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Masturbation Humiliation Part 1

Masturbation Humiliation

Masturbation Humiliation

So, how do you like your masturbation humiliation? Everyone is different let’s chat about you! Maybe  you just want me to insult you, your little pindick as you shamelessly stroke it!  That’s fun, give me your trigger words and I’ll be happy to tell you abut your inadequacies!

But, if you are up for more, if you are up for some tease and edging I can make your humiliating experience memorable! You can easily order up your humiliation best by hotness level! My natural inclination is somewhere between medium and caliente , depending on my mood.  So,  in order for your call to be the most fun, don’t hesitate to order it up using: Mild, Medium and caliente! Not sure what you might like? No problem. Let me give you an example recipe. If it fits your taste that’s great! This week, we’ll look at Mild. Next week Medium and then if you dare, caliente will be the third installment on “how to order your masturbation humiliation with Mistress Erika.”

Mild Masturbation Humiliation

Prohibit orgasm for two days longer than you’ve ever gone before without orgasm. Leading you down a fantasy trail, first I dress up in my sexiest outfit, let you watch and even help with my corset and zippers.  Then we’ll dress up your dick with a nice cock ring, with a remote control vibrator. Take you out on the town for a bit, not in a crazy club with too much noise and people. Someplace intimate where everyone can see everyone else. Enjoy a little slow dancing, then a little bump and grind on the dance floor. Whisper in your ear that I can see your hard-on and so can everyone else! Just as I think your arousal is waning, I grab for my remote and remind you who’s in control of that cock?  I see you struggling not to let your passion show, how you try to walk with your hand in your pocket holding onto that desperate rod! All I can do is laugh and giggle!

Ramping Up The Humiliation

Let’s just hope with all the teasing and edging your don’t wet your pants with all that precum pouring from you! Ha ha! I just might ask for another dance and parade you and your wet pants around the dance floor!  Our night isn’t quite over yet. I take you to a strip club, let you watch the ladies for a while,  and take you back to the champagne room. Make you get naked for me, then entertain me with how fast you can jack off before I open the door and let everyone see! Will you make it? Or will you be in the throws of orgasm and shooting as I open the door wide? Ha ha ha, stroke fast! Faster, better hurry! 3…….2………. Uh oh………. the door!

So, are you up for some fun? Perhaps the above is nothing to you and you are looking for more? I have fun with your weaknesses, so just be careful what you wish for!

Tune in next week and see if medium humiliation is more to your liking!

Adult Fantasy Fun with Mistress Erika

14 comments to Masturbation Humiliation Part 1

  • Petey cream puff

    With this would you dress me as a girl to get me off in front of your girlfriends and ldw mistresses? If I get off would I then have to stay dressed a a girl all the time and be your cream puff?

    • Erika

      Petey, why of course! I love to push your buttons. The above was an example, for folks to get a taste of the evil (wink) workings of my mind! When I wrote the article it was with the non-crossdressing masturbatin humiliation guy in mind. I’ll just have to run over to Ms. Mandy’s blog, now won’t I. 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    Also Ms Mandy has log on me about coming out of closet. Please feel free to comment.

  • W

    I absolutely crave being exposed and embarrassed. Especially once the edging and teasing has made me weak and dum dum:) thank you for sharing this Ms. Erika.. I look forward to reading the rev up of the humiliation:)

  • Masturbation is the most popular past time “hobby” in the world and men just can’t get enough. Masturbation carries no risk of catching anything and it’s cheap. And this is why a “chronic masturbator” needs to be brought down low to the ground through humiliation.

  • tiny tim

    Hi Mistress Erika, Is mild , medium and caliente just for masturbation humiliation or all humiliation? I myself like medium more towards caliente.

    • Erika

      Hey there TT, this blog I talk about Masturbation Humiliation, but a few tweaks here and there, who knows what we can cook up!
      Well you’ll just to have to stay tuned for the final installment to see if our tastes are similar, eh?

  • Petey cream puff

    Now with shopping trip along with her telling me to wear my bra/panty/leggings/scarf/women’s turtle neck sweater. I just bought panty liners to put in my panties in case I leak😳😧. She plans on having me buy women’s slacks/halter tops/turtle neck sweaters/perfumes/lipsticks and get makeover done on me. She invited me over to her house this past Friday dressed as she had me try on lipsticks/sprayed me in Ralph Lauren midnight/romance perfumes and put same lotions on me. I told her being dressed up with purses/lipsticks/perfumes/lotions I look and smell like agora and she said this is what I wanted. I agreed with her and did what she said and asked. With this happening I’m in to deep with this being long term/life time relationship. I’m really her cream puff purse perfume lipstick sissy boy with no intention of ever getting out as she has dug her nails into me with no intention of letting me go as I’m committed to her with weekly 3x week massages/monthly waxings.

  • jemmie

    I’m not as excited about small penis humiliation, but the wet pants idea is really devious and a great idea! LOL

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