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Prissy Sissies Fun For Fall

Prissy Sissies

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So, it’s September prissy sissies! You know what that means. Cooler weather. Well, not for me , necessarily. (as the wind of Irma whistles out my window  LOL).  Summer won’t leave me until sometime in October, we’ll have a dozen or so days of fall until the bite of winter sets in for a day or two. (ha ha, Florida humor)  But for most of you September and the cooling temps mean long pants, socks and shoes and the chance to get back to feeling fem 24/7!

Prissy Sissies Fun Shaving

You know , now you don’t have  the chance of wearing shorts, it’s time to shave those legs! I know some of you shave 24/7/365 but not every sissy has that luxury.  Now, if you haven’t begun to shave, your legs, or other parts, now is the perfect time to consider it!  Hair removal for sissies is a natural progression when  you are exploring your fem side. There are several things to consider when ridding yourself of that course boy hair, shaving, chemical depilatories,  waxing or even a more permanent laser hair removal. Shaving is the first step and if you’re nervous, don’t be. We’ll have fun!

Once you feel your softer smoother skin, you’ll probably have a huge surge in your libido,  the fantasy / reality line getting thinner and thinner 😉  Wearing your stockings or leggings for the first time, after shaving will probably be pretty mind blowing! But while your clitty is getting a work out, don’t forget to bump up that skin care regime. Make sure to incorporate cleansing, moisturizer and routine exfoliation will help keep your skin as soft and fem as possible.

Prissy Sissy More Fall Fun

Thicker fabrics, and jackets mean having more confidence with wearing those ultra fem items under your boy clothes! Soft silky camisoles, bralettes and silky panties all feel that much nicer when there’s a bit of a chill in the air! I simply adore thinking you, a man wearing panties and bra, but wearing your  formal boy work clothes!! Teasing you about our naughty secret between us, on a touching base call or sexy texting session!  Here’s a challenge for you. If you are a cross dresser, sissy or even just a pantie slut but have never worn them to work, I’d love to talk with you about it, so let’s connect, have some fun. You never know what you might like, until you try!

Let’s have some fun this fall, let’s connect!

14 comments to Prissy Sissies Fun For Fall

  • Petey cream puffl

    I admit I am a cream puff sissy girl. With the cooler weather here I’ve bought women’s sweaters/leggings/yoga pants/pull up slacks/bras/panties/ankle/knee high boots/mules/women’s lotions/perfumes/lipsticks in which I’m going to be wearing more and more. I’m at age where most women are married with kids and not going to worry or care what others think. I get waxed monthly and yes wearing panties/bras/slips/leggings/yoga pants fit and feel sooo much better not to mention my clitty growing. I’m going to start wearing bra under my clothes once weather gets cold everyday. I’m starting to wear women’s lotions/perfume everyday. As I said before my co workers/family care only about work and I don’t hang out with them. I’ve lost interest in watching football/baseball,etc as I’d rather play dress up by myself/call mistresses and go shopping/spend time with women I know. Just to let you know this Friday my masseuse and her gf are going to have me try on dress with slip/bra/heels then we are going to go shopping for lipsticks in which they will try on me and I’ll buy. I’ll ask if they want to take pictures of me in dress/lipstick. The only negative is both are married but said this will be so much fun having me do this. I want to do this on monthly basis if they want to and tell them this is what I want in relationship with women.

    • Erika

      petey! Your support is unsurpassed and the descriptions you give of your fall routine and what’s happening Friday is spectacular !! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Be careful though, your cock control lessons have just started, you don’t think you’ll spurt in those panties, will you? I know how exciting it will be for you *giggle*

      • Petey cream puffl

        My masseuse said she wants pictures of me in dress/heels/bra/panties/lipstick. Have strong feeling she’s going to use this on me for pulling out of coffee shop deal with her. With this happening she will have her nails dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go. And yes this will be major test of cock control as I am afraid I’ll cream my panties 😳😢😧😮😞

  • Tom

    Mistress Erika, That incredible stare in your Prissy Sissies photo made me hard, wet and then really WET. Don’t worry the mess didn’t last long. I’m in love! Your cleanup boy Tom.

  • Ms Erika, autumn is one of my favorite seasons as it gives us a chance to cycle in a new wardrobe. I think as sissies become more experienced going en femme, they too will appreciate the great new looks after a summer of playing in the sun.

  • I love the cooler weather for this reason to shave my legs. I use the excuse with my wife that my legs get dry and itchy and that shaving them helps. She thinks it’s weird but I absolutely love it.

  • Sissy Belinda

    Ms Erika,

    Shall i wear tights to work now?


    sissy belinda

  • Sissy Belinda

    Yeth Ms Erika,

    Doing my Chores for you and the other superiors

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