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The Long Ride

Hi  there, crew, welcome to first Saturday!  The first Saturday of the month I post a bit of erotica, just to have a little fun! Sometimes it’s something I’ve written. Other times what others write and offer to me as a gift. This story is inspired by one, but written by me.

The Long . . . → Read More: The Long Ride

Feminization Lesson FM Choices

Hey, girls and guys who want to be girls ,or  guys who want be with girls, regardless of your predilections, today’s feminization lesson is about the FM phenomenon. Inspired by a recent call from a sissy asking to be feminized, to teach her the ways of “girls” and how to attract boys. Her first lesson . . . → Read More: Feminization Lesson FM Choices

Sissy Cuckold Exposed

Had so much fun talking about sissies in my past few blogs. Today we are continuing talking about a particular sissy cuckold. Please know, anytime I use someones name, or “expose” them on a blog, I have full consent. Discretion is as important to me as it is to you, so only kinky exposure . . . → Read More: Sissy Cuckold Exposed

LDW Anniversary

LDW Anniversary Celebration Continues!

Wednesday, November 15th will be a special celebration for our most loyal clients! If you’ve purchased at least 15 calls in the past 5 years with us, or purchased 150 minutes or more on the phone or text, you’ll get a gift of 15 free minutes to talk to your favorite . . . → Read More: LDW Anniversary

What is your Sissy Identity

What is your sissy identity? You might be saying to yourself, Erika I’m not a sissy! Okay well then you come over here sit on this stool at my feet and list as I talk about some fun ways people express their sissy self! You don’t have to WANT to be a sissy, to . . . → Read More: What is your Sissy Identity

Feminized and Chastity Journey With Cream Puff Girl

This post is a fun update about a feminization and chastity journey of an Enchantrix’s fan, Petey Cream Puff.  Petey , as I soon learned after joining LDW last december is a big fan of the Enchantrix Mistresses. I imagine he’s talked with a great deal of the Mistresses and I know those who . . . → Read More: Feminized and Chastity Journey With Cream Puff Girl

Phone Sex Anniversary and Virtual World

Guess who’s having a phone sex anniversary? Yep!  November is LDW/Enchantrix’s 15th Anniversary, and we’d love for you to come celebrate with us!  We have some  really fantastic FREE ways you can connect to your favorite Mistress, or call a Mistress you’ve wanted to call for a long time!

I’m  offering my own fun . . . → Read More: Phone Sex Anniversary and Virtual World

Sissy Slave: A Fantasy or Reality

Welcome friends and new readers! Had an interesting conversation with a sissy slave recently. The subject of servitude, how they want to be my sissy maid, and their ultimate fantasy is to wait on me hand and foot, service all of my desires and be the best sissy slave she could be! I told . . . → Read More: Sissy Slave: A Fantasy or Reality

LDW Anniversary Celebration

Raise your hand if you would love a chance to have five free minutes with me! Or how about five minutes with a plethora of hot sexy Femdom Mistresses ready to rock your socks? For some of you, five minutes is all “you need”. LMSAO! But for many of  you, it’s a fun and . . . → Read More: LDW Anniversary Celebration

CFNM Humiliation – October Blog Train

Ha ha, weary traveler. You seem to have survived Ms. Kay Marie’s Tricked and Punished By Mistress room!  You arrive at the CFNM Humiliation room, you see large ornate doors and a sign on the door: “Enter if you dare! You’ll be naked and exposed!” You can, certainly, move along to the next room . . . → Read More: CFNM Humiliation – October Blog Train