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Submissive Valentine For Mistress

Who wants to be my submissive valentine? I have some very dedicated, delightful submissive fans. Now is your chance to win a little “sumptin, sumptin” from me. *wink* Not a client yet? That’s alright. You have three weeks to run with the big dogs! How many times can you call? Want to go for . . . → Read More: Submissive Valentine For Mistress

Kinky Vacation Fantasies

Hi there. I was away last week having some very kinky vacation fantasies! Did you miss me? I know some of you did! Poor pets, I know how horrible it is to get used to seeing me around then with short notice I was off, unplugged and de-stressing. Oh my,  I know it must sound . . . → Read More: Kinky Vacation Fantasies

MILF Phone Sex

Last post I talked about officially joining the ranks of MILF Domme *smirk*.  This post we’ll explore a bit more about MILF phone sex. Not an accident, certainly. Since we are at Intelligent Phone Fantasy.

MILF Guided

There’s something sexy about a mature woman , a Dominate Mature Woman guiding your masturbation. So I . . . → Read More: MILF Phone Sex

MILF Mistress Erika

That’s right, Me, moi, I Erika, your MILF Mistress! It was brought to my attention that I was a MILF Mistress. *insert shocked look here* I was having a discussion recently, and they referred to me as a MILF Mistress.  It made me stop and think. M.I.L.F Muther I’d Like to Fuck?  I don’t . . . → Read More: MILF Mistress Erika

Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

Hello, my sexy perverted friends! (listen to the audio re: using the term perverted)  Are you ready for a sexy New Year with yours truly? I’m ready for an action packed year filled with orgasms (or not! LOL ), moans and lots and lots of begging! I’m really not into New Year resolutions, I . . . → Read More: Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

Christmas Bondage: Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire

Hello, blog train riders. Hop aboard the Christmas bondage post, aka  “Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire.” Setting the scene, a delicious submissive, Chet, has found himself in a precarious position. His wrists tied behind his back, sitting up on his knees, facing the fireplace. My cock and balls tied, sweetly. Presenting his package . . . → Read More: Christmas Bondage: Chet’s-nuts Roasting by an Open Fire

How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

So many ways to have fun when a hot wife cuckolds her husband!  Since I’ve been  having some really hot cuckolding calls lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the scene. Let me share some thoughts, I’d love to hear yours!

A Hot Wife Cuckolds Husband

Humiliating for most men to admit when their . . . → Read More: How a Hot Wife Cuckolds Her Husband

Christmas Fun with CBT- aka Shiny Balls

Shiny balls , shiny balls, it’s cbt time in the city! Hello there, holiday pets. Did you happen by on the blog train? Read Ms. Christine’s naughty holiday cum eating blog! I’m now continuing on this blog train, I’m loving the idea of binding and tying up those naughty balls. You know they are . . . → Read More: Christmas Fun with CBT- aka Shiny Balls

Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

My One Year Anniversary!

12/20/2016 I took my very first call with LDW!

Tomorrow, in addition to my stroker rewards program, in addition to my 15 free with 15 celebration (below) I’m adding a  THIRD way to win with me!

Call me 10 min. or more tomorrow on my Anniversary and receive a naughty . . . → Read More: Celebrating My First Kinky Year with LDW

A Merry Cuckold Slut

Hi there, dear readers! What a delightful sentiment, don’t you think. Having a Merry Cuckold Slut? Why, we can decorate a sissy cuckold slut with a little red cap! Oh, and a red corset, panties and candy cane stockings! That would be a lovely gift for me! How else can our cuckold slut help . . . → Read More: A Merry Cuckold Slut