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Naughty Questions – How Often do Men Masturbate

And other naughty questions! Hi there, and thanks for stopping by. How often do men masturbate? Do men always masturbate to orgasm? Do you consider yourself kinky? What is kinky to you? I just love asking you naughty things! It is one of reasons why I have the best time on calls! Because I get to know  you! Some of you are my treasured pets that I play with all the time! Others are occasional callers who may have just found out I have a blog! *waves* Hi! Told ya! Ha ha!

I also know more of you read this blog (thank you google analytics),  than call me or comment below.  I appreciate it and encourage it! Hang out, comment, dream over my pictures. It’s all good for me! As far as I’m concerned, you can peek at me any ‘ol time here! Take a look around, no one is going to kick you out!  I’ve updated my schedule page and think it’s all fixed now. Go take a look!  Seems Mistress had to give the ol’ “Goog” a spanking. It’s behaving now. If you have trouble  reading it, I wanna know!


Naughty Questions

On my blogs you get a taste of me, what I’ve been thinking, I love sharing (what I can) the fun and kink I’ve been having! However , today I want to know more about you!  I’ve been asked if I have a pre call questionnaire.  Previously, I pointed people to the company’s pre call questionnaire over at the Daily Cock.  So because of your suggestions, I decided it would be fun to have my own quesionaire! Below are some sample questions on my questionnaire.

1- How often do you masturbate?
Are you open to explore masturbation management?

2- Where do you usually masturbate?
Are you open for exploration?

3- Do you use sex toys?
Yes? What do you have:
No? Why not?

4- What are your fetishes or interests ?

5- Which of these fetishes does NOT interest you?
Anal play
Hardcore Domination
Orgasm Denial

6- Do you like assignments related to your kink?

7- Sensual Domination , Strict Domination or “No, thank you” to Domination

8- How often do you watch porn when you masturbate?

9- Are you vocal sexually with a partner?
             How so?

10- What’s the kinkiest naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
            Yes, calling me and stroking off counts!

I’d love to see your answers to these naughty questions!
Please keep them R rated below, or they might get edited!
Email me for R+ and if you are going for XXX answers the number is 1-800-601-6975 ! 🤣😂

That’s all for now- stay tuned for the unveil of my new Naughty Questions page to see all the questions! Don’t forget I’d love to grill you one on one! I know you have a naughty secret and I want to know what it is!

Until we chat,

Naughty Questions

Mistress Erika

16 comments to Naughty Questions – How Often do Men Masturbate

  • tftt

    1. Don’t masturbate anymore because Goddess Erika says i can’t. Yes i am if it means chastity.

    2. I used to masturbate in my bathroom.

    3. butt plugs if that count.

    4. Foot fetishes and degradation.

    5. All of them interest me.

    6. Yes

    7. Both kinds of domination but like strict domination better.

    8. Watch porn but only to learn my moan as Goddess Erika doesn’t want me to masturbate. About once every two weeks.

    9. Don’t know as i have never done it before. LOL.

    10. Calling Goddess Erika while sitting in the nude.

    I hope i kept this R rated for You Goddess Erika.

    • Erika

      TFTT you did a magnificent job! Making me laugh again, learning those moans! ha ha ha!😮😮😮😮 IN THE NUDE ha ha ha ha, dirty dirty man.

  • Petey Cream Puff

    1) yes I did until Ms Erika took control over me.
    2)bedroom/sometimes in shower
    3) yes,lube,hitachi Magic wand and flesh jack
    4)dressing up in women’s clothes/bra/breast forms/lipstick/wig/heels/perfume and lotion, women wanting to do this along with lipstick kisses on my cheeks keeping me dressed up.
    8)sometimes if it’s feminization where women dress guys up or audios of same thing.
    10)calling you as you & the mistresses/dress/lipstick my cheeks get me off and keep me as your cream puff girl.

  • princess

    Okay , here we go:

    1. Before chastity i’d Jerk nearly every day

    2. Wherever I could get privacy (bedroom bathroom or den usually)

    3. I used toys sometimes… anal vibe or dildo for sucking

    4. I’m a denied a sissy cuckold in chastity who enjoys CBT and humiliation

    5.I love them all!

    6. Hell yes for assignments !

    7. Of course sensual domination is lovely…. but lately I feel a desire for VEEY STRICT domination

    8. I love watching porn, and used to whole jerking ( in 24/7 chastity now)

    9. I’m not too vocal… I’m very submissive sexually

    10. Kinkiest might be being spit roasted, disciplined , enduring CBT. And posing in humiliating ways for 2 Mistresses…. 😉

    • Erika

      Princess, now I knew what a kinky sissy cuckold you were but now everyone else at my blog does! ha ha ha ha!

      Oh boy, I love it. Quite interesting you posted here, vs other venues. Wowza! How your sissy cuckold mind work!

  • JumpingJack

    1- How often do you masturbate?
    At least once a day unless I’m saving a load.

    2- Where do you usually masturbate?
    Usually at home in whatever room the need strikes me in.

    3- Do you use sex toys?
    Yes! I have a tenga flip hole and a cobra libre.

    4- What are your fetishes or interests ?
    Ruined orgasms.
    Small Penis Humiliation
    Premature ejaculation humiliation. Haven’t seen this one talked about that much!

    5- Which of these fetishes does NOT interest you?
    Anal play
    Hardcore Domination
    Orgasm Denial

    6- Do you like assignments related to your kink?

