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You Are A Pathetic Sissy

Everyone has their place and your place is that of a pathetic sissy! Genetically a male I imagine, what you refer to as a penis, doesn’t do very much to further that  cause.  You long for purpose, to serve and please someone much greater than you! I’ll give you purpose. Direction and pity. This week we are talking about humiliation and today pathetic sissy humiliation.

Pathetic Sissy

I imagine you kneeling, pink panties stained with your sissy juice! Once again you have disappointed me. You see my boots and hear their click click click as I walk around you, kneeling on the hard wood floor. You should be humiliated sissy ,after all I’ve done for you! I kept  you near after I found out you had such a small penis! You’re sporting a three inch cock aren’t ya stud!? What other woman would do that? None, that’s how many! Now you cannot even hold your cum long enough to please me!

Your Pathetic Sissy Secret

In addition to having a small penis and a  sissy secret! Your secret is your sissy clit gets excited and wants to squirt over pretty women’s panties and bras! Ha ha! Of course you want to dress and feel oh-so fem! But it’s the delicate fabrics, how they feel. How they look. No sucking cock for this sissy. Hell, she’s just fine not even getting pussy! All she really wants, all she really needs is a soft laced bra, of good quality, and a pair of soft stain panties with the scalloped laced trim that matches the bra. You gaze at the soft cups and lace and fee yourself grow. Fantasizing about this lace or that, throbbing.  Your thoughts at orgasm are of fringed lace and soft satin. Not of a man, nor of a woman. Now, that’s a secret!.

Always A Pathetic Sissy

You try to deny your true self over and over. I understand, but you’ll be much better off finding a balance in your life. You’ll always want to feel like a

Pathetic Sissy

1-800-601-6975 For your humiliation needs

pathetic sissy, always! You just need to  make time for each side of you. Home side, business side and your pathetic sissy side! When are you going to realize, your love of bras and panties is indelibly written upon your very being.

Ah, but then again… you like that pull, don’t you. You like that feeling of being humiliated! Feeling the rush and become excited by the humiliation.   Because humiliation, degradation of the man you portray in your day to day life is so deeply connected to your sexual response, you create and recreate that feeling over and over with your purchasing and purging.  Which,  well, makes you even more pathetic!

Feeling Like A Pathetic Sissy? I’d love to hear about it!



27 comments to You Are A Pathetic Sissy

  • Petey cream puff

    I admit I am a cream puff sissy who does get hard whe you and the other mistresses put me in matching bra/panty set, dress me as a girl and keep me this way all the time. I am only 2-3″ but I grow when all of you do this to me. No real man would ever let hot women do this to them but I’m not a real man. Being everyone’s cream puff girl is who I’ve become and am. I’m now longer the strong guy I used to be but ldws cream puff girl forever.

  • Erika

    You are so right petey!!! you are our cream puff girl! 😉

  • Petey cream puff

    I was meant to be this way. Just seeing how I look dressed as a girl I can’t believe how I look. I’m so small/petite and feminine standing next to you/Ms Brighton/Ms Olivia and Ms Delia. I tried to tell Ms Olivia if there’s any chance of me going back to being the strong guy I was and she giggled at me saying no way. Both her and Ms Delia said I’m going to stay this way all the time. I do want to start wearing panties/bra/leggings/yoga pants/dresses all the time for real as I do look better wearing them instead of boring guy clothes but with family business and everyone worrying about me I can’t. I can only do this at home. Though my masseuse told me she’s going to take me dress shopping and she said she wants me to wear dress/bra/panties and that I’ll be getting makeover in which she’s looking forward to. I told her this will my my dreams come true having women do this to me. I want get to take charge of me and be in female lead relationship with her.

  • Yes!! These pathetic sissies with their tiny little “penises” should definitely be thankful that a woman like you has kept them around and found a use for them! And even after they continue to disappoint you. I am certain you have many of them grovelling at your feet begging forgiveness. I wonder if they know begging you is futile? 😉 XO

  • princess

    I am sooo happy to have found my place and purpose as a sissy…..There is no greater pleasure than being a denied sissy slut in panties and chastity for Superiors like yourself……..After all, my ‘clitty’ is one of the smallest around..I belong in full sissy attire! Thanks for the great post and inspiration Ms “Erika” 🙂

  • faggotbritney

    MS ERIKA OWNS HER little faggot, britney. “PATHETIC SISSY” doesent quite cover me, does it MS ERIKA?

  • ~laughs~ Awwwww, would this be about the real sissy fag? hahahahhaha You’re right Ms Erika, there’s something really fun about putting a pathetic sissy in her place. I mean, that loser isn’t a man and also isn’t a woman. hehehehe

  • faggotbritney

    MS OLIVIA, are U referring to me? i hope so. i am PROUD to be MS ERIKA’S sissyfaggot. i know im neither a MAN or a WOMAN. “PATHETIC SISSY” describes me pretty well. Definitely closer to being a WOMAN than a REAL MAN. MS ERIKA wrote me a “sissy mantra” that i either type or say pretty much every day….kind of like a form of “FAGGOT BRAINWASHING”……”I AM MISTRESS ERIKA’S TO SERVE AT HER PLEASURE. I AM A FUCKING SISSY FAG. I AM BECOMING MORE & MORE OF A SISSY EVERY DAY. I AM NOT A REAL MAN, I AM A SISSY & I CUM LIKE ONE”. Its all true. Its a wonderful feeling to be OWNED & CONTROLLED by a GODDESS like MS ERIKA. Its been my DREAM for most of my adult life. So, DREAMS do cum true, even for weak,pathetic,perverted wimps like me.

    • Erika


      ha ha ha, you are! But sweetie there’s no “brainwashing”, you are more than willing and happily submit to me, my words and orders. There is NO HOPE Of cleaning the perverted humiliation scenes you send me all the time. They are really a bit extraordinary! Ha ha ha!Hooo-boi!

  • W

    So much truth and want to what you wrote. I truly want and NEED to feel this humiliation, very soon!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    And we under sized penis people went dateless for so long had so much rejection from women so many excuses why we didn’t have dates or Valentine’s.When all we had to do was look at our itty bitty clittys . Now mine no longer gets hard . Last time it almost got hard the woman got on it early before full hard knocked it down and i went back to pleasing her orally .My purpose in life since im so small

  • Sissy April Nicole

    And i am so happy and willing to fullfill my purpose that i actually think that some vaginias are so beautiful that an ugly penis shouldn’t even be allowed in them .Ugly penis should be removed.

  • Erika

    Well Sissy April let’s not get too carried away , even an ugly penis has SOME purpose. Like entertaining us!

  • Sissy Belinda

    Ms Erika,

    I always be you wittle sissy Pathetic poofy

    • Erika

      Yes, you will. I’ve been so busy and we’ve been missing each other! So sad! Glad you are out there having fun
      Let me know when you want to play! 🙂

  • Sissy Candy

    To have found that place where being neither a man or really woman within as a sissygurl rather than pursuing that I never could be being of service of to Women could not be more right any more than encapsulating my tiny dolly lolly in panties 24/7. Sissy humiliation in my ‘big side’ is just so appropriate for any Woman to administer.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    2 1/4 inch before reading and listining after that 2 inches

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