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Pantie Boy , are you a Sissy?

Great question, don’t you think? If you are a pantie boy, are you a sissy? If you are a sissy, does that make you a pantie boy? With all of my recent sissy talk, I thought I’d discuss how pantie boys fit or don’t fit in the sissy equation. Just like any other kinky play, there is a loose definition of what it is to be either. I’d like to clarify for our purposes, first. I say a pantie boy isn’t a sissy, but a sissy can definitely be a pantie boy! Confused? Confound further, read on.

Pantie Boy

There’s something magical or mystical about panties for you. The power and allure of the mystical feminine creature embodied in the satin and lace

Panty boy

Is This Your Pantie Collection

has been a siren’s song for you since you can remember.  I know,  you are an “Alpha Male” right?  Strong, in charge, corporate executive running a multi-million dollar company, or a doctor, a lawyer. Perhaps you are a roofer or welder or truck driver. Regardless of how you appear “to the world” and express your testosterone driven life through your career, you have a naughty secret. You find yourself weak and powerless with the thought of a Dominant Woman enjoying your kink, or even coercing you into those panties.  You have a collection of panties  hidden away, or filling a dresser drawer with pretty feminine panties. One of your favorite ways to relieve stress  is to slip away, with some hot alone  time and parading your sexy ass around in your erotic pantie fantasy! The panties helping your feel submissive , owned, controlled.  The idea a beautiful , erotic woman making you her sexual play toy and using those panties as her weapon 😉 uh, TOOL  of choice, is explosive for you.  Yes, you are all male, always identify as a male, but those panties are a tool that aids your feelings of submission and surrender.

Sissies  and Panties

Now you, sissy, may identify with all of the above, as well! Alpha male with a naughty secret. But you, sissy, feel feminine and girly when you don those soft pretty panties.  Rolling your hips just a bit more, feeling aroused and excited about slipping into your girldom. Sometimes, sissy, you take it further; slips, bras camisoles, stockings and dress! Your fantasies revolve around your seduction and submission to your inner girl. Mistress is party to your inevitable feminization as  having a Dominant woman help shaping and molding your feminine alter ego.   Pretty powders and paints decorate your face either “for real” or in fantasy. Learning to be in the world as a girl, or as much of a girl as you possibly can is what you crave. Sometimes sissies want to explore SEX as if they were a woman! *wiggle eyebrows*

Pantie Boy and Sissie

So you see , dear kinky friend, although women’s panties hold a lot of power and allure for you both, the expression how those panties make you FEEL are quite different. One is not better than the other,one isn’t  more preferable or “kinkier” than the other. They just are. Like many things  in our lives, neither good or bad but just is a way of being.  Enjoy your naughty secret, fuk, enjoy your naughty secret with ME! I so enjoy finding out things like this about you. Until we chat…check out some of my other pantie posts !

Mistress Erika

Pantie boy

Show Me Your Panties


16 comments to Pantie Boy , are you a Sissy?

  • Petey cream puff

    I am a cream puff sissy panty boy mistress. I want to get rid of all my male underwear and only wear panties. With Katie and Laura silk and satin panties they are sooo soft with the hipster and string bikini and the colors. The pink/soft pink and purple. In which I ordered 12 in hipster/string bikini styles. Ms Katie said she wants me to get the floral panties next. She said most if not all women once they know guts like to wear panties they can wrap them around their fingers and have them do whatever they want. That’s what I want to happen to me with my new gf. I told her I will buy more monthly and get rid of all my male underwear along with telling her I like to dress in women’s clothes/bras/slips/makeup/lipstick/slips. I sooo want to tell my new gf about this but not sure she would be into this. Though she has told me if I spend foolishly she will kick my butt but said she wants to make me more well rounded and know more about me. I feel she already knows and suspects this but she doesn’t seem to notice or care. She got really upset with me when we went to dinner last summer talking about her BFF and not her. She’s helps her family every weekend and has said she’s spread herself to thin. I did tell her around holiday season and on my birthday that our friendship is turning into bf/gf relationship and she agreed but I was hoping for my first ever kiss in if it does happen it will be game/set/match.

  • Erika

    Petey! Wow, your 2018 is really headed in the right direction! I love that you are buying more panties and wearing them everyday!
    Every pantie boy and sissy should! I mean , who is going to know other than those intimately involved, right?

  • Petey cream puff

    Your right Ms Erika. No one has to know except those I tell. I want to be my new gf’s panty sissy boy. I’ve been wearing leggings/panties /bra but she doesn’t notice/care 😞😢. She did say she wants to make me more well rounded and know more about me. The writing is on the wall. We start running for next 5 months and this is time to tell her. Do you think I need to spray more perfume/lotion when I go to sleep so she notices this or when I wake up?

    • Erika

      Petey the perfume idea is fantastic! 🙂 Your new GF is being polite, ask her directly “what do you think”

      • Petey cream puff

        I do that with perfumes. I told her about the Ralph Lauren midnight romance and gave her sample. She mentioned brands that she uses and asked if I tried them and said no. She likes the $8-10 perfumes and I told her to enjoy the samples and she told me to enjoy the midnight romance. Also she talked to me about fingernail polish that she always wore from 8th grade through high school and when she bought dresses from dress barn when her & I went to friends wedding reception. We play tennis on competitive team as well Durkheim game week and said it will always be there for us and she wants to know more about me and be there for her when things get tough. Also I said to her that our friendship is turning into bf/gf relationship and she agreed but she said she’s spread herself to thin helping out her parents every weekend as well as work. She’s watching what I spend and looking out for me. I don’t dare try to go after other women as she got mad when I talked about her BFF and not her when we went for dinner last summer. All that being said telling her I like to wear women’s clothes/bra/panties this will hopefully have her take control over me by using this to her advantage. Let’s face it she know almost everything about me and I met my match. I do want to be her cream puff but I don’t think she’s interested.

        • Erika

          What a share! Petey great to see you around. I’ve found with perfume price has little to do with attraction or the scent. I have inexpensive body sprays that I’ve gotten more compliments on than 80.00 an oz perfume! It’s all good.

          I say keep being her friend, keep encouraging the behavior you want (taking control)and learn to take a back seat. You never know what is down the road! *winks*

          • Petey cream puff

            I’m doing what you told me to with her. I’m letting her take lead and back seat to her. My Katie & Laura panties will be in today and my pink collar where it says sissy came in on Saturday. I’m going to wear my wig/lipstick/bra/panties/slip with collar and send you picture of me with all of this on me.

        • Erika

          Petey, can’t wait to see!

  • sissybelinda

    Oh Ms Erika,

    i just adore my pwetty panties, twirlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    sissy belinda

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, I have different panties by color for each day of the week. Though i don’t run a multi million dollar company. LOL.

    • Erika

      LOL riiiiiiiight tt, riiiiiiiigt.

      I’ll have to do a blog on pantie boy losers!

      Take a note, remind me next month. Thanks doll.💋 😉🤣

      Oh look another delightful thing you can do for me. keep my reminders! eh tt?

  • I’ve wanted to wear panties since puberty. I loved seeing what panties the Girls i dated wore. i was always jealous of them. Naturally in the time i grew up in (late 1960s-late1970s) , I couldn’t mention my panty attraction to anyone. Now, I can wear what I want and should wear. I love pink, floral string bikinis, tangas or cheekinis. I wear thongs with yoga pants and leggings. Wearing a thong makes me feel like a slutty whore.

  • Sissy Candy

    I just love the cut and feel of a nice frilly pair of panties on this sissy boy, Mistress.

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