    7- Sensual Domination , Strict Domination or “No thank you” to Domination
    Sensual domination all the way.

    8- How often do you watch porn when you masturbate?
    50% of the time.

    9- Are you vocal sexually with a partner?
    Yes, gotta make sure they know I’m having a good time.

    10- What’s the kinkiest naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
    Being tied up for a 12 hour tease and denial session.

  • Erika

    Jumping Jack, my my my my. Look at you over here posting on my blog! You are a naughty one. *winks* Nice answers all around!! Love the 12 hours, can you say mind mush?!

    Woo hoo,you are sumtin, and a lot of fun!

  • smally

    1- ten times a day.

    2- In the living room.

    3- No. I don’t need them to make big loads.

    4- ball busting and domination.

    5- Bi Sexuality

    6- Yes

    7- Sensual domination

    8- No

    9- Yes I am

    10- Helping to cuckold my friend.

    • Erika

      smally! Wowza, 10 times a day? Either you’re a 2 min man or you don’t have a full time job! (😮🤣😂🤣 emotional ball busting) Great to see you comment on my blog.

  • Mike little

    1. In the past it was alot but now my dinky can only ooze out loads if a dominant woman commands me to. I dont have priviledges due to my failure to make women cum. (0 for 400+ tries)

    2. When i was freely touching my picklette id just do it anywhere in the house into panties or t tiny saucers in c c ase i had to clean up

    3. Anything can be a toy ive never gotten real cages , dildos, etc. But im heading that way it seems.

    4. All of these make my clitty bounce and wiggle, even the Prematur one bc i often had it h h happen in real life… just couldnt handle trying to go inbetween a hot full ass. Ping ping and then it would sp sp spill out.

    5. Im k kind of open whether i like it or n n not. ive never taken a dildo up ass or sucked cock but those r now life goals : / with redefined purpose to serve and amuse hot women.

    6 . Yes if it pleases mistress also and she is entertained otherwise there is no point.

    7. A blend is great never know what to expect but clittt seems to get h h harder for more domination.

    8. When i was a humiliatrix member and tugging in early 20s i did 100%. .

    9. No back when i wad prerending to be a real man and dating girls id be quiet bc i was too nervous and focused on trying not to blow my little load before entry.

    10. Got dumped by a girl and she left alot of stuff behind. Put on her panties and creepd her fb pics to find one of her and her new man then did mantras all night worshipping her ass and tugging my tiny dick while i imagined her getting fucked by bigger cock. I bashed my ballettes 1 time for each day we were together with her high heels (600+) then leaned back and came on my own face . I was sprawled out on floor covered in my own come on a friday night while she wss getting real dick

    • Erika

      WOw! Litttle, Little man.
      I learned a lot about you today, I don’t think I knew before! Isn’t this fun!? Love the use of picklette , I’m stealing it and using in my next SPH session! Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa? Didn’t you read the fine print? Views expressed on this blog may be borrowed for naughty erotic fun later! 😉

      See you around the Empire, Mike!

  • Sissy Missy

    Hey Miss Erika: I read this while at the airport and couldn’t resist my two cents.

    1 — two or more times daily (or I get cranky)

    2 — office after-hours, cars, cabs, office bathrooms, and of course, throughout my condo (except the kitchen LOL)

    3 — absolutely, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, all so delicious

    4 — Femphone, panties, undergarments, swimwear, imitating real-life secretaries and wearing super sexy clothing, premature ejaculation, small penis humiliation (of course, everyone here knows my she-rection LOL)

    5 — total pleasure whore here, so definitely NOT organism denial or hardcore domination LOL

    6 — usually call for very spontaneous situations

    7 — no, thank you

    8 — sometimes, but real life happenings more interesting

    9 — totally squeal or moan like a bitch, yes

    10 — calling you in limo, calling you at office, calling you in store dressing room, calling others at Femphone from elevators, cars, conference rooms, supply closets, hotels, offices, and swimming pools at midnight (did I miss a place??? LOL), seducing and having affair with closeted boss at prior job elsewhere

    And, I think I kept this one pretty tame. Cheers! Sissy Missy

    • Erika

      Missy! OMG, you sent this to my blog as well! Fantastic! Now you are approved your comments will go right through and don’t have to be approved.

      You did a great job of being respectful! But look at your list, so F-in H-O-T! You your mind and your dressing is great fun for us all!

      Chat soon, sexy gal~

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    1. Pretty much everyday, sometimes twice a day.
    2. In my home office or sometimes my bedroom. I have done it in my car, and a few times naked on the hood of my car while talking with mistress.
    3. Yes, a dildo and several household items that I use 🙂
    4. I love guided masturbation while I am being watched by mistress. Once mistress has my cock hard I like to do a lot of different things.
    5. Orgasm denial does not interest me. I also don’t like hardcore domination.
    6. I never liked homework as a kid, so not really into assignments.
    7. I love sensual domination, especially if I am tied up.
    8. There are only two ways I masturbate….when I watch porn (typically JOI clips) or when I am doing a session with one of the lovely mistresses of LDW.
    9. I am somewhat vocal with my partner, I could probably do a better job though.
    10. In real life I have had some great Kinky sensual domination sessions, both with my SO as well as with women that lets just say focus on sensual domination of a tied upo man. In fantasy land (ie sessions with Mistress) I have done far to many things on cam for the mistresses of LDW to list here. I will say that I have found over time my bodaries have been pushed beyond what I woud have ever imagined.

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