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Psychology of Your Submission

Welcome to your mind. The psychology of your submission may seem like a daunting subject compared to my typical posts. But, hang in there! It really isn’t. I’m not going to get too technical,  there are many experts in the head and body examining business who’ve written on the subject of submission, if you  want to get into specifics.  Here,  we have a fun fascinating look into you and your submission!

Your Submission

For those who are drawn to the submissive role are often looking for a certain feeling, mindset, a way of being. Tossing off the stressful robes of everyday life. Executives, lawyers , doctors high powered  and high stress jobs are the stereotypical images one may have of a submissive.  There are probably as many other careers and life paths for the submissive, however. All kinds of flavors of submissive.

Submission Expression

The only thing to find out is about what it means to be submissive, for you.

Psychology of Your Submission

I want your submission, and you want to give it to me.

Everyone has different ideas or activities that help them feel submissive. There really is no right or wrong here. It is what it is. Being sternly spoken to, being given orders. Mistress orders you into panties. Perhaps kneeling and greeting Mistress with a routine affirmation or mantra, followed by inspection and comment, help slip you from your daily confines and free’s you to a new realm. Sensation play, however that plays out, makes those submissive switches click, fantastic!   True too  are the males who crave to be feminized. their erotic thoughts turn to a strong Dominate Woman, coercing them into their true bimbo selves.  What helps you feel those waves of submission, your intense focus on the here and now, is what I want to know


Exploring Your Submission

Many who’ve played before come to me and know what buttons they need pushed to send them on that special trip. Others don’t know and only have a fantasy of what it might be like. Some who thought they knew what it feels like, to be and feel submissive , experience it for the first time, or perhaps feel it more profoundly than ever before.

I know it’s a thrill for me. Getting to know your psychology, how your mind works. Then an even bigger thrill, beyond worlds  at times,  connecting, exploring and shaping you and your submissive mind, taking us to new depths.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Mistress Erika

16 comments to Psychology of Your Submission

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Erika, What makes me submissive is that i feel i am just inferior all Females and even to most males. i do believe that Females are superior to men. i hope You don’t think i am weird but i also feel You make me more submissive.Your beauty,dominance and self confidence just does it to me. Though i also don’t have the personality to be dominant as i can never order some one to do something.

  • Petey cream puff

    Being submissive started for me back when I was 14-16 years old. It started in middle school when girls would put me on wall apply lipstick/blush on me along with perfume along with this happening on school bus. At time I didn’t like it because all my friends would see this but deep down it turned me on/got me hard😳😮😢. It was hot how girls had power control over me at that age. Also with my with my step mom who was 15-16 older then me when she put her arms around my neck giving me lipstick kisses on my cheeks then having me look in mirror at when she did but not to wipe off kisses. Then she had me sit on her lap for more lipstick kisses on my cheeks as she sat on my lap. Her friends would come over put rouge on me. She said I would have to help her clean the house or she would tell my dad/brothers. I did as she told me to. While home alone I went into her room sprayed my self with her perfumes/put lipsticks on my lips. And even tried on her bras/dresses. She knew as she gave me smirk but thankfully kept it between the 2 of us.

    1998 was where I got addicted forever as I waited to do laundry and as I walked out my roommates girlfriends bras was in basket and I caught it out of corner of my eye. I felt how soft it was and put it in in bathroom and noticed there was lipstick in there and applied it to my lip. I went to my room and got off. From that point on I was hooked into cross dressing and started buying dresses/bras/panties/women’s clothes/lipsticks/perfumes.

