loser is a mindset.
      You have it or you don’t. 🙂 It either flips your switch or it doesn’t. Just one way to humililate, right?

      What you describe is being submissive, losers can be submissive and usually are but just because you like to be a girl doesn’t necessarily equate to loser. Make sense?

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, this is what makes You a great Mistress. You realize everyone is different. You are the Best Mistress i have ever talked to.

    • Erika

      tt, one size does NOT fit all 🙂 as you well know *looking at the picture Ms Hunter sent me of the muselet* LOL 🙂

      • tiny tim

        Goddess Erika, Is that the picture of cork that Ms. Hunter thinks would work perfectly for my cock cage? I bet You think it is funny. LOL.I am glad she sent it to You.

        • Erika

          Yes, we laughed and laughed about it.

          Oh TIM!!!! how delicious would that be, two sexy ladies giggling, girl talking, while you
          give us pedicures?? *Sqeeeeeee* my nips just got hard!

          • tiny tim

            Goddess Erika, Does this mean You would like to do a Two Mistress call soon. It does sound fun. I am the kind of guy who would love giving pedicures. Especially to You Goddess.

          • Erika

            tt, *laughs* Or the other call we’ve been talking about *winks*
            *whispers* SIT, Stay… *giggles* good boy! it’s all F-U-N!!!!!!!!

          • tiny tim

            Goddess Erika, Would You like to do a short 2 Mistress call today or wait? I was going to call You for a short time today. I miss Goddess Erika.

          • Erika

            Mmmm tim tim timmy, my loser boy missing my deliciously dripping with humiliation words?
            I rather love how you submit in public and ask. I’m waiting, loser. Here until 3, there are also a lot of sexy Mistresses on now! WOW, take your pick or just cuddle up next to my feet, pet. Either way works for me

  • Wes

    So many things from sex toy shopping to pantyhose, from my first call many years ago where she had me yapping like a little dog while masturbating.. To today admitting that I’m shaved smooth a prefer panties over boxers..

    • Erika

      Wes, you sound like a barrel of fun *winks* and for anyone who’s lurking, I can attest to this as I’ve seen the panties and , um…….a bit more, or should I say……. lessssssssssssssssssssss LOL *winkies*

  • I’ve felt like a loser my whole life. I have only had sex with 3 Women. None of them came from me fucking. Although I was considered good looking, I didn’t know how to talk to Girls. a few of them used to try to put makeup on me and saw me friend material only. I met my now ex and ended up a sissy maid cuckold. I stayed home and took care of the house while She went out on dates. my only sex with Her was getting fucked by Her strapon. She would fuck me and then make me lay on the floor while She stood over me and squirted on my face while telling me about Her Bulls’ cocks. She ended up leaving me and now i’m Stuck being a sissy faggot with a little clitty that keeps getting smaller. I have no chance of ever being with a Woman again unless She wants a sissymaid cuckold. How’s that for a loser?

    • Erika

      LOL Tammy! I never saw this! OMG what a fantastic share! I’d say you are right up there in loserville. but a sissy maid is a valuable asset! So you are not at the bottom of the barrel, yet. ❤🤭😘

  • DJ

    Ms. Erika, I am interested in calling you but I don’t have a small cock. I am bigger then average.

    • Erika

      DJ! LOL big cock’d guys call too. I welcome all shapes (ha ha ha) and sizes into my Queendom.

      • tiny tim

        Goddess Erika, I didn’t think men with big cocks call ldw. I bet these are the kinds of guys who get orgasms and i end up cleaning up after. LOL.

        • Erika

          lol tt , that’s what makes your humiliation all the more … humiliating! Men with Big Cocks DO call ME , then I get on the phone with you and your tiny peen of 3″ more like a bic lighter , than a penis. ha ha!

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