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Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

Hello, my sexy perverted friends! (listen to the audio re: using the term perverted)  Are you ready for a sexy New Year with yours truly? I’m ready for an action packed year filled with orgasms (or not! LOL ), moans and lots and lots of begging! I’m really not into New Year resolutions, I think anytime is a great time to set new goals for yourself! I also think anytime of year is a great time of year for ME to set goals FOR YOU! *laughing* *batting eyelashes* Don’t you? But since we are here, on December 28th 2017, staring down the barrel of the end of one year and ready for another, I will share with you some hot, hot things I’d like MORE OF in 2018! I’ll leave it up to you delightful submissive males to fulfill my needs, humm? You know you want to please me, and I so want you to, as well!

Sexy Pantie Boys

As mentioned on Mistress Harper’s Whore school podcast,  I think EVERYONE should be in panties! Boy underwear just isn’t any fun. I love a nice male ass encased in silky fabric. Not to mention a nice cock as well. If you don’t have a nice, juicy cock, that’s ok. Tiny dicklettes look bigger in panties! Your two inches disappearing in boy underpants are featured behind tight soft pair of bikini girl panties!

Now, don’t get me wrong you don’t have to be a SPH junkie or sissy to wear panties for me.

The more masculine the more “alpha” you are the more I love it when you wear pretty panties for me!
It’s your submission I crave. A symbol of that submission is you, in my panties.

Sexy Cock Sucking Cock Suckers

I adore the curious cock sucker or wanna be cock sucker! We’ll have so much fun with me teasing you about what a real cock in

Sexy New Year

Share Your Kink in 2018

your mouth is like. We’ll practice and practice and practice! Not sure if you are just a kinky perverted fantasy cock sucker, or if you really want to go live? Let’s explore it. I’ll be able to help guide you to  your answer.

Sexy Cuckolds and Various Kinks


I’d love to have some hot cuckold role-plays with you! How does your cuckold fantasy (or reality!) go? Do you watch surreptitiously from another room, or perhaps I’m your therapist and there’s something I reveal to you. Your lovely wife has been coming to see me, to talk about you, your marriage and how she longs for real satisfaction. Satisfaction she just isn’t getting from you. She’s enlisted my help, to talk with you, to “help” you to this place, this place in your mind and in my office when I reveal your wife having the hot sex the way always wanted, and conditioning you to accept it. Well, not only accept it, but encourage and even HELP by fluffing that stud for her!

Sexy New Year With Two Mistress Calls 

But I do go on and on, and this blog is already too long. I can keeping going for days! Okay wrapping it up:
I have to say, I’m having so much fun on two Mistress calls! So for 2018, more 2 Mistress calls are on the menu! Email me, let me know what your kinky mind is up to. We’ll pick another Mistress to play with us. I’ll fill her in and together you’ll be tagged teamed/double teamed as you never have before!

Let’s have some kinky play today!
Goddess Erika

Listen to this Blog Post with special naughty additions

47 comments to Sexy New Year with Goddess Erika

  • princess

    I look forward to many kinky calls in 2018!

  • Tom

    Mistress Erika, Two Mistress calls!! Wow! Would you consider allowing another Mistress join us? Who would you suggest? Tom

  • Petey cream puff

    I defenently want to and will start calling more in the new year especially 2 mistress calls! I feel my feminization training is going to take a step up with you and the mistresses keeping me as your cream puff girl. I admit I’m to weak/submissive/helpless and feminine around hot women. If you have ideas on how I can wear a bra everyday without getting caught that would be great!!! I’m going to ask my masseuse on how I can as well. She’s taken control of my spending as she told me I have enough women’s clothes/dresses. She’s right. I can’t say no to her. Also girl I’m seeing said she plans on keeping close eye on me along with my masseuse. Now that I have you/the ldw mistresses and those 2 my single days are over in which I can do whatever I want. Im their cream puff girl for real!!

    Ps I forgot to mention it was my birthday this past Wednesday due to chaotic holidays season. Girl I’m seeing got me floral quilt/masseuse got me Ralph Lauren tender romantic perfume. 2018 will be year where they will make me more girlish/fem. I can’t fight it or say no can I mistress? Especially since masseuse took pictures of me in makeup/lipstick with her phone. I belong to both of them as they really do have their nails dug into me with no intention of ever letting me go.

  • GirlieFF

    Oh Miss Erika,

    You never cease to amaze me! You weee so good o me in 2017. I can’t wsit to see what kinds of topics we’ll explore in the cumming year. Im glad to see you like playing with Mandy. I can’t wait to talk to both of you at the same time. I’m all tingly just thinking about it.
    Girlie FF.

