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Reasons For Chastity

Don’t get all higgly jiggly on me when I start talking about  reasons for chastity. I see you squirming! Gosh, talk about locking up a man’s junk and you

reasons for chastity

Erotic Chastity
With Mistress Erika

get all kinds of looks. Mainly, looks of horror! No? Not you? Curious? Aroused? Mmmm nice! Femdom, cock control and chastity  often go hand in hand. In my eyes, cock control and  it’s progression in erotic play is  one reason to play with chastity. One true way to ensure compliance and play with those submissive responses. Let’s take a look some reasons for chastity!

Reasons For Chasity : Chronic Masturbation

Either by habit or design your hands travel to your nether regions for a bit of slap and tickle with your pickle, way more than you should. Your reason for chastity is  the time you spend on this endeavor. You know it too! Spending inordinate amounts of time, finding time and material to masturbate with seems more like a part time job. You know you could be a better man, you know you should be a better man. The day isn’t going to grow minutes so taking your hour, or more, a day wanking habit and whittling it  down to an hour a week gives you an instant 6 hours to spend on other worthwhile endeavors. That may not seem like much, but over the course of a year you have now gained 13 DAYS to spend on work, family and other pleasures.  Sounds like a no brainer, hum?

Reasons For Chastity: Tiny Dick

You are done insulting women. trying to have sex with them, with that less than average dick. Good for you! Now what do we do with that naughty nubbin? Lock that cock up! Your reason for chastity is to develop other skills. Horny men learn quickly. So while you are locked and no attention is needed in that realm you can focus on better things. Perhaps your pedicure skills, oral skills and cooking/serving skills will get you close to that pretty pussy you still crave. Soon though only your fingers mouth will have the pleasures your tiny dicklette has long ago forgotten.

Reasons For Chastity Erotic Play

Enjoying Dominant Women guiding your masturbation was hot.   You love when she controls that cock, makes it her own. Using you as her sexual play thing. The play being continuously amp’d up, and the intensity out of this world. Time and time again…You lose yourself in your submission.  Time and space lose all meaning.

But now your play has taken on another dimension. When did this happen, where did these new feelings come from? It’s that trust and that connection. Knowing your journey is shared and not one sided. Together, pushing boundaries and developing stronger feelings of submission , you’ve never felt. You’re ready for this. You’ve asked for this. Now is your time.

More Reasons for Chastity

Are you a beginner in chastity or thinking of exploring chastity? Finding the right chastity Mistress is important. Guiding you, discussing your reasons and expectations. Of course there are so many more reasons for chastity. What are some  you can think of? Comment below or whisper them in my ear 1-800-601-6975 I’d love to hear them!


Until We Chat

Mistress Erika

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16 comments to Reasons For Chastity

  • C

    Beyoncé once said put a ring on it. Mistress Erika says put a lock on it! 😉 Keep up the great work!

    • Erika

      LOL Thanks Mysterious C person!
      Wait, what’s that I hear? *holding hand to ear*
      Oh really?!? Mmmm… what’s this I hear???

      …… “lock me up Mistress, Puuuuuuleaaaaaaaaaase”

  • princess

    I think chastity a wonderful way, for any slave, to submit and focus on his Mistress! But for a slave with a micro clitty like mine, it is absolutely necessary to make amends for how pathetic it is and so as not to offend ANY woman with the slight of it free or erect…In fact, Some have told me that mine is the smallest they have EVER seen!!!

  • tftt

    Goddess Erika, I like that photo of You. Though You ask the question Your last cum? does that mean you like permanent chastity for some males. I like the one for having a tiny dick. Little ones should never be free. Another reason is to help a beta male to become more subservient.

    • Erika

      Oh tftt! Leave it to you , to pull out those “small” details! Oh yes , some do need permanent chastity! Chastity is as much about the MF as it is the actual locking of that cock, or cocklette whichever the case may be!

  • Petey cream puff

    You and Ms Alyssa locked me up in chastity for chronic masturbaion/along with myself having a tiny cock. With my confession to you about getting off minutes into call instead of end call or not listening to you and the mistresses. I’ve never had a women like you take charge and control of like you!!! With you keeping me dressed dressed up as your cream puff girl and sharing me with the mistresses chastity really has made me into a weak/helpless/submissive/feminine cream puff girl.

    • Erika

      petey! Oh you certainly need a lot of control, our Cock control as well as feminization. You’d learn a lot more if you hold off that cumming until we say! So cage it is!

      • Petey cream puff

        Your right Ms Erika! I’ve been put into friend zone with women I know 🙁 with this happening my days as the strong dominant guy are over with. Be being in friend zone I’ve accepted this as it’s who I am and become as I can get more feminization from you and the other mistresses along with dressing up at home as a girl. Do you think they know I’m the nice submissive/weak guy doing this along with knowing I smell like perfume when I go out with them after my massages? They never told me that I smell unless they don’t want to embarrass me. Now with month coming to end days getting shorter and colder it’s time to start calling more with feminization/cock control/chastity training along with continued therapy from you and the mistresses in accepting that I really and a cream puff girl for real as it’s no longer about fantasy anymore.

  • Slutsky Slut Slutterson

    Mistress Erika you have showed me no mercy and you now own and control this cock forever!!! My new spiked cage, that you was nice enough to let me order, is here!! I will be picking it up from the post office today! I can hardly wait to wear it for you!! I need your control. Before you all I thought about was stroking and cumming. It seems like forever since my last full orgasm! This new cage should help your little cock to stay soft. It has 21 spikes to teach your cock to stay soft till given permission to get hard by you!!

    • Erika

      Slutsky! Fantastic comment. Fantastic pet!
      Training My cock exactly how I want it has been a blast.
      Edging challenges, full orgasm on lock down.
      Stroking only when we say.
      Stroking only to our audio’s

      After all it is a very NAUGHTY cock, and thinks he can do as he pleases. It needs a LOT Of training!
      I want an update after you get the cage and post a picture on our group chat with Princess Andi,
      I know she’d love to see it and see it ON!

  • jagoff69

    my Dear Mistress Erika,

    You are fully aware that i am a dirty, filthy jagoff, a chronic masturbator. On the one hand i am ashamed of this fact, on the other hand i have come to accept it. i have no desire whatsoever to be chaste. Quite the opposite. But if it would please You, amuse You, turn You on, to put my dirty jagoff dick in a cage and torture it as part of Your sexplay, then go for it, Mistress. Use me in whatever manner You desire.

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