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Pathetic Loser and Other Humiliations

So you are a pathetic loser?   Maybe you are not a pathetic loser, but the title caught your eye and you said to yourself  “Self, who does this person think they are calling someone that!”  Then, you marched your cyber ass over here to give me a “what for”? Didn’t ya?  Or maybe you know me from calls or around the Empire and have a big grin from ear to ear right now? Well, regardless of what got you here, welcome and let’s explore – pathetic losers. Please put your self righteous butt hurt tendencies aside or leave.  You won’t win. *mouah* Buckle up boys and dolls.

Pathetic Loser Submissive

Pathetic Loser

Pathetic Loser Fun

Last week I spoke about the psychology of your submission and various ways people react to particular stimuli, in a submissive manner. One of those ways, was humiliation.  The stricter the tone, feeling dominated by word and/or deed the better it is. The better it is, the more you crave and a cycle is born.    I also think the humiliation we engage in gets better, with more depth the more I get to know you.

There are a great deal of ways to humiliate someone.  From sensual humiliation to harsher humiliation. Some of the more popular are cckolding, coerced bi, foot worship, objectification.

But the humiliation we are looking at today is: pathetic loser humiliation. Certainly pathetic loser humiliation CAN include the aforementioned, but not necessarily.

Reasons You are Pathetic

So we’ll start in the beginning , you explaining why you are such a pathetic loser. Are you a horrible lover, small penis?  Can’t do half the things a real man can do with his cock? SP humiliation is typically short lived (ha!) as you tiny dickers don’t hold off very well.  But, if it’s not your small cock what it is? Most of you losers know, you have a list. Share it.

Or we can do it another way, we can certainly chat about everyday events, I’m sure your loser-ish ways will rise to the surface. Soon I’ll be pointing out how whiny you are and no wonder a woman won’t spread her legs for you! For what? Why would a woman like me spread her  legs for you?  How about the fact your tighty whities  are more like camo grey.   eek. Awkward. You’re insecure, need a lot. A LOT of work.  I’m a wise woman, I’ll find a place for you. loser. I’m willing to take you under my wing and make something of you. Don’t worry, you’ll like it.  💋

Pathetic Loser Play

How do you like your loser play? Do you like loser tasks? Let’s play, and I’ll send you on some fantastic loser tasks for my amusement and pleasure!  More intimate play on your mind? Great, let’s negotiate and get those hormones ripping through your body. Heart racing, hearing your heart in your ears. You, though. You have a woody, it turns you on! *laughing* Wow, that’s special, let’s do some more! You ignite  my mind, my body with your reaction to my humiliation. It really is fantastic.

Humiliatrix Mistress Erika

29 comments to Pathetic Loser and Other Humiliations

  • Petey cream puff

    I don’t think I’m a loser but yes I admit I’m a cream puff girl who does like to wear women’s clothes/bras/panties/lipstick/dresses/heels/ankle/knee high boots/yoga pants/leggings/lipstick/slips/wigs. I know most women won’t go with guy like me who’s into that. At my age most women are married/have kids/family. I admit the ship sailed with me long ago. My masseuse told me I need to tell girl I’ve been friends with for 5 years I like to wear women’s clothes/dresses/boots/lipstick. She’s been pushing me hard to do this. She thinks she already knows as we’ve talked about perfumes/seeing me wear women’s leggings. I do want to be in FLR. My masseuse has said we’ve put hold on me buying women’s clothes as she’s taken control of my spending. I am in FLR with my masseuse in that regard and she’s started using perfumes for me massages along with using that mixed with lotions giving me facials to keep my cheeks girlish soft and me smelling girlish. I’ve been wearing women’s clothes/bra/panty to my massages and girl I’ve been friends with goes to her as well. I’m going to ask her next time she comes in if I should tell her about my interest in women’s clothes showing her bra I’m wearing and come out of closet with her finally.

