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Why Orgasm Control Mistress

I was recently asked: Why orgasm control Mistress? It is true, orgasm control is only one of the topics of conversation on any given day. There are calls where I create a fantasy for someone to enjoy as they wish.  Many task and goal orientated callers love getting instructions and comments on what I see on skype during our call. Petticoats and stockings are a daily fare. Yes, I talk about all kinds of fun things! But I only talk about orgasm control with those who say they want to submit to me, have me take control of them (for whatever reason) and coerce them into doing many naughty things!

Submissive [suh b-mis-iv]


Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control Mistress


1. inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another;unresistingly or humbly obedient:
submissive servants.

2. marked by or indicating submission or an instance of yielding to the authority of another:
a submissive reply.

I am sure some of you reading this right now are shaking their heads. DUH who doesn’t know that? You’re preaching to the choir! But for others they really need to understand what they are saying when they say to a Mistress  they want to submit.

Why Orgasm Control

My first reply to the question Why Orgasm Control, Is why not? First, it’s really hot for me, do you need any other reasons? Of course you don’t. See the definition of”submissive, above.  But in addition it really exercises the Dom/sub dynamic you came to me for!  Think about it. What is quintessentially the primary male directive, to reproduce, right?  So strong is the male sex drive, many practice it seemingly NON-Stop! Therefore what is the most powerful motivator for the male? See where I’m going?

Giving Up Control

Therefore, when you come to me and tell me you want me to compel you to be submissive what better way for you to feel submissive. What better way to feel my control than to edge repeatedly and not have release, because I said so.  To feel your control slipping away bit by bit. Being replaced in your head with my words, my whispers. Yes, that’s what you crave. Now trust me and let go.

17 comments to Why Orgasm Control Mistress

  • bfla

    How about if it’s something that’s hot for both of us — a way of giving something of oneself to a hot woman, pleasing her, enhancing both the stroking experience and ultimately when it comes (so to speak), the orgasm. Is that submissive? I don’t know any more. But that’s why I enjoy it.

  • Sissy Belinda

    Ms Erika has controlled my Orgasm for the last 2 months now and it has made me a better little sissy. Thank you Ms Erika.


  • Petey cream puff

    I’m starting to think that along feminization training that chastity is going to be next as you will control my orgasms this way. With collar that Ms Olivia & Ms Delia put around my neck with tag of cream puff as well with Ms Cindy wanting to feminize me. This is only way I can be around hot women. Being kept/dressed and turned into a girl is only way I can get hard and off. Ms Olivia/Ms Delia said as long and I get hard I’ll stay this way all the time. Ms Cindy has said that my hard ons need to be controlled as well. Everytime she takes me to Victoria’s Secret I always get hard and soak my panties when she has me try on bra/panty then puts lipstick on my lips along with spraying me in perfumes/applying lotion/makeup on me.

  • bill_william

    giving up control to Ms Erika…

    I can’t wait for that first time…

  • Dorothy

    Miss Erika , I’m finding myself wanting to roll pay with you . Your turning me on . I love getting romantic w/ you💋👠Dorothy

    • Erika

      Dorothy, Why it seems you found your way to my blog! That’s Awesome.
      It seems , my dear you are WAY more of a romantic than I am! 😉
      But that is what makes you, YOU!

      • Dorothy

        I’m not just Dorothy ,but your Dorothy. Yes ,I’m very Romantic and love it . I think you appreciate my soft feminine side . . I love sharing that w/ you . 💋Love your signature . Your a very beautiful women . Hope in future you show pics of your legs in shiney nylons and a pretty slip. Drives me wild. Sorry for my confession.💋❤️💕

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have sissified my self without the aid of a mistress but dates have cuckolded me all my life cause i am under 2 in soft so with that said i no longer pull to masterbate. Had i known i was a sissy when i was growing up and chronic masterbating 2 or 3 times every night yes a cage would be helpful but who really knew back then i wasn’t a puller i was a pillow rider so it never grew from the exercise so i stayed small from grammer school

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Thank youMs Erika the truth has set me free how i love to wear a mini skirt tucked of course

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