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Sissy Fashion Tips For Summer

I had such fun the other day, giving some sissy fashion tips, shopping on-line for  a cute summer outfit! One of my sissy’s was in need of a sexy but feminine dress they can wear around the house.  Something cool and casual, but sexy! We picked a pretty cotton A-line dress so cute and screamed summer fun! Realizing you might benefit t00, here are my tips when looking for some sassy sissy Fashions for summer!

Sissy Fashion Correct Sizing

It is so important to make sure when you buy your pretty things that you get the correct size! If you are not comfortable going out and trying on clothes, it’s important you invest in a tape measure and start recording your measurements. Some of you sissy’s, well, you are not too big of a person so it might be easier for you to find your size and get things that fit and feel sexy. Bigger sissy’s it’s going to be a bit more of a challenge. But don’t be shy and upset if you need to get a XXXL size in ladies clothes. It’s more important to have a good fit. Nothing is less sexy both in look and how you feel if your dress or bra doesn’t fit right! Take that time, get with your Mistress to find out what your size might be in various garments, bras panties, dress, blouse, skirts, you name it. The style also impacts the size you might choose. Speaking of styles, let’s look at that next.

Sissy Fashion

Sissy Fashion Fun for the Summer

Sissy Fashion Style

Again doing some research on your body type: Long legs? Short legs? Tall and thin? Perhaps your waist line has see slimmer days? Regardless, find something which flatters your body, and helps you feel your sassy sexiest! I love skater skirts, so flirty and fun! I feel so fem when I feel it swing and sway with each step, against my bare summer legs! For a really sexy style good for strutting your stuff add a fun garter and stockings with a pair of fun heels! Do you need help learning how to put  on stockings? I can show you! Don’t worry you are in capable hands and soon you’ll be ready to take whatever Mistress hands out!

Sissy Shoes

Sissy Fashion Heels

Strappy Summer Heels

let’s not forget all of those sexy strappy heels! Oh how about a cute pair of sandals, or kitten heels to finish off your delightful summer outfit! Getting that pedicure is a must girls, as our feet are on display until Labor Day! If you live where I do, it’s sandals season all the time, so a girl must attended to such things.  Oh and fit is oh so important! Get two pairs, of varous size heel, perhaps a two inch then three. Practice practice practice!

16 comments to Sissy Fashion Tips For Summer

  • Being short and thin finding cute girly clothes is probably easier for me than it is other sissies. At this point I know my size and what fits and the outfits that show off my best features (ass and legs). But that took years of practice.

    Regardless of whether a sissy is wearing sandals or an open toe shoe I would recommend a pedicure as they feel amazing and leave your feet feeling amazing.

  • Princess

    Such a delightful post!!! It makes me wanna go shopping lol ….I do have a nice A-line black dress and your words remind me of how good a skirt fells swishing around my hips and tush! In fact I’m going to put one on with sandals and a pretty top when I get home !…. you bring up good points about picking clothes….. I am a big “gurl” so it’s xxl in stores, and catalog orders for most shoes and other girlie items too. It is a challenge and I often wish I body was shorter ( my clitty is already itty-bitty)so clothes would be easier to buy. But with a bit of fun shopping I have put together a sexy wardrobe that I live to share on calls !!!!

  • Such a great blog post! It is so important that your clothes fit right! And the tape measure is your friend. If you have some mad money (okay, maybe a lot of mad money) and you can get your sissy ass to a seamstress, you have have some custom-made clothes just your size! It’s a great way to splurge and enjoy a signature look that is all your own. Talk about haute couture!

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m I king

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m liking the halter top dresses along with the choke tops/dresses. Boston proper has selection that I’m going to buy along with more women’s tank tops along with more women’s slacks. I have custom made women’s clogs coming in this week also. Sooo looking forward wearing them along with clothes from Boston proper.

  • constance

    Ms Erika what an awesome blog to help all those sissy girls with their summer style! I couldn’t agree more about finding the right size as with dicks when it comes to clothes size matters hehehe…ohh and so many sexy strappy sandals to wear in the summer I know the sissy girls will for sure need a few pairs!

  • This is such a useful post. It’s true that a sissy will feel prettier and a lot more sexy if she wears clothes that both fit and are flattering. Not to mention, practicing putting on those stockings and walking in those heels is very important!

  • Belinda

    Curtsey curtsey im in my little summer dress


  • Sissy April Nicole

    What i have noticed is that sissys dress more feminine than genetic women

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