    • Erika

      Petey, you are helped to feel submissive to find that place by being feminized. Emasculating and translates to humiliation in many, but not all. 🙂

  • Petey cream puff

    It’s what I want Ms Erika, I’ve been into cross dressing for 20 years and I’ve invested to much into this to purge. I don’t mind the humiliation of going out dressed as I have for my massages wearing leggings/ankle/knee high boots/bra/panty underneath with wearing my women’s turtleneck sweater. I’ve even gone to my massages wearing makeup/lipstick as my masseuse told me to as she’s even taken me out dressed. She said she wants to take 4-5 day vacation with me sometime in may when her husband is fishing that same weekend. I sooo hope this happens as I’ll bring all my women’s clothes/dresses/bras/forms/women’s clothes/makeup/lipstick where she can dress me as her cream puff girl. If not then I may go to Nevada to chicken ranch to have women do this to me. Where I work it’s to serious/no one likes to talk about any other then wine/business and I’ve nothing in common with them as we sold business and I could care less. I’m 8-4 and out right at 4 with no worries or care since we don’t have business anymore. There has to be women out there for me that’s into wanting me to be her cream puff girl other then my married masseuse.

  • I love humiliation and being called pathetic and other names. Even though I know there’s nothing wrong with being a sissy the concept of being talked down to really gets me going. But one word that doesn’t turn me on is “Loser”. It’s probably just me but I associate it with being devalued as a person which I know isn’t the intention but just how I take it. I’m sure other subs don’t take it that way and get turned on by it and that’s cool. It’s just me and my opinion. ☺️

  • princess

    YES! I am pathetic….you have seen just how unworthy i am first hand! When i read…..”we’ll start in the beginning , you explaining why you are such a pathetic loser. Are you a horrible lover, small penis? Can’t do half the things a real man can do with his cock?……i said to myself…..YES! that is me completely, I need this type of humiliation!!!!…..thanks for such a incredible post!

    • Erika

      princess! good to see you in my little corner of cyberspace! I knew if I called out for microdicks you’d chime in! *winks* you just keep that tiny dicklette in that cage and leave the rest to Ms Constance.

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, Another great post. i think You described me. i am a pathetic loser submissive. There is a place for both sensual and harsher humiliation. Though i have to be the biggest loser of all Your callers. i bet You would agree with that. i will start making my list of why i am loser for our next chat. It might be two pages long though. LOL.

    Were You thinking of me when You came up with Your patheticness knows no bounds. i love that.

    • Erika

      tiny , my my my not only are you getting to know me. Seems I have got your “number” too eh? I do get inspiration from my pets, loser or not!

      • tiny tim

        Mistress Erika, Yes You do have my number. i am slowly but surely getting to know You. i love Your style of humiliation. Even though we haven’t went into it deeply yet.

  • Chris

    Thankfully I’m not a pathetic loser. Now if you will excuse me my Mom is calling me up from the basement. Dinner is ready. We are having my favorite mac n cheese with cut up hot dogs. Yum yum 😂😉

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Thailand or London maybe may be the place to TS in the world? Possibly London cause of night clubs New York has some.Orlando Fl but the other club the name escapes me right now St Pete Fl The Flamingo

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I make that dinner mac& cheese with cut up hot doggs .

  • sissyteddy

    Yes mistress I am a pathetic loser would love to do some pathetic humiliation tasks for your enjoyment and laughter

    • Erika

      sissy teddy, you made me smile already this morning! Hit me up in email , yahoo or skype, I can’t wait to learn more about you and assign some loser tasks for ME to enjoy! Oh, you too, I suppose *winks* *shrugs* LOL

  • wallydraggle

    Ms Erika, coming from You- I take that as quite the compliment…

  • tiny tim

    Sign me up for some loser tasks Ms. Erika. Let me guess You give losers a lot of tasks to do. LOL

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Pathetic looser only a matter of time i suppose and i will be wearing mini skirts and handling attracting and sucking cocks and taking them in my girly hole

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I had something turnrd off accidently on twitter and found out to day & yes i may be soon to become a hot mess.

  • Wes

    Hi Ms Erika, thank you for writing on humiliation.. it’s always intriguing to me how some of us crave the feeling of a beautiful and creative Woman bringing us down a notch or two with her “truths”. I of course have dabbled with sensual humiliation for a few years now, but I do wonder If I could become even more aroused by a harsher humiliation and task.. I have a feeling I would 🙂

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