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Power Exchange Ritual and You

Hello, dear readers! Quick post today about the Power Exchange Ritual. In my world of femdom, there is a lot of talk about subspace, dom space, being owned and controlled by a beautiful dominant woman. Certainly leading, taking control of your mind,  your body, your sexuality is erotic and arousing for me, as it is for you. Feeling the energy shift is thrilling. But what is and why a ritual, some have wondered. What is it about and what does it look like?

Power Exchange

Your ability submit and find your subspace is largely a learned process. Sure there are naturally submissive people, but don’t mistake being a nervous unsure twit with being submissive. Even those who are naturally submissive benefit from the power shift.   What acts help you feel submissive giving up that power to another? Some it’s donning panties at my request and being my pantie wearing submissive. Others need to be over my knee with a stern and focused spanking. Many identify the traditional BDSM scene, spanking, restraint and various flogging , caning as the pinnacle of that power exchange. Some it is sensual meditation that gets you to the space you crave. Still  others it is sensual or harsh humiliation. The list is as wide and varied as there are people.

Power Exchange Ritual

Power Exchange Ritual

Power Exchange Ritual

In so when learning what helps you feel submissive and finding that subspace you crave, Mistresses know that adding a ritual to the scene is a powerful way to condition your mind and body. Trigger, if you will to help aid and reconnect you with your Mistress. I could be a special greeting, created to open the session put your mind and body in alignment for what is to come. Perhaps a particular ritual performed at the beginning of the session to help condition your mind and your body to find it in that subspace where nothing else matters. Focused on your Dom, focused on Her words and allow the rest of reality fade as you both journey through space.

Intimate Power Exchange Ritual

For the uninitiated the above title may seem strange. They don’t get how intimate D/s scenes are, or can be. More than being physically naked and vulnerable to another. Your submission is reflective of the trust and vulnerability that occurs, and is as powerful or even more so than any other sexual encounter. Therefore the ritual you and I have will be personal, created just for us. Will there be similar elements with others? Sure. I have my triggers too, you know. Those triggers will be there for My pleasure. But other elements will be tailored to our connection, our time. If you regularly session with me you know this. Don’t you pet.

Until we chat,

Mistress Erika💋

21 comments to Power Exchange Ritual and You

  • princess

    Thanks for a wonderful post Ms Erika….I do love power exchange rituals that lead to to total power shifts and deep sub space!. For me (as you know) they often involve, dressing as a slutty sissy, in chastity, denail, BIG toys and spanking implements present and of course……SPH humiliation! I can’t wait to experience the power exchange again soon!

  • Erika


    Good to see you on my blog, slut. Yes, you are all of those things and more. With your recent confession to me about degradation, I think you’ve poked the beast. We’ll see how that exchange goes when Ms Constance and I get a hold of you next! On your KNEES, dickless wonder!

  • C

    Great blog Mistress Erika. Your words ring true.

  • Once I knew you were writing another blog, I just had to read it! You
    are deliciously provocative and erotic…and you know it….and you also know the effect you have on guys like me….so dominant and sexy….and I love it Goddess

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, I like being in subspace. Don’t know if i am naturally submissive though. I just think that being inferior bring’s on my submissiveness. losers like me should never be in power.

    • Erika

      Hey little guy!

      Truer words have never been spoken “losers like you should never be in power”. We are going to have to discuss your natural/ or unnatural🤣 submissive nature. Perhaps on that two M degradation call! WoooOOOP!

  • Mistress Erika I am one great BIG Humiliation Addict! I Love it when a Dominate, as well as Beautiful & Intelligent Goddess has me dress up in my pink baby doll nightie, pink thigh high nylons, pink garter belt, and pink thong, guides me through applying full make-up to make me look so pretty for Her Goddess Pleasure, then has me put on my brown long hair wig. All while the Mistress is explaining to me I am to be Her little sissy gurl, slut and slave, to be used as Her little fluffer bitch and clean up slut! ~sissy blushes~

  • Slutsky

    Mistress, I LOVE being owned by you and Princess Andi!! I need to be controlled at all times! You know exactly how to treat a Stroker Slut like me. And now we start our journey of BDSM together!! I will submit to you FOREVER Mistress. I look forward to you owning me and controlling me FOREVER!!

    • Erika


      What a fantastic pet! Andi and I are so very pleased with you! Our journey is just beginning and I know we are going to have a lot of fun!

  • Gem Sissy

    Mistress Erika,

    Wonderful post (and stunning avatar picture!) I am pretty completely inexperienced at sub-space but I suspect that I’ve been uncovering seeds to it my entire sexual life. The thought of being “put into” lingerie, being “coerced” to pull up those nylons, to “submit” to having breast forms adhered to my body and then a skimpy satin bra put in my hands for me to obey by putting it on like a girl… all those things make me wonder if I’ve been craving subspace and my satins, panties, lingerie, feminization, and sissy cravings like cock are all keys to that transition?

    Gem Sissy

    • Erika

      Thank you Gem! I had someone on twitter suggest that pic is a boner killer. I just laughed , to each their own.

      Gem! It’s very possible! good to see you!

  • Petey cream puff

    After our very first call you set up relationship as the dominant and I as the cream puff girl Once you picked my brain, Ive always been submissive as I was amazed how younspotted this right away!! Especially after I confessed to you about getting off minutes into call and having soft erections. With being dressed/turned and kept as your cream puff girl covered in lipstick kisses on my cheeks how can I protest or say no to you? I can’t as this is what I always wanted and no it’s happened to me.

  • Ms. Erika,

    Such a wonderful post that covers something I find so very important as part of a D/s relationship. I so adore rituals! It so unique and specific to each Domme and sub. For some it may be as simple as putting on a collar, or getting on their hands and knees, kissing your boots and proclaiming their submission. Whatever it i, it sets the mood.

  • Erika

    Hey Ms Delia!

    Good to see you on my little space in cyber space! It does set the mood and mindset for both! I agree, rituals are unique. I don’t have a cookie cutter list of “things I do” with submissives. I love to explore the connection between us then develop things like rituals, affirmations and the like which are unique to us.

    See you around the Empire!

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