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Pleasing Mistress – A Submissive’s Tale

Pleasing Mistress is an extremely popular subject around these parts. I hear it everyday.  Your pleasure is My pleasure, isn’t that right pet? But what pleases Mistress? Everyone is different when it comes to the nuts and bolts. But there are common threads. Words like honor, respect , obey and submission, regardless of how expressed in individual terms, are present.  I’d like to include another, creativity.

Pleasing Mistress Beginnings

Rewarding behavior I like, communication and having a sense of playfulness are all things in play when we journey and explore.

Unique connections are made,  most often they are quite casual. Sometimes, there’s more. More intensity, more energy. A uniqueness in compatibility on multiple levels.

Pleasing Mistress Revelation

With a casual connection, sure we have a lot of fun! But there was that revelation, a special moment when you knew you wanted more. Needed more. Submitting was a game before. Exploring control and the erotic humiliation that accompanies such behavior was a break from the regular stroke and cum sessions.

But now, something happened when I laughed. Laughed at your astonishment over a ruined orgasm. You’re the player aren’t you. You topped from the bottom before. But now, with the unsatisfying experience of that first ruined orgasm, my delighted response to what most would find shocking for a submissive male, to ever attempt to say to a Mistress you were addicted. Addicted and wanting more.

Sometimes a fantastic connection, explosive and telling. Our journey takes many twists and turns. But always fun and erotic. You’ve come up with many ways to please me as a submissive in session, but the best thing is that you surprise me. Outside of session with special surprise, submissive gifts. Recently gifting me the surprise of wearing panties under your boy clothes, my cock wearing a ring. I proceed teasing you with my texts. and sharing images. You’re in a public place, you cannot act, you cannot touch. Oh, how  My cock ached to grow and thicken. Self made chastity, in those oh-so-tight panties. Your gift keeps giving as your surrender more and more, being laid bare and vulnerable. Aching to submit, to show that not only are you submissive you are a devoted submissive to My control. Never so deep, desire never so great. That’s what you said.  Hum, my pet? Never have you felt such a need, hunger like this……….. 

It pleases me… your hunger, my pet.

Goddess Erika

9 comments to Pleasing Mistress – A Submissive’s Tale

  • princess

    Yes…….Pleasing my Superiors is my purpose in life..whether in session or outside anytime i am devoting to serving is not only my purpose…but my pleasure! We are so blessed to have Goddesses like you to devote ourselves to 🙂

    • Erika

      princess, you are a delightfully trained submissive. I still remember my delight, curiosity and laughter when I saw that small penis for the first time! Things just got better from there!

      • princess

        “you are a delightfully trained submissive”……reading that makes me beam with subbie pride!!!! Thank you Mistress….i will endeavor to be even better 🙂

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, Yes i want to be a devoted submissive. It could be the only thing i excel at in life. i admit i am addicted. to give up control to You Goddess Erika is the only thing for me.

  • Petey cream puff

    Ms Erika you made me your cream puff girl after our very first call. After my confession to you. You/Ms Fiona/Ms Delia put me in chastity along with keeping me dressed up. Now all the mistresses know what the 3 of you did to me along with Ms Olivia and Ms Delia turning and keeping me as their cream puff girl on second life. I admit I wanted this to happen deep down but I tried to fight and resist all of you dressing/turning/kissing and keeping me as your cream puff girl. Every time I tried to resist or fight back all of you would give me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. As you said I’m to submissive/weak to be dominant as I’ve accepted this as it’s only way I can be with hot women.

    I’ve always been submissive/weak as on bus ride home from middle school girl would sit next to me and put blush/perfume/lipstick on me along with another girl putting me against wall before class and applying lipstick on my lips. Then after school my step mom gave me lipstick kisses on my cheeks as I was underneath mistletoe. She would have me go to bathroom to see kisses on my cheeks but not wipe them off then sit on my lap giving me more kisses. 1998 is where I became addicted forever as I wore my roommates bra/lipstick waiting to do laundry as I saw bra out of corner of my eye walking out.

    Now coming out to my masseuse she’s taken pictures of me dressed up/in makeup/lipstick/measured/fitted me in bra/using perfumes /lotions on my face/body and even taken me out dressed with her. I’m living my fantasies through her. She said I need to accept who I am and become which is a sissy girlie boy and I have. She even said I need to tell girls I know that I like to wear women’s clothes/bras. She’s right mistress. I’ll always be a cream puff girl forever and I don’t want to give that up. I’ll do whatever she wants and asks as she can hit send anytime and expose me.

  • I love pleasuring others making them happy and satisfied whether it’s a man or woman. There’s no greater reward for me to know that I’ve pleased a Superior Person.

  • Oh isn’t a devoted submissive just the most wonderful playmate ever?! Awwwwww … this made me smile! You deserve to be pampered and amused. AND let me also just point out that any person (submissive or not) is lucky to have the opportunity to please you — as a Mistress and as a sexy, hot woman!

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