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Power of Ruined Orgasms

For some men the title of this blog is seemingly inconsistent, particularly if they haven’t experienced a ruined orgasms. Ejaculate that may have had some momentum, now just weakly leaks like a sad faucet left on drip. Certainly any “power” or powerful  ecstasy during a ruined orgasm is nothing to get all excited about either.  So what am I talking about when I reference the power of the ruined orgasm!

ruined orgasms

Find out why I love ruined orgasm

Ruined Orgasm Basics

So for those who want to see what all the chatter here is about, stimulate your penis until that moment at the crest of that orgasmic roller coaster, then the point of no return and then stop stimulation and allow your body to do what your body will do.

More times than not, more men than not, are left oddly released yet not satisfied. Those arousing erotic thoughts are still there, no real satisfaction. This only proves to increase your horny scale to whole new heights!

I’ve known some men to crave them! Some men want ruined orgasms over a full satisfying orgasm because it gives them some release, yet those aroused, horny feelings go on and on. Addicted to arousal, I say.

Ruined Orgasm -Where’s the Power

Any man who has accomplished a SELF ruined orgasm will attest to the struggle it was to move that hand off of his penis, to stop that stimulation. That’s power.

Any man who’s had the pleasure of playing with me , and with ruined orgasm knows how powerful the scene is. You transferring that power to me during the scene. Submitting your mind, my voice, my instructions training you to focus. Focus on me. Focus on my voice. Becoming one in a time and space that only exists for us, at that time ,in that space.  That’s power.

When you ultimately ruin that orgasm, then savor those thoughts, memories and you remain focused and interested ,and wanting to please me far beyond the session. That’s power.

The Ultimate Power of the Ruined Orgasms

When you combine all of the above, with a person who is wanting and willing to journey experiment and play. A playmate enthusiastic, creative and able to submit to my desires.  Where boundaries are discussed honored and explored. Then perhaps some of those boundaries are pushed and new boundaries are made. Exploring things you would have never thought of on your own, exploring new levels of being and feeling submissive that you never knew existed.  The ultimate power of the ruined orgasm

Ruined Orgasms Anniversary

A year ago today I wrote a blog about Ruined Orgasm a curious stroker pet that I had spoken with previously called me to discuss that exact post. He was curious, I was amused to find out he followed my blog, as he was but a casual caller.  I always liked to play with “this one” I thought. He is delightfully expressive and that’s hot!  I was more than eager to play with ruined orgasm with him!

The power exchange needed, the building of trust during that session to have that ruined orgasm was the changing point.  Since , he’s trusted me and has been an obedient stroker. We’ve explored many avenues which include a lot of edging and other erotic fun.

Exploring his submissiveness in many ways, and discovering what helps him feel even more submissive now, than ever before. What  a wonderful surprise to him, he confessed. A surprise I’m thrilled to be a part of.

This, my pets, is the power of the ruined orgasm.


So onward to more fun, and my latest challenge with edging My cock and sustaining that edge longer and longer.  So thank you, C for reminding me of this important date. It was my inspiration to write this blog about the power of ruined orgasm. Perhaps someone else, out there today, will discover  the power of ruined orgasm because of this blog!

If you want to play with ruined orgasm or any other cock control let’s connect and discuss!

You want me to control, you need me to control and I want to control that cock!

Until we chat.

Mistress Erika


19 comments to Power of Ruined Orgasms

  • princess

    Experiencing a ruined orgasm….especially on cam in front of a Mistress is such an amazing and deeply submissive surrender…I feel it is the only way i should be allowed release! The tribute of giving up the full pleasure of an orgasm for Mistress’s benefit of amusement is like no other experience! Great post Ms Erika!

  • Ms Erika, you are certainly the LDW cock control queen. Really enjoyed reading your anniversary post. A toast to cock control, ruined orgasms, and their queen.

    • Erika

      *waves* Hi Sexy! Thanks for stopping by. You are gracious as I am fully aware of your adept control of said cock!
      So much fun when we team up to do so!

      See you around the Empire!

  • tiny tim

    Goddess Erika, i would only get a ruined orgasm only with Your permission. As i don’t think i deserve even a ruined orgasm. It seems You enjoy giving ruined orgasms because of power. Maybe i can get an anal orgasm. LOL.

  • Ms. Erika,

    Just like you, I’ve found a pretty good number of men who enjoy ruined orgasms because of the constant arousal, that perpetual feeling of horniness. I also like that when they are all hot and bothered, they’re thinking of the Mistress who has the power to make them feel that way!

  • Bob K

    Good morning mistress. Great post I loved it. I have a question. I’ve never experienced a ruined orgasm. That said I’m perplexed by the thought of release but still being horney. So in your experience have you ever ruined an orgasm knowing your submissive is going to still be horney and after ruining his orgasm have him continue on to a second complete orgasm or ruined your choise? I would like to experience a ruined orgasm. And think I would like to continue on to completion a second time like I said your Choice either complete or ruined. Your thoughts?

    • Erika

      Bob K-“So in your experience have you ever ruined an orgasm knowing your submissive is going to still be horny and after ruining his orgasm” <----- absolutely! 😄 "have him continue on to a second complete orgasm or ruined your choise?" <------- Yes! Bob, of course we can play that way. Negotiations of the play/session are always welcome. Some want the surprise of my impulse and have their fate unfold at critical moments. That's fine too!

  • GirlieFF

    I’ve experienced a few ruined orgasms and the attraction to a ruined orgasm is enticing. While you are right in the fact that there is release while keeping arousal up, my attraction lies in ceding my pleasure to a superior woman. I love the idea of a woman bringing me to the edge of exctasy and just when I’m about to explode in pleasure, you remove ALL STIMULATION and giggle as I writhe around in frustrated release and keep me on your ever controlling yo yo. I look forward to our next session and exploring ruined orgasms.


    • Erika

      Hey there Girlie!

      I love how your mind works! You are a lovely subbie male! I adore you description of the sweet agony!
      until we chat 💋

  • I’m finding that the interest waxes and wanes on the ruined orgasm curious . It’s the challenge of them, and the humiliation which follows. I mean, imagine being brought up to the crest of the wave just to fall off and experience pain. Yes, the ruined one can be a bit painful but after all, you do suffer for Mistress.

    • Erika

      Hey Ms C!

      Great to see you at my little part of the interwebs 😉

      I agree, what’s a little sacrifice, we’re well worth it! 💋

  • I do love the drippy faucet ruined orgasm, but I do so love the flopping fish on the dock sputter of cum ruined orgasm. How helpless it must feel to see your cock out of control, but not in an orgasmic release. Somehow I think a dick sputtering cum is the most pathetic thing ever. 🙂

  • Mandy

    Maybe we should discuss this sometime sounds interesting Mandy

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