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Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

So, last week I had a post about ruined orgasm. That post led to several interesting conversations on the topic. In particular, one conversation was very interesting! Someone who is currently experiencing a prolonged ruined orgasm regime.  Of course being me, I had to ask a thousand questions! I found out sissy has only had ruined orgasms for months now, and recently just gifted his Mistress with ruined orgasms for the REST OF THE YEAR! I am not specifically naming this sissy, although I think it would be just fine for me to do so as this sissy is so very naughty and loves a bit of exposure! I’ll leave that up to her. She can post in the comments if she wants that to happen! 😉

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

Just like with any ruined orgasm, the male is left “feeling empty” yet unsatisfied. That full hard satisfying orgasm just didn’t happen! The sexual response cycle has been turned around. Often I hear reports of feeling better but conflicted. Their body kinda went through the orgasm, but he’s still as horny as ever!  Now take that feeling and add a few weeks, no a few months and in the case I reference above at least 9 months of repeated ruined orgasms. Not one is a full satisfying orgasm! I think it would be wicked hot to add some edging and ruined orgasm!.

 Read about it, think about it!

Not for you? Don’t Speak Too Quickly!When discussing prolonged ruined orgasms some very interesting things come to light. First the sub was looking for something special to gift Mistress with. Evidently Mistress mentioned at some point about loving ruined orgasms. So as her sissy gift to Mistress, they agreed on prolonged ruined orgasms, perhaps two dozen? I forget, but the point is. Sissy loves them so much she admits she could become addicted to them!! She recently gifted her Mistress ruined orgasms for the rest of the year! Now , between you and I I think Sissy is ALREADY addicted, ha ha!

Addicted To Ruined Orgasms

Yes addicted!n Because, as sissy explained to me, your rebound time is so much less! Typically as a male ages his “turn around time” or refractory period becomes longer. Young stud of 19 might be able to go two to four times (even MORE) a day. Whereas a Sissy in her late fifty’s might need an entire day (or more!) before everything is back in jerking order. Sissy also explained, with a ruined orgasm, she can be ready to go again within the HOUR!!  Honest folks, within the HOUR, I’ve been a witness. Not to mention she’s able to have several sissy ruined orgasm several days in a row! That is what is so addicting! One more added benny:  sissy did say that as time goes on and she practices prolonged ruined orgasm it’s getting easier and easier to keep her hand OFF, she knows she’ll be stroking and feeling good in minutes!

Prolonged Ruined Orgasm


So , which one of you are going to volunteer to ruin some orgasms for me?  I am most certainly not looking for a year’s worth of ruined orgasm! It’s up for some negotiation! 😉 There is a first time for everything. Why not have your first ruined orgasm with me!
Call me 1-800-601-6975!

16 comments to Prolonged Ruined Orgasm

  • chrissy

    don’t knock til you try it several times. When i had my first ruined orgasm i felt a bit cheated, all that work and no reward? But after a few i realized the benefits, staying on edge throughout the ruined orgasm actually started feeling quite nice. and staying horny and even repeating shortly after i find to be well worth the tradeoff.
    my name is sissychrissy and yes, i gifted my Mistress, Ms. Constance will a year of ruined orgasms, after all, it’s the least i can do for such a wonderful Mistress!
    Thank You Ms. Erica for this great post!

    • Erika

      I am SO laughing OUT LOUD right now!! I knew , I KNEW you wouldn’t be able to resist “outing yourself” I just L-O-V-E it!! Ms Constance is one lucky Mistress! Now who wants to make ME LUCKY !! 🙂

    • constance

      I am so pleased to have you give me such an awesome gift of no real orgasms all year only ruined and lemme say your turn around time is nothing anymore hehehe and Ms Erika she is a sissy slut she cant ever resist letting everyone know heheheh love it

  • AlwaysErika (supreme devotee)

    Had my first ruined orgasm last week by Erika. It was not satisfying but made me crave attention from Erika even more. Erika is truly an AMAZING women and it is a pleasure pleasing Erika.

  • jbshot12

    Also a ruined orgasm makes it easier to eat your cum like all good sissies should.

  • Alex

    Interesting topic. My wife loves doing that to me. I dont get any , instead my wife gets with her well-endowed bf for romps. Since my wife likes ruining me, and sometimes just milks me, its the only way I cum now.

  • YES to prolonged ruined orgasms! I regularly require my best sluts to sacrifice their “hard” orgasms to me for long periods of time. It makes them even more grateful for the cums I do finally allow them to have. Good for you, Ms. Erika, for denying your sluts!

  • Bill

    Goddess, I am addicted to edging and denial. It brings me so close to you! Bill

  • bfla

    Ruined orgasms are something special. Sounds funny, doesn’t it, to say that stopping an orgasm right as it starts is special, but it is. It’s a completely different physical feeling than denial. There’s a momentary feeling of relief, like something happened, even though it’s not a full release. But after a couple minutes, the horniness and excitement is back and the urge to finish is stronger than ever. And talk about the mental and emotional feeling of doing it. It’s harder and more of a showing of giving up control to take your hand away or squeeze the head after an orgasm has started to happen. It takes timing and practice to get it right consistently, and doing that for your mistress, well, it s an even more intense dynamic in the power exchange. I don’t know, maybe you and I will find out how it works……..

    • Erika

      “and doing that for your mistress, well, it s an even more intense dynamic in the power exchange..”

      Perfectly said!


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