    I’ve never had girlfriends/been married because of this but 2 year ago I came out to my masseuse and told her about m dressing and she asked if I was gay and I said no then asked if I wear bras/panties to bed I said yes then she asked if I like makeup/lipstick and told her I did. She smiled and asked if I want d to buy purse from her and I told her I would. Since then she’s had me try on dresses/measured/fitted me in bra/put makeup/lipstick on me taking pictures with her phone which I asked her to and she happily agreed. She’s using perfumes /women’s lotions on my massages/same facial lotions to keep my face body girlish soft. Though she’s married she’s taken me out dressed up and told me not to worry about her or what others think and not to care. In essence I found women into this but would love to be in relationship like this. If not at least I have her to continue this. She told me I should tell girl I’ve been friends with for 5 years. She’s right. I’m going to. For next call we can do session where you can ask me how I got into this and involve feminization to this. If we can add Ms Cindy/Ms Olivia/Ms Delia or Ms Erin this call you can pick my brain on this, it’s how women wear hot dresses/leggings/boots that turn me on and if they can wear it so can I.

    • Erika

      petey! thank you for sharing with us. Of course I’d love for you to confess your history to me, and another sexy lady. Who? Well I guess that depends on who’s on at the time. adore the all!

      You are truly Enchantrix Empire’s cream puff girl FOREVER!!

      • Petey cream puff

        I do want to have session with you/another mistress. Not sure this week maybe Wednesday night but not sure. Hoping by next week. Just need to see how this week plays out. Also my masseuse told me I should tell girl I’ve been friends with for 5 years that I like to wear women’s clothes/bras/panties/lipstick. She’s beem pushing me to do this. She thinks she has hunch anyway since I’ve worn women’s leggings/talked about perfumes. Her & I are same age and yes I agree with her about this. I do want to be in FLR and I will tell girl I’ve known this. It’s time.

  • Great post Mistress Erika. This is a fascinating topic for me as to what shapes our desires and personality. Some of it is genetic other is life experiences.

    For me my submissiveness comes naturally having always been short and thin compared to most males. My personality is more outgoing and sensitive. That’s the base of my submissiveness.

    Desire wise for whatever reason I’ve always found Dominant Independent Women extremely attractive. Giving up that control to them putting them in charge of my well being makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Same goes for Dominant Men. Being accepted and valued is extremely important to me such as receiving positive feedback. It makes me want to serve that person even more.

    On the flip side I’m interested to know what makes up an Alpha and their dominance. What physical and personality traits drive their Dominance in addition to their life experiences?

    • Erika

      stephanie! Hi gurl ! Thanks for your comment and you are right, what makes up an Alpha, what makes the so, humm? We’ll have to discuss that in another blog. Perhaps a compare and contrast!? See you around the Empire! 🙂

      • tiny tim

        Mistress Erika. I would think a lot of being an Alpha involves a person’s personality but not the only factor. Also a man’s height and cock size if they are big makes them more likely to be an alpha. This was a great post as you are right that there many kinds of submissives. There are successful men who just want to give up power for a change with a Dominant Mistress.

  • GirlieFF

    Mistress Erika,
    What a great topic! I love delving into the psychology of fetishes. For me, my submissiveness and live if cross dressing most likely stems from my child hood. Without going too far into my personal history, it’s safe to say there were experiences early on that led me to internalize the belief that all men were bad. That men would ultimately hurt women. That I wound ultimately hurt women. I developed a compensatory mechanism. I started looking at men. I became curious in high school and slowly over the years moved to the gay team. I also loved embracing my feminine side. What safer place to be from hurting a woman than to only be with men. And I can’t hurt a woman if I am one, right? What better way to cement that into my gay head than to submit to a woman. To let her humiliate me. Command me. Mold me. Nothing could be safer or sexier.

    Is that healthy? Probably not. But it’s the truth.

    • Erika

      Healthy in regards to? Health is demonstrated on your ability to “be” in this world. Of course I’m not a pro head shrinker, mind you.

      But IMO, if you and your kinks / fetishes help you be a positive, productive , fulfilled human then so be it. Who are any of us to say sucking cock, and submitting to a woman, transforming into one is “Unhealthy” health or non-health is read in the results.

      From what I do know about you FF, you are all of that as well.

      So enjoy your fetishes, enjoy your kink! I Know I do! your recent activities at VS is totally amazing and I’m so glad to have been a part of it!

      you go guuuuuuuuuuurl!

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