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Sexy Mistress Journal 2 Follow Me

Hello all and welcome to my second installment of my Sexy Mistress Journal-Follow Me.  If you missed the first installment read it here: Sexy Mistress Journal 1. Today the beginnings, where I start to play.

Hot Sex Is Alluring

I found myself with an overly solicitous paramour, and myself with an over active libido. Maintaining separate apartments, we started finding more and more reasons to be with each other. Screwing our brains out anytime we could, on our own time. Making out, playing and teasing as time and opportunity existed at work.  We even found a remote supply room and empty office on another floor.  Since we didn’t work in the same department, any correlation of breaks, or lunch went unnoticed.

Turning Point

Sexy Mistress


One morning he came over to my place, before work just to have coffee. One thing led to another and we found ourselves making out and before too long, my skirt up around my waist , him naked from the waist down and both of us very happy.  Gathering his clothes we realize his boxer-briefs ended up in sink’s dishwater where they were absentmindedly  tossed in the heat of the moment.   Seeing the clock on the microwave, I realized if I didn’t leave in five minutes I would be late! We will be late! No time to dry.

Not only can I not be late for anything, but with us fooling around on the downlo, we have to be on our best behavior and not draw attention. Like arriving together LATE for work.  The receptionist at the entrance was a known gossip and troublemaker!  He lives 30 minutes further away from work, than I do so  there was NO time for him to go home, or he’d be over an hour half late.

Wearing Girl Panties

“Oh, hurry! Dashing to my panty drawer, I pull out the “manliest” panties I can find: A pair of lace royal blue boy shorts.  They were a soft stretch lace and he wasn’t a huge guy, they should work. Tossing them to him, “here put these on!  Get dressed, we HAVE to go!” He laughs and said “No way, I am not wearing girl underwear!”

I reason: “who is going to know, and what’s the harm? You cannot go to work without!” For the first time he’s insolent with me:  “I’m going commando!” as he stands there motionless with the panties in his hands.  Seething, my mind is screaming why is he not m-o-v-i-n-g, we’re late!

I stop gathering my things, getting very annoyed, now that he’s throwing up roadblocks to me getting out of here, and getting to work. I stop, look up at him. “You know you must, stop being so obstinate! Did you forget what happened when you didn’t wear underwear that ONE day….. you were constantly getting aroused, and it’s a wonder no one saw or better yet, SAID anything about your  (obvious) tent! You know I’m right!” He stands still, looking at the panties in his hand. Gritting my teeth, I seethe…… “put on the fucking panties!”  I must have had a murderous look on my face,  because he stopped, stammered ok ok!  I finally coerced him into wearing the panties, and  now I’m on my way. As we hurry to our cars, I tell him: Lag behind me twenty minutes. YOU can be late for work today today!

Sexy Mistress Blooming

But all day I kept thinking about seeing him putting on the panties,  his package instantly looking  so sexy, as the panties snuggled him just right.   The fact that it was relatively easy to convince him to don the feminine attire was also very sexy. I made it a point to find him alone, tease him just a bit. But not too much 😉 and promised a very nice evening for him being “such a good guy”.  I think this is when my mind went into full gear. Racing from this thought to the next. What else can I have him do?

That night I made sure to reward him for his attire and pleasured him while he was wearing the panties, only allowing his cock a bit of freedom while his ass and balls remained, snugly in the lace. After, we chatted and he admitted when I got frustrated that morning, it was a shock to him. To date,  I was only sweet towards him. He was a bit taken aback at first. Then as the day wore on, began to feel aroused by the events and the taboo of wearing ladies panties.  So, I purred.  You don’t  mind wearing something sexy and feminine after all?

I drift off to sleep that night, seeing him wearing all kinds of pretty panties…….. in his future.

15 comments to Sexy Mistress Journal 2 Follow Me

  • bfla

    Wow these installments are the LDW equivalent of Jean Auel novels, back to ancient times, when the woman first became the powerful dom and the man first became the submissive. Lol. Fascinating stuff. I admit for a long time I would have had the same reaction he did to the panties, but have since learned how much more exciting it is to wear them. 🙂

  • Erika

    😉 Thank you, but hardly equivalent, I dare say! Perhaps reminiscent of……. LOL

  • Petey cream puff

    That is hot hot hot!!! Are you going to have him wear bra?

  • Petey cream puff

    I will stay tuned. Great series!! What your doing to him us what my massuse is doing to me and that’s making both of us your cream puff girl.

    • Erika

      Oh Petey, petey! You are such a doll , with all of your support.

      But be careful there, not all men who wear panties want to be a cream puff! 😉
      But I guess you’ll have to stay tuned, hum?

  • Petey cream puff

    I know that. With what you did to me on our very first call with Ms Olivia you have no doubt turned me into your cream puff girl. After you grabbed lipstick and put it on my lips you have firmly dug your nails into me.

    I’m hoping my massuse will make me her cream puff after our shopping trip in which she wants me dressed as she said I’m going to try/buy burgendy/red lipsticks/buy Ralph Lauren midnight passion/passion perfumes/lotions and have me get makeover. I’ll have to bring extra panties/panty liners as I hope she won’t see my hardon or me creaming my panties. 😳😢😧.

    Looking forward to part 3

    • Erika

      Oh your trip is next week , isn’t it Petey? Ooooooh……. 🙂

      • Petey cream puff

        Our trip got pushed back as there was blizzard and we decided to wait. The main reason in the Ralph Lauren midnight romance/romance 32 ounce body lotion is out of stock and she said that’s the one she wants me to buy as it will last long long time instead of smaller bottles. Also she just returned from Florida and with blizzard yesterday she has to reschedule massages. It’s all good. As I told Ms Cindy & Ms Mandy this is what being in relationship is about as I’ve never been in one but now I am and I’ve learned that women really are in control of guts and I’m fine with her being in control of me. If I want this to continue I have to do what she says.

  • Ron

    He’s hooked on panties now isn’t he, Mistress Erika

  • boy brett

    Thank You Mistress for controlling my tiny cock. It fits perfectly in panties, even the smallest thongs. You’ve trained me to only produce worship juice while in panties. Thank You.

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