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Sissy Coming Out

Hello Ms. Erika, my name is sissybritney, she began her first email to me. She continues telling me that her name is in honor to her idol Britney Spears, then adds, I want to confess to you, share my perverted secrets with you, I want you to humiliate me.  It seems sissybrit is working on her “sissy coming out“.

Weak and Pathetic

How could I resist such a request? I couldn’t, and found myself talking with her before too long.
You see, sissybritney has been weak all her life, and I found out how much on our first call.

I heard about a young and inexperienced (read that VIRGIN) 18 Y/O Mark with  a hopeless crush on a gal. She lived on his street and she knew how he felt about her. Uh oh, I said to myself as he told me the story, his voice soft, a bit of a tremble as he spoke of this long ago event.

You see reader, as you can well imagine, when a sexy young vixen knows she has power over such a weak young man, trouble is bound to occur! Trouble did happen for virgin Mark. One day she beckoned to him, in front of her friends, and as he got close, his heart beating in his chest, she gives him a hot french kiss! Poor virgin Mark had no experience with girls and for his crush to stick her tongue his mouth was too much. Mark came instantly all over himself, right then and right there to peeling laughter of all who witnessed.

30 Year Old Virgin

Sissy Coming Out


Mark still didn’t do so well after that, 18 turned into 20,21,22 etc. Blooming just wasn’t in the cards for. As he aged, his perverted thoughts grew and grew. Fighting the urges, he experienced the typical struggle  between what society deems abnormal or perverted and his desires.

Why, why, did he crave to be a sissy? Giving into his craving to be a sissy made him feel weak and pathetic. Just like that time with “Her”. And just like that time with “Her”, his small member would grow hard, aroused and want release when those feelings of humiliation rushed through his body. Vicious catch 22.  Probably because of this, Mark finally broke his cherry at the age of 30.

But something did happen over the years, besides NOT blooming into a man.   You see, brit is coming out. As you can imagine, it’s a difficult thing. Coming to terms with her secret perverted desires, wanting to pursue in RL what she’s only dreamed about during her most secret of moments. Her ultimate dream would be to humiliate herself for, and offer herself up to be used by a BBC Master.

Preparing for her BBC Dream

Confessing her secrets to me in sessions about her practice runs, if you will, with a large BBC dildo. She asks for help to have the courage to continue on her quest. She continues to entertain me, with her antics over that BBC dildo. She has actually named it, and I encourage her to share the name with all of you. No, brit. I will not do all the humiliating around here. You have to offer yourself up, open yourself up and be vulnerable, if that is what you truly desire. You want to be humiliated, made to feel weak and pathetic. This is your  sissy coming out party. Go on. Tell the good people  the name of your BBC dildo. Be who you are: and tell us. Who is Sissybrintey?

I applaud her forethought and attitude. She only wants to only offer the best sissy she can be to her future BBC Master. Sissybrit has had some very disappointing miss-fires, when looking for said Master. Probably people just f-in with her. But things are looking up and she’s currently texting a possible BBC Master, and reminding her and everyone about being safe with these meetings and such.

Since that first call, sissybrit and I have shared a lot.  She encouraged me to write this blog. To help compel her towards her ultimate goal. As a sissy coming out facing her desires and going for it. Finding a BBC to serve of her very own.

Sissybrit has taken all of her tasks seriously she is an extremely compliant sissy.  I know any BBC Master will be very pleased.  Let us all welcome sissybrit, on her sissy coming out! As a special gift I made Brit a very special badge. She can use it how she likes. Wallpaper on her computer? Or perhaps as her email signature? Oh I didn’t tell you, all of her emails are written in PINK!


SissyBrit BBC Dreams

Let’s hear a round of applause, and laughter for SissyBrit

7 comments to Sissy Coming Out

  • Petey cream puff

    I know the feeling of coming out myself as I did it to start off the year and it was massive weight lifted off of me. Congratulations on doing this sissybrittney!!! All the best to you!!

  • faggotbritney

    Thank You Petey. i named my BBC dildo, MASTER KELVIN. Not exactly sure who faggotbritney is, but i will do my best to answer any questions that anyone has or i will perform any tasks, that MY OWNER, MS ERIKA, requires of me. i hope my “story” didnt offend anyone. Thank You.

  • Emily

    I am a sissy ! And I need guidance !

  • Sissy H

    Mistress Erika,
    Thanks for this blog. I was similar to sissy brit, years ago. MistressErika is right. It is hard to come out. Sissy Brit,congratulations. Dont give up I found my BBC master after 3 years after coming out. Ur dreams can come tru

  • faggotbritney

    Thank U soooo much for your support, Sissy H. i actually might be able to FINALLY meet the BBC MASTER i have been texting with. HE told me maybe this weekend, if HIS schedule works out. HE knows quite a bit about me now.i met HIM through an ad i placed on Craigslist. i had thought about doing that for quite a while, but as MS ERIKA knows, im a scared,weak sissy. Have been most of my life. Because of my owner, MS ERIKA, i finally got the courage to place the ad. SHE also knows that im VERY excited to meet HIM, but also a little scared. i promised HER that i would be careful. Which i have been & will continue to be. i’m REALLY hoping i will have exciting news to report soon. i will be here to talk, if u want Sissy H. i think MS ERIKA would approve. Thank U again for your support.

  • faggotbritney

    i would love to talk to u, Sissy H, and ask u what it feels like to finally find your BBC master. What it feels like to serve a BBC Master. So far, i have only had dreams(wet….blush) about serving a BBC Master or 2….3

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