    • Erika

      You’ve been delightful , girlie FF! I mean we like the same things, don’t we? COCK, cock and in your case MOREEEEEEEEEE cock! LOL I wonder what your X would say to your comments, here. *finger to chin, looking off into the distance*

  • GirlieFF


    She’d say a lot.
    “congrats on coming out of the closet! I knew you were gay early on. Now we both get to have as much cock as we want. We can be girlfriends. Maybe we can go shopping and find some hot guys for you to suck. Not me. I’m a badge bunny, now. I get to fuck the whole police force. Let me tell you, Cops ARE better than FFs! Michaels cock is twice as big as your limp hose. But that’s ok, honey. You look quite content to take cock as opposed to give it.” Giggle.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Seriously i want to be a one woman man? Sissy? What whatever you want my love 💘

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Yes Erica just tell me before i go nympho on my own!

  • Empress Rayne

    I love your philosophy Ms Erika! So often as we approach a new year, we are preoccupied with the things that should be eliminated. I like that you are looking for more of your favorite things! I mean, afterall, you never can get enough panty boys, cucks, and cocksuckers!

    • Erika

      Empress Rayne, thanks for stopping by ((Hugs))

      speaking of things I would like MORE of I don’t think any of these sluts have put us on a two Mistress call in 2017! Fix that error, boys. I want to play with that sexy tease Ms Rayne! WOoooo!!

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am so sorry Mistress Erika i am going Fem Sissy totally ccrazy . I have asked you to marry me.Also offered to be you cuckold chauffeur or your sissy slave Whatever byou desire spanking during a Fem Dom sissy.

    event would be wonderful I have gone so sissy craxy craving i won’t drive as a woman.

  • Goddess Mandy

    Ohh Ms. Erika I totally agree that it’s always a good time to make New Year’s resolutions or work on making any sort of changes that we wish to make for ourselves! I do LOVE that you’ve shared things that you want to be different, specifically the things that you wish for more of in your sexy life!! As I think about it…it’s hard to say which of those lovely kinks I would want more of….so I guess I will just say…cum one cum ALL!!! 🙂

    • Erika

      LOL Goddess Mandy, thanks for stopping by and I agree……… CUM one CUM all. Oh except for you *pointing at chastity pet* NO CUM FOR YOU! (said like soup naz ha ha ha)

  • Sissy April Nicole

    LOL soup naz Sienfeld i seen that LOL. I sent photo of limo on to you some where on twitter also have wedding dress size 10. And a tux jacket and. 2 rings for you.i don’t think your boobs will fit in the dress

  • GirlieFF

    Miss Erika,

    I love that you laugh at me. It excites me so much that my tiny cock and complete lack of interest (sexually) in women amuses you. I’m here for your entertainment in 2018!


    • Erika

      Well it’s extra funny because at one point you COULD be a hetro male and now you’ve lost that ability! I look forward to lots more fun with you in 2018, you are a funny funny gay boi! LOL

      • GirlieFF

        Yes. I COULD be Herero with some effort and psychotherapy. But, what fun would THAT be. I think it’d be much more fun to play with you and Mistress Mandy and see what kinds of humiliating scenarios we can dream up, including cops with huge cocks😉. Kisses.


  • Sissy April Nicole

    Lack of interest me too went too far with sissy stuff until i found the mind of Goddess Erica . I wasn’t head over heels 👡 S at first sight . Well Goddess is the first woman i made a pass at in 6 years.Now i am going to have to dress like her am looking for a red skirt like that one
    It has been awhile since i bought womens clothing that i didn’t knowvthat the Macy’s closed in mall near me. After purging some of my female clothing .I bought Man clothes but i bought them the way i used tp buy my girly clothing.My closets are full so i will be coming out again

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Thank you for ordering me to go sissy and not pass as a hetero in hose right now female ing myself like a woman. I can pass as a hetro male with my clothing on but if my clitty shows it is over!

  • Erika

    Yea, that’s what I say too “once the clitty shows, it’s over” bwaa ha ha ha *teasing*

  • Sissy April Nicole

    LOL ❤ you yes and it is panty hose weather in Fl In hose tonight again and loving it .Hose & tucking really helps hide boi clitty and i am going shopping tomorrow.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Yes Goddess Erika .And i was.unable to find your sizes and i have a size 10 wedding dress which is no way i could get into it.

  • Erika

    Girlie, I was just playing with Ms Mandy today. She’s so hot!

    Me, Mandy and grilieFF- Sometime soon! XO

  • Sissy Belinda

    Ms Erika,

    oooooooooooooh panties twirlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

    oooooooh cockie, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suckie suckie


    sissy belinda

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I must get a bit thinner.The Macy’s i went to didn’t have any clothes i liked except this one floral print dress .It was out of my price range for me but if i had a woman or blow doll i would buy it for her

    • Erika

      the dress is expensive and you wouldn’t wear it because of the expense.
      but you’d buy it for a blow up doll? LOL OH april, you so